My Lust For My Hot Neighbor – Part 1

Hi, I’m Vihan from Pune. I’m studying medicine in Pune. This is a story about my neighbor and I. My neighbor’s name is Sandhya. She’s around 40-year-old and is a doctor.

Sandhya is a bit on the heavier side but she had fat in the perfect place.  Thus she was a desirable MILF. A mother of two yet she looked beautiful. She was fair and had straight black hair. She used to wear sarees all the time with a backless blouse. It made everyone go crazy.

I am 20 years old. I have been a nerd all my life and never had any girlfriend in my life. I was all about being a doctor and used to immersed in books all day every day. This happened when I was preparing for my medical entrance exams. I used to lock my self in my room all day and just study.

However, whenever I had some doubts I used to run to Sandhya aunty for help. She used to happily help me with my doubts.

Once, she was explaining some concepts. I was sitting with her on the bed in her bedroom. Being the summer season, she was wearing a kaftan that day. A very loose one though. While teaching me her pen dropped and she bent down to pick that up.

She was not wearing any brassiere. I had an amazing view of her boobs that day. That was the first time I was looking at some lady’s boobs that day. I was surprised to see something like that. My mouth fell open. I couldn’t help staring at her. I kept looking at her boobs even after she was back to normal.

Sandhya aunty realized that and said, “Kaay jhala Vihan, laksha kuthe ahe?” (What happened Vihan? What are you thinking about?) With those words, I came back to reality and shook my head. I said, “Kai nahi Sandhya kaku, studies cha vichar karat hoto.”(Nothing aunty, just thinking about my studies).

Sandhya aunty just said hmm and smiled. I didn’t understand what was that smile about. I came back to the topic that we were discussing and left when it was over. This was the first time I realized that looking at someone’s boobs gives me a hard-on.

Being a very innocent type of guy, I had only been introduced to porn by my friends. But I had never continued watching it nor I had masturbated up to that point. But things were about to change very soon. After this incident, once Sandhya aunty’s bedroom door got locked.

She was trying to open it but couldn’t. As she was alone at home, she called me for help. Both of us were trying to open the door. She was wearing a nightie that day. She was standing close to a doorknob and trying to open it. I was standing next to her and was trying to push the door.

From this nightie of hers, the shape of her boobs was quite visible. And I was also able to see her cleavage. She was wearing a mangalsutra which was resting on her mounds. Looking at this I immediately had an erection. Plus she was standing so close to me that I couldn’t control.

Sandhya aunty said, “He door asa nahi uaghadnar. Lock jam jhalay. Apan ek kaam karuya door knob jorat dharun door la dhakluya.” (The door is jammed. Let’s hold the knob and push the door, it might work.) I agreed. But she said can you also hold the doorknob.

It’s becoming difficult for her as her hands started paining. So now she was standing parallel to the door holding the knob. Even I was standing parallel to the door. I inserted my hands from her left and right side to hold the doorknob. So now I had embraced her.

Still I was standing a bit far so that she doesn’t realize that I have an erection. Sandhya aunty said, “Evdha laamb ubha rahilas tr kasa force lagel. Jawal ye ani dhakal na.” (Why are you standing so far away. How will you push the door? Come closer).

Hearing those words I couldn’t control. I leaped towards her. We started pushing the door. I was standing very close to herm her hair was smelling so good. She had tucked the hair to one side. So a part of her neck was visible on which I was letting my breath go off.

But she didn’t realize what I was up to. Meanwhile, now my penis was resting on her ass. But as soon as she realized that something was poking her ass and she was about to turn back, the door opened. I immediately stepped back from her. She forgot what had just happened and thanked me. I left after this incident.

But that night I just couldn’t sleep. I was continuously thinking about her hair, her back, her beautiful face. I just couldn’t forget how close I was to her. My penis was unable to rest the entire night. But something happened that day. From that day onwards she didn’t just remain my aunty for me.

She became my aphrodisiac. Every time I saw her I could only think of devouring her. I just couldn’t stop thinking about being with her and holding her in my arms. I had started falling for her. A few days later my parents were off to a wedding at Nashik for 5 days.

They had asked Sandhya aunty to take care of me. Sandhya aunty had sent her kids to their grandparent’s place for summer vacation. She came back from her clinic. She was wearing a cotton saree. With a backless blouse and sleeveless. The blouse was white and the saree was a bit pink-ish colored.

Her hair was tied at the back. She came home and came to me to ask about me and my studies and whether I needed something. After this, she left. Seeing how tired she was I decided to make tea for her. I prepared tea and went to her house.

Sandhya aunty was very happy to see that I made her tea and I cared for her so much. Being a wonderful person that she is, she took the tray out of my hands and gave me hug and kisses my cheeks out of love. Ergo my dick in full standing mode.

We decided to have tea together. She loved tea. She was constantly rubbing her neck. I asked her if she had back pain.

Sandhya – Ho re. Man dukhtiye. (Yes. I have some pain in my neck)

Me – Kaku, massage karun deu ka? (Aunty, should I give you a massage?)

Sandhya – Nako re kashala ugach tula tras. (Don’t bother. I don’t want to trouble you).

Me – Tras kasla ya mi massage karto tumhala. (Not an issue aunty, wait, let me give you a massage)

After a lot of persuasion, she agreed. I went and sat behind her and started massaging her neck. I asked her to move her hair forward. She did that and now her entire back was visible. She had chosen the right day to wear a backless blouse.

As I was sitting close to her I was also able to see her brassiere. The strap, visible was white. As I started putting more force on to her neck for a massage she started moaning a bit.

Sandhya – Hmmm…

Me – Bara vatatay ka, kaku? (Do you feel better, aunty?)

Sandhya – Ho, please continue. Tuzhya hata madhe jadu ahe re, Vihan. Mala asa massage konich dila nahie aaj prynta. Khup bara vatatay. (Yes. Please continue. You have magic in your hands. No one has ever given me a massage like this. It feels so good)

Me – Ka? Kaka det nahi ka tumhala massage? (Why? Uncle doesn’t give you a massage?)

Sandhya – Nahi re bala, tyana mazhya sathi vel ch nasto. (No, he doesn’t have time for me.)

Me – Thike kaku. Me ahe na ayushya bhar massage karin tumhala (Ok, aunty, no worries I’ll give you a massage.)

As I was massaging her neck I slowly started to move down on her back. As I moved down my penis was slowly rising. Her blouse was creating some hindrance. So I immediately untied her blouse from the back. Now her white bra strap was also visible.

Sandhya Kaku had closed her eyes. I went near her hair shoulder to check if she was asleep. Her hair was smelling good. She was a bit sweaty and her arms pits were smelling a bit salty. But I was loving it. I could have eaten her there itself but I was controlling.

I was massaging her back I decided to play a trick with her. I started blowing air on her neck and her back. She has lost it and was just enjoying herself. Meanwhile, her back had goosebumps. Now I decided to let it go and decided to cross the limit. I unhooked her bra from the back and kissed her back.

As soon as I did that she immediately stood up. By one hand she covered her breasts and by another, she gave me a tight slap. I started crying and apologizing to her.

Me – Kaku, sorry. Mala maaf kara. Chukun zhala (Sorry aunty, it was a mistake.)

Sandhya – Vihan tu nigh ithun. Lagech (Vihan just go away from here. Get lost)

I got up and left crying. At the door, I looked back and saw tears in her eyes. Even she was crying. I again apologized to her. Sandhya just said go away. I closed the door and went home and wept.

Stay tuned to know what happens next. Let me know if you like the story and if you want to read the next part. Anyone who wants to chat with me can drop me a text on hangouts. My id is – [email protected] Thanks and see you soon. Adios!

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