Erotic Tales – Part 1 (Cam Sex With Cuckold Indian Couple)

This story contains many parts. There are some real incidents and some fantasies to spice things up. All the names have been changed for privacy reasons. I will start by introducing myself before starting my story.

My name is Rohan and I am from a small town, 150 km away from Hyderabad. Presently, I am staying in Hyderabad. I am 23 years old, and I have just finished my M.B.B.S, and now working as a junior resident.

I am big and muscular with a height of 6 ft, and a pack of 6.5 inches down there. My virginity was lost to someone close and special, about which I will narrate in future parts of the story.

Now I’ll come to the present part. This happened a few months ago. Out of boredom and curiosity, I used to chat with strangers on an app. Strangers can chat in that app, and if they are willing, they can do video chat too.

I used to enjoy chatting with people there about their fantasies. Some couples also used to do video chat too mostly during night times, wearing a mask or hiding their faces. It was a daily routine for me when I was in Hyderabad and staying away from home. I used to masturbate watching couples fucking or listening to someone’s sex adventures.

One night as usual, I opened the app and was chatting with different people. It was then I came across a profile, which was a couple’s account. I started chatting with him.

Me: Hi, I am Rohan. My age is 23 years, and I am looking for some fun.

Stranger: Hi, I am Mahi. My age is 47 years, and I am also looking for some fun.

Me: So, are you single or a couple? Because the profile shows ‘couple’.

Mahi: Yes, we are a couple, and it’s my wife.

Me: Oh nice, I always enjoy a couple’s company.

Mahi: Who do you like more? Young teen girls of your age, or hot aunties?

Me: Without a doubt, I like mature aunties and milf.

Mahi: Wow! Then, it is good meeting you. I like a young teen playing with my wife.

Me: Really? Do you like to be a cuckold?

Mahi: Yes, I like my wife to be fucked hard in front of me by a young bull. And I like to be dominated.

Me: Do you have any real cuckold experience?

Mahi: No, since it is not practical in the society we live, due to security issues. But..

Me: But what, sir?

Mahi: I fulfil my desire by watching my wife fingering and using a dildo in front of a young stranger. It gives a similar feeling of cuckold.

Me: Wow, sir! Do you enjoy being a cuck? And not directly enjoy fucking your wife?

Mahi: I am not that good at satisfying my wife. So, video chatting here satisfy my cuck desires and satisfies her needs too.

Me: Do your wife enjoys it too?

Mahi: At first, she was not ready. But, after some chatting sessions, she too started enjoying it. The craze present in it, like being naked in front of a stranger, and that too in front of her husband, being treated like a whore and a slut by using bad language – all these spiced our boring sex life.

Me: What is your wife’s name, sir? And how does she look?

Mahi: My wife’s name is Swapna. She is 43 years old. She is a perfect Indian aunty for whom teens like you would die for.

Me: Wow, sir! Please tell more about her?

Mahi: She looks younger than her age with wheatish skin tone, and long black hair extending till her hips.

Me: What about her figure, sir?

Mahi: Her figure is 38-36-38. Do you like her figure?

Me: Just listening about her is giving me a hard-on, sir!

Mahi: Yeah, many of the young guys say that when I describe my wife.

Me: Can I see your wife, sir?

Mahi: Yeah sure, we can have a video chat session. But..

Me: But?

Mahi: I need to look at your ‘pack’ first. If it is good enough, then we can enjoy it. Because I like teens with BIG cocks stroking while looking at my wife.

Me: Ok sir, I am sure you will like my size.

Mahi: Ok, let’s see.

Saying this, we added each other as friends, and I video called him. He answered the call. There he was, covering his face with a half mask, and my face was hidden too.

Mahi: Ok Rohan, let’s see what we are dealing with?

I was in suspicion that the man behind the mask was someone I knew. Because his appearance and voice felt like it was of someone I knew.

Mahi: What happened, Rohan? Show me your cock.

As only my body was visible on the camera, I stood up slowly and pulled my shorts and underwear down. I released my 6.5-inch thick cock freely in the air. Mahi was silent and was staring at my cock.

Me: So, what do you think? Will it be enough?

Mahi: Enough? Are you joking? You will fuck Swapna’s brain out with this monster!

Me: Thank you. So, are you ready for the video session?

Mahi: Just wait for half an hour. I will call you back.

Me: Ok, I will be waiting for your call.

Mahi: Please send some pics of your cock so that I can show it to my wife.

Me: Ok, sure.

Then I sent a couple of my cock’s pics to him. It was almost near to an hour, but I didn’t get any call. I was thinking, that he cheated me just for some cock’s pics, and I was waiting curiously for the call.

Around 11:30 pm, I got the call. I answered the call. There he was, again in a half mask, but this time, completely nude.

Me: I thought you would not call me.

Mahi: Sorry, I am late.

Me: No, I should say ‘thank you’. Because you called as you said.

Mahi: Ok, enough of this discussion. Are you ready to see your slut now?

Me: I am eagerly waiting for her.

I removed all my clothes and sat on a chair in front of my laptop, with my face hidden.

Mahi: Presenting you my wife, today’s slut for you.

Then an aunty same as described by him came in front of the camera. Her face was covered too with a half mask. She was wearing a purple satin nighty. Her nighty was barely covering her figure. Her huge boobs were a blessing to watch with valley like cleavage in between. Her lips were red and smooth.

Mahi: So, you can ask her to do anything. She is your slut and slave tonight.

Saying this, he sat on a chair beside the sofa in front of the camera.

Me: Hi, Swapna ji.

Swapna shyly answered: Hi.

Slowly, I made her comfortable by talking for some time, and then I asked her –

Me: Remove your nighty slowly while performing an erotic dance for me.

She stood and slowly started dancing and doing erotic steps such as playing with her boobs.

Me: Turn around, I want to see that huge ass of yours.

She turned around and started moving her ass up and down. It was a feast watching it.

Me: Slowly remove your nighty and bend down.

The Indian aunty slowly removed her nighty from ankle to knee and till her white milky thighs and removed till her waist. There it was, the hottest ass I saw in my video sessions. A small panty buried between her two big butt cheeks, and her long tied hair made my cock a flag pole.

Me: Remove your nighty completely, and play with your boobs for me.

She removed her nighty, and she was not wearing a bra. Her two melons were in front of me now. Her melons were milky white with dark brown areola in middle, and bluish veins running around the boobs. Then she started playing with her boobs for me. Her cuckold Indian husband Mahi was stroking his small cock watching us.

At one point, I was enjoying the show, and at the other, I was thinking where did I see a man similar to Mahi.

Me: Play with your nipples, try to lick your nipples and bite them.

She obeyed me and grabbed her big melons pushing towards her mouth, and started licking her nipples. Her nipples were becoming erected due to the licking and pinching. Then Mahi stood and opened a drawer beside the sofa, and brought a dildo vibrator. It was a nice decent sized pink dildo.

I asked her to rub the vibrating dildo on her clit above her black panty. She took it in her hand and started the vibrator, and rubbed it along her clit. She was shaking while the dildo vibrated at her clit, and she was moaning. To be continued.

I know it is a bit lengthy with no sex in the first part. But believe me, you will enjoy it as the story goes on.

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