Energy Booster – The Kiss

Raj just woke up on the bed looking up at the ceiling, needing an energy booster. It was a hot, lazy Saturday morning in the university dorm. The only sound in the room was of the ceiling fan rotating at its full speed. Yet unsuccessful in keeping the room cool.

He had to take off his t-shirt, exposing his muscled upper body to the fan wind. Raj heard some footsteps approaching the room. He hoped it was Anjali. The room door opened and brought some fresh air inside. Along with it came Anjali, dressed in tight blue jeans and a black-colored top.

The dark color suits perfectly well on her fair skin tone. She had a very good dressing sense, perfect hair, a hot body, and the most seductive eyes. Looking at the hot and sweet beauty, Raj thought to himself how lucky he was to have Anjali in his life.

They were dating for more than a year and recently started living together. In fact, it’s just been 4 days since Raj moved into Anjali’s room. Since Anjali was having a hectic week, they did not get to spend much quality time together in the last few days.

Anjali bent over to take off her shoes, which made her beautiful black hair drop off her shoulder. After a bit of struggle, she could pull off those tight shoes. She started walking towards the bed, adjusting her hair by pushing it behind her ears.

Raj couldn’t keep his eye off her. He was staring at Anjali’s neck, appreciating her beauty. He also noticed her tired eyes.

Anjali came onto the bed, slept beside Raj on the soft sheets, with her head on his strong chest. She started playing with his abs, rubbing his warm body. Raj was playing with the Anjali’s silky hair brushing it and softly massaging her head.

Raj: Busy day?

Anjali: Hmmm (nodded)

Anjali was tired even to speak out. Her breath, warm lips were softly brushing right below his chest as she nodded. Raj knew she was hungry as well. He pulled out a dairy milk chocolate bar from the table beside as he continued brushing her hair.

He ripped open the wrapper, and soon the air was filled with the pleasant sweet smell of the chocolate. He took a small piece and put it in Anjali’s mouth. It was already a bit melted because of the heat. Some of it was sticking to her lips, which she licked off with her tongue.

Raj sucked on his own finger, enjoying the melted chocolate. The chocolate seemed to lift her mood. Anjali now opened her eyes and gave a kiss on his chest. With every price of chocolate Anjali ate, Raj got a kiss on his chest.

As she ate more and more chocolate, Raj’s chest was sloppier and sloppier with her wet kisses. Raj teased her by putting his finger, instead of chocolate, before Anjali’s mouth.

She took it in and started sucking his chocolate-flavored index finger. Then gave a playful bite. He pulled out his finger in pain and squeezed her red lips, making them pout.

Raj: Are you that hungry? (Laughing)

Anjali now started smiling with some energy. She now sits beside him with her head resting on his shoulder.

Anjali: I am soo hungry I can eat you! (Kissing on Raj’s neck)

Raj took out another piece of chocolate, teased her, and put it in his mouth instead. Anjali started banging Raj’s chest, playful for not treating her. Raj turns his head, facing Anjali, gets close to her lips. Softly rubs his chocolate-covered lips on hers.

As he does that, their nose rubs against each other. They are feeling the hot breath against each other. Slowly Raj opens his mouth to take Anjali’s upper lips inside. As he softly started sucking on it, Anjali enjoys sucking on his lower lip.

Some of the melted chocolate flows between their mouths with the kiss, making the kiss even tastier. Raj starts using his tongue to push some more chocolate into Anjali’s mouth. Anjali’s tongue tries to suck pull in the chocolate from Raj.

They end up sucking on each other tounges as the chocolate slips out of their mouths. After a couple of minutes of the amazing wet kiss, they take a break to breathe.

Raj notices the chocolate that slipped out of their mouths landed right above Anjali’s boob. He looks hungrily at it, smiles at Anjali, and bends over to get it. Putting his lips in an O shape, he slurps the melted chocolate off her dress, leaving a wet patch on it.

Now they were horny. Lust was visible in their eyes. Raj jumped on top of Anjali, holding her tiny face in his palms, kisses her amazing lips. Anjali was rubbing all over his naked upper body and pulling him closer and closer.

Raj slowly goes down on her body, sucking on her neck and enjoying every inch of her skin. Anjali’s hands are now going down to the bulge in Raj’s pants. She unhooks the button. Just when she was about to unzip him, Raj stops her by holding on to her hands tight.

He looks deep into her eyes, rubs his cheeks on her cheeks as a disagreement, and whispers in her ears.

Raj: Just relax and enjoy, my queen. Let me do all the hard work.

Raj blows softly into her ears, licks the earlobes, and winks at her smiling naughtily. Earlobes, that was Anjali’s week point. Raj knew that. Now she was turned-on so bad. She wanted to grab him and eat him like a tigress. But she couldn’t do it. Raj still held her hands tight.

Raj looked around, locking Anjali’s body to bed. He found what he was looking for. He pulled out a towel and started tying up her hands to the bed above her. As he did that, his naked chest was deadly close to Anjali’s lips. She struggled to get a bite of him. But could only manage to give a kiss.

After tying her up, Raj grabbed Anjali’s neck right below her chin. Put a sweet kiss on her lips.

Raj: I will be right back.

Anjali saw him walk into the kitchen. She knew Raj would give her a tough time. A tough time but a very pleasurable one. As she adjusted her legs to get comfortable, she could make out her pussy started to leak already without even touching it yet. She wanted to touch it. But can not. Her hands are tied up!

All she can do now is wait. Wait for her king to help her release the juice.

To be continued.

I am a newbie writer living in the Bay area, California. I hope you enjoyed reading about the passionate foreplay and sex experience.

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