Everyone has a naughty side!

Hello Readers! This is Allen D’Souza. This is my naughty side bringing you my first attempt at writing erotica. So cocks out, panties down, and enjoy the wild ride! This is all about the fire that got ignited between me and my lovely neighbor Meena.

Meena aunty, as I called her, was a charming and beautiful woman in her 40s. She’s that sweet neighbor who always greets you with a pleasant smile and is very kind and helpful. No one would suspect that she would have a wild side within her. But then we all have our little secrets.

Her hubby used to work abroad, but she never used to complain. She seemed very happy staying with her family. Even though I was horny 25 years old, I never had any naughty intentions over her until that one beautiful evening.

It was a pleasant evening, slightly drizzling outside. I had gone to her house to borrow some coffee powder. To my surprise, her family had gone to Bangalore, and she had decided to stay back. She was wearing a lovely light blue saree below her navel but well covered.

She looks gorgeous, like an angel. As she went to prepare some coffee for me, I noticed her laptop on the table. We’re pretty close that I’ve used her laptop many times. So I casually opened it to check my email. And to my surprise, there were multiple tabs of porn open!

It was all hardcore stuff – Threesome, Gangbang, BDSM, etc. I had this naughty smirk on my face. I could feel 2 horns growing on my head! I closed the laptop and waited for my coffee. Now when Meena aunty was walking towards me with her coffee, my whole perception of her changed.

She was no longer that gorgeous angel. She had become this naughty and sexy devil. She was the perfect milf, a plump sexy figure wrapped in a thin blue saree, her fair smooth arms and hips exposed. I even noticed her deep navel over her thin pallu. Her wide and sexy hips swayed as she walked.

She sat down near me, and we were having a normal conversation over a cup of coffee. Halfway through the conversation, I asked her.

Allen: Aunty, I need to check my email. My phone network has some issues. Can I use your laptop?

Meena: (suddenly took her laptop and got defensive) Oh no. You can’t use it now, Allen. Sorry, I’m using it for some important work.

Allen: Does the important work involve watching 3 guys pound a girl? (I laughed)

Meena: (Meena aunty’s face got pale) What do you mean, Allen?

Allen: I Saw all your browser tabs, you seem to have a good taste in porn (I winked)

Meena: OMG Allen, (still looking shocked) I don’t know what to say.

Allen: It’s okay, aunty, we all have needs. It’s natural.

Meena: Hmm, it’s been so long since I had proper sex. Even when my hubby comes back, he just directly fucks me for 5 minutes and gets over with it. I even found out that he’s cheating on me with another girl a couple of months back.

My face brightened up so much when I heard her use the word ‘Fuck.’ I initially wanted to seduce her in a sympathetic way. But then I had a naughty idea after watching her porn preferences.

Allen: Yeah, I can understand. I don’t think watching porn is wrong. But what will your conservative hubby and family think when they come to know?

Meena: (Her eyes started to tear up) Oh no, please Allen, don’t ever tell this to anyone, I beg you!

Meanwhile, I had gotten up during the conversation. So she stood up too.

Allen: Hmm, I guess you’ll have to do what I say for me to keep my mouth shut (I smirked)

Meena: (looking puzzled) What do you mean?

I slowly walked towards her. I think she realized my intentions when she saw how I looked at her. She started to move back till she stood against a wall. I kept talking as I slowly touched her forehead with my fingers, gradually moving down her cheeks, her soft lips.

Her neck and finally grabbed her waist and pinched it. She gasped.

Meena: Please, Allen, No…

Her breaths became faster. She was whimpering. Deep down, I knew she wanted this, but just too scared to admit it.  I wanted to get a little rough with her as I know she was into BDSM.

I choked her neck a little and said, “You’re going to do all that I say?”

Meena: Hmm…

Allen: Take off your pallu.

She slowly takes it off, exposing her sexy cleavage and fair curvy yummy her deep navel.

Allen: You seem to like a lot of BDSM. Now you’ll get to experience it!

Meena: What are you going to do?

I took a piece of cloth, and I blindfolded her. She kept whimpering. And with her pallu, I tied her hands to the chains of a swing in the hall. So there was this sexy MILF, tied up, blindfolded in front of me wearing just her light blue blouse and white low hip petticoat.

I slowly kissed her cheeks and bit them as she moaned. I licked her lips and tasted her sweet lips. Her lips slowly parted after some reluctance. We went on to a proper passionate make-out session for 15 minutes.

When I broke the kiss, her face came forward involuntarily longing to continue. So I knew I had awakened the beast.

Meena: Allen, that was the best kiss I’ve ever had in my life. But I’m scared. What if people come to know about all this?

Allen: I understand your apprehension, aunty. But trust me, I would never tell this to anyone because I know how this immature society would slut-shame an open-minded woman. So don’t worry, forget about all that and let’s have some fun.

She calmed down after hearing my words and smiled.

Meena: Okay, Allen. Do whatever you want. I’m all yours (with a slutty smile)

I kissed her again in a wild manner and started kissing her neck. Feeling her soft and smooth tummy as I did. I knelt, bit her fleshy hips, and started to lick her deep navel. She was moaning like hell. Because of being blindfolded, she couldn’t see anything, just felt the intense pleasure!

Meena: Aah, yes, it feels amazing! Lick my navel!

I got naked and hugged her behind, wrapping my arms around her bare tummy, slowly fingering her deep navel. I was kissing and nibbling on her soft earlobes. Then suddenly, I pulled on her petticoat nada, and it fell.

She gasped. There she was hanging by her pallu, blindfolded and bottomless, her curvy, bubbly white ass cheeks and pussy fully exposed and so vulnerable! I couldn’t control it. I started devouring her ass, kissing, licking, and biting all over it. I started to spank her hard!

Meena: Aah, yes! Make me your bitch, Allen!

Seeing her talk dirty got me so hard. I hugged her from behind and ground my hard cock between her soft ass cheeks. I turned her around and took off her blouse. Held her soft boobs in my hands licked her sweet nipples. She squirmed in ecstasy! I sucked and bit her nipples gently as she moaned.

I then took off her blindfold and untied her. I looked into her beautiful eyes, and I could see the mix of joy and lust in her eyes. We kissed again passionately with our bodies intertwined. I made her bend over the dining table, spanked her ass again, spread her ass cheeks, and started eating her yummy ass.

Her ass was squirming in pleasure over my face! I then made her kneel. Her eyes widened as she saw my thick hard cock staring right in front of her face. She cupped my balls and started sucking. I was blown away (literally too) by her skills, just like a pro.

When my dick was rock hard, she started begging me to fuck her. She lay down on the bed in the doggy style, perfect slutty pose with her chubby ass high up. I spanked her hard and fingered her wet pussy before started to drill her.

The room filled with thuds and moans as I fucked her hard from behind by pulling her hair. Just before I came, she requested that she wanted my cum on her face. Who am I to deny a sex goddess of her wishes?

So I sprayed my entire load on her face. I made her sit on my lap with her legs around me as I made out with her cum-drenched lips. We spent the night together, cuddling, spooning, and kissing naked under the sheets.

She said she wanted to try out all this but was forced to suppress her desires because of societal pressures. I assured her that she could be very open with me and try out any fantasy that she desires. She became so elated and gave me a loving kiss, and we slept together, spooning naked.

The End.

Not really! The next about her cuckold hubby might be coming up depending on reviews. So please message me at [email protected] if you like the story of my experience with Meena aunty.  I will be encouraged to write more.

And I’m 28 now, bisexual. I love to explore sexually safely and discreetly.

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