My Neighbor, Kavya

Hi, friends Rahul here again with another true incident. Awesome lovemaking which I had with my sweet neighbor, Kavya(name changed).

Kavya is 30 years old, a mother of 2 kids. She is staying with her kids and a maid 1 floor below my floor in our apartment. She is around 165 cm, a fair lady with baby fat which makes her cute. Her figure is 32b -30- 34. When she is home, she wears a round neck loose t-shirt and skirts most of the time.

We talk rarely as I am a little shy type and once in a while I share ‘hi, bye’ with her family. She and her husband work in the IT sector, but different locations. Her husband comes home only during weekends. She moved into our apartment 6 months back. On seeing her for the first time itself I could feel a spark between us.

She was more of a cute mom. I walk downstairs most of the time rather than using lifts. So I could once in a while. I interact with her and her kids when they are in the common area. I could even see her cleavage sometimes when she bends down to take her kids or their toys.

One day as usual while I was going downstairs, I saw her sitting on the stairs and reading a book. I just asked her why she was sitting on the stairs. She replied that she was preparing for an exam. As her kids are home, they won’t allow her to study.

As a good gesture, I gave her my flat’s key and asked her to use my flat so that she can be alone and study well. She took my flat key after some hesitation. And I went to the office. At around 4:30 pm, I got a message from an unknown number on WhatsApp. I opened it and found that it was Kavya.

She told me that she got my number from the business card which I have kept on my table. She thanked me many times for giving my flat key to her. She said she could study well and asked me to collect my key from her in the evening. In the evening I collected my key from her flat and reached my apartment.

From that day we became good friends and started chatting regularly. She appreciated me for the awesome way I have arranged everything in my flat and the cleanliness I maintain. She said she saw only the hall and dining room and wished to see a full apartment.

We became closer and I gave her the flat key once more during her next exam. It was around 2 weeks after the 1st one. This time with my permission she explored my whole apartment. I asked her to send me a selfie also in her favorite space in my flat. She shared that too.

She openly told me that her family and husband are too conservative. He won’t like us messaging each other.  I told her that we will keep it a secret, no issues. During weekends, she will message only when her husband goes shopping or something. We started to slowly open up.

She admitted her bad sex life after second delivery. She told me that her husband is not romantic at all. They rarely do any romance these days.  Slowly we started sharing our fantasies and interests. One day we admitted that we both have a crush on each other. Then we planned to meet up at my flat.

That day I put a leave at the office. She was given a holiday from her office for exam preparation. I dressed in formals and walked downstairs to make her maid believe that I went to the office. I rang the bell and gave the key to the maid. Then I climbed down the stairs.

From the next floor, I took a lift to my floor and entered the flat using the duplicate key. I went to my bedroom, changed and locked myself in my bedroom. But everything was working well and around 10 am, Kavya came to my flat with her book on the pretext of studying alone.

She locked the main door and I came out of my bedroom. She was wearing a light blue t-shirt and floral cream skirt, just below her knees. I was wearing a boxer and a sleeveless t-shirt. We were so happy meeting as per our dream. We started hugging inside my bedroom. It was a great feeling.

My athletic well-built body and her slim body with baby fat were a good combo. She glided her arms around my biceps to feel my muscles and we were hugging tight. I glided my arms on her backside from her neck to waist and once on her ass to press her body closer.

I made her stand in front of the mirror and hugged her from behind. She took her arms up towards me and held my face. I could see shyness on her face. I kissed her ears and cupped her boobs. I could see her clean shaved armpits from her loose t-shirt.

I pressed my erect dick on her ass and she moved her ass closer to my dick. She turned around and we started our smooch. It was deep smooch and I held her by her waist close to me. I slowly removed her t-shirt and she was wearing a cream bra. Her skin was very fair, with very little hair.

Her boobs were not that big, but her golden chain, fair skin, and cream bra were making me crazy. I removed her skirt also and she was now in a cream bra and dark blue panty. I kept her dress on the chair, went on top of her and started kissing her from head to toe.

She had a very sexy and clean armpit. I kissed and licked it a lot. I slowly removed her bra and started kissing her boobs. She had a pink small areola and a small nipple. I slowly licked her tits and started sucking it. Meanwhile, she removed my t-shirt and boxers and I removed her panty.

Her panty had wet patches already. She was very shy to be completely nude in front of me and I pulled up the blanket and switched on the AC. Again I started kissing and licking her from head to toe and I started sucking her boobs and fingering her pussy. She had an orgasm by that itself.

I slowly moved down to her pussy and started playing my tongue on her pussy. From her moans, I could guess that she was in heaven. I should admit that we both kept our bodies clean and neat. We enjoyed doing oral well. I was sucking her pussy. She got an orgasm and she told me that she wants to suck my lollipop.

I lay on my back. She kneeled between my legs and started licking and sucking my dick. As her husband doesn’t allow orals, she was a beginner in sucking and she slowly gained pace. After a few minutes, I felt that I was about to explode. I asked her to stop.

We again did hugging and kissing and we went to 69 position. She was lying on top of me and enjoying my dick. She pressed her pussy on to my mouth. She had her third orgasms in that. I also felt pressure building on my dick. I made her lay on her back and did small foreplay to lose tension on my dick.

I slowly started rubbing my dick her on her pussy entrance and started teasing her pussy. Due to wetness, my dick was gliding on her pussy entrance. That made her wild and she started asking me not to tease her more and to fuck her. I slowly thrust my dick inside her pussy and started ramming in a slow rhythm.

I used my breathing technique and kept on fucking her at an increasing pace. She held me tight and had her next orgasm. Once I felt like I can’t control anymore, I got down from her and said let’s change position. I made her stand on the floor. I hugged her to cool me off from the ejaculation tendency.

I always use breathing techniques and foreplay to prolong ejaculation. I make sure that my partner is at a continuous pace. Then I made her lie on the edge of the bed with two pillows below her ass to adjust the height. I made her legs upwards and rested it on my shoulders.

I bent down a little in standing position and rammed her. This position gives me a lot of time and helps in giving deeper thrusts. I started fucking her that hard and wild that the bed started making noise. She had multiple orgasms in this position and I was about to cum.

I told her the same. She asked me to cum inside as she had stopped pregnancy with her last kid. That gave more hormone rush to me and I started fucking her wild and I started cumming inside her hot pussy. I slowly fucked till the last drop of my love got sprayed into her hot pussy.

We both lay on the bed for 2 minutes and got ourselves cleaned inside the toilet. We lay naked on the bed for some time to cool off. She loved lying on my chest and caressing my chest hair and dick. The time was around 12:30 pm and it was time for her to go home.

She came back after lunch. That episode I will cover in the next story. Any girls, ladies, and aunties looking for friendship/ casual relationships, contact me on my email id. Please send me your comments and feedback on [email protected]

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