Unforgettable Experience With Sweet Neighbor

Hello to all lovely readers, this is John again with an unforgettable experience from Bangalore. But I often keep traveling to other cities in India. Kindly request the readers to share comments or feedback after reading the story.

The story I am going to share today involves my neighbor – Manasi (name changed). She had moved into our society a few months ago. Her family consisted of her husband and their young kid.

I spoke to her and her husband once or twice formally during social functions. A few days ago, I was alone as everyone from my family had gone out of town. As is normal these days, I work from home. Sometimes I take calls from my balcony, and my neighbor could also hear from their balcony.

To talk about Manasi, she is of medium height and wears a sari, often definitely not slim or thin. One fine day, I was having tea on my balcony. She was also on her balcony and asked about my family.

Manasi: Where is everyone in your family?

Me: They are out of town for few days.

Manasi: How about food?

Me: I go out to restaurants or order online if busy with work.

Her kid came outside and started crying. She pacified the kid and sent him back inside. She was interested in continuing to talk to me. She informed me that she has made nice food for lunch and wanted to share it with me.

I told her I don’t want her to take the trouble, but she insisted on bringing the food. I went to my room and started to work again. The doorbell rang, and it was Manasi at the door.

She came inside in a hurry and closed the door along with curtains. She said that people would start gossiping, and she did not want that to happen. She sat on the sofa next to me. Our bodies were touching each other as she was sitting so close to me.

While talking to her, she was bending towards me, and I did not realize her intentions at that moment. Then her phone rang. She told me that she will catch up after my office hours and left from my place.

I got busy with my work again and completely forgot the incident. Then she came again in the evening and told me that her kid took time to go to sleep. Also, she told me that her husband would be coming home late tonight.

She wanted me to come to her place as she was bored and feeling lonely. I went to her place after some time. But not before going to the medical store to pick up some condoms.

The door was already kept open for me. Manasi had taken a shower and giving finishing touches in wearing the sari. Her hair was still wet from the shower. She smiled at me and asked me if anyone saw me coming here. I assured her that no one saw me.

I did not want to miss the chance today like I missed the previous chances. She kept looking at the bedroom. I held her hand and told her that they are so soft.

Manasi: Those are nothing compared to my cheeks.

That was the green signal for me. I could not control it anymore. I kissed her cheeks and eventually on her lips. She was mildly shocked by my action but did not resist. We started to kiss passionately, and she was responding well with kissing and biting hard.

I was in a hurry to feel her full body. We moved quickly into the bedroom, and I started to press her boobs over the sari. She started to enjoy and letting out moans gently. We both did some foreplay, and we started removing each other’s clothes.

I was down to my underwear, and she was down to her bra and panty. She was looking so sexy in the innerwear. Then I pushed her against the wall and turned her backside to feel her. I started to kiss all over her back.

But I struggled to remove the bra strap. She started to laugh and helped me unhook it. After which she was topless, and her beautiful melons were inviting me. I was kissing and sucking her boobs wildly.

I pushed her onto the bed and continued to play with her boobs for some more time. Then she gave me a quick but nice blowjob, and she drank all of my juices.

She started feeling shy after I took off her panty, and I started rubbing her pussy. She likes to be dominated and was getting very excited. She was getting so much into the act that she started pushing my head towards her pussy and kept telling me to do faster.

After she had her climax, she instructed me to put on a condom as she could not wait any longer. She then threw me down, and she was on top of me. She rode me from above, and she was jumping and kissing me all the time.

I kept pressing her bouncing melons and kept pinching her boobs. We had a good fuck in this position. We also had another round of sex in a missionary position.

She wanted to rest in between as she had not had such an endless amount of sex for a long time. Neither did she want to miss making out multiple times with me that day. We both had multiple rounds of orgasm. I could see the sense of satisfaction on her face after the marathon of sex.

We both went together to the bathroom to clean ourselves. She held my penis in her hand and cleaned it. I returned the favor by cleaning her pussy with water.

I had a few other lovemaking sessions with the sexy mature milf whenever time permitted. We both maintain secrecy. All our meetings are planned well to not get noticed by anyone whenever she comes to my place or when I go to her place.

That’s the story to share with the readers today. Thank you for reading. I am based in Bangalore, 30 years old, and feel free to share your secrets with me. I am willing to share good times with the readers and also maintain complete trust and confidentiality.

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