Saved Friend’s Marriage By Fucking His Sexy Wife

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Dear ISS friends, thanks for the overwhelming response to my previous experiences, especially from girls and females. I hope you like this recent experience as well.

This is my recent story. I met one friend at an online conference. Later we started interacting regarding our technical issues. Subsequently, we met a couple of times in person for discussion. Somehow, he liked my personality, friendliness, and technical competency.

One day he invited me to his home for dinner. He was married two years back and had a beautiful wife. Later I came to know that their relationship is not doing well. It was almost at the point of ending in a divorce.

During the discussion, my friend said, “Sanjay, we need your help and guidance as a trusted friend.”

I asked him, “What help do you want?”

Then my friend said, “We are married for almost two years now and somehow our married life is in the doldrums. My wife wants a divorce. Can you talk to both of us separately and understand and guide us?”

I accepted their request and spent some separate time with each of them on different days. Both were working people. I found out that the husband had sexual weakness and the wife was not getting any satisfaction since marriage.

So, after waiting for two years and his medical treatment, my friend’s wife decided to take a divorce as there was no success in the matter. Then I sat with both together.

I said, “You both have two choices now. One is to go for a divorce and be happy in your separate lives. The other option is to give her more freedom. If she is physically happy outside marriage, then she can remain with you as your wife.”

My friend said, “I understand the problem and I am open to the second option.”

My friend’s wife said, “I am not ready for the second option, because I feel guilty.”

Then the husband asked me, “Sanjay, is there a possibility of you helping us? Maybe she will agree with you because she trusts you.”

I said, “I am here to guide you. I am not here for other things.”

He said, “Please think about it, you only can help us. We will not find a trusted person like you.” Then, suddenly, she went to the kitchen.

My friend’s wife had prepared a delicious dinner for us. We had dinner together with some drinks.

During the dinner, her hubby said, “Sanjay, can you please take leave for a couple of days and come here. My wife will also take leave and you both can spend time together. I will go to the office so that there is no disturbance.”

After dinner, I went to the kitchen to check if my friend’s wife was ok with this proposal.

I said, “Anita, are you ok with his proposal?”

She said in low voice, “I am on leave for the next three days.”

Then I said, “Ok, I will come tomorrow morning.”

Then we all had ice-cream together and I left their home.

The next day in the morning, I went to her home around 10 am. She welcomed me. My friend’s wife was looking gorgeous in a black saree. She was quite fair and has a good figure.

She asked me if I would have breakfast. I told her that I had already had breakfast. Then she offered me some juice. I said, “Anu, you are looking hot today.”

My buddy’s wife smiled and said, “Thanks.”

Then I started teasing her and began asking her some questions like you must be having a long queue of boys before marriage, etc?

I asked her if she had any boyfriends. She said she had a couple of crushes, but nothing happened.

I was sitting on the sofa and she was sitting on a chair. Then I went and stood behind her and started caressing her hair. I removed her hair clip and freed her hair. Then I started caressing her cheeks, ears, neck, etc.

My friend’s wife was calm and allowed me to touch her like that. I moved my hands down and pressed her boobs gently. Then she held my hands. I said, “You have nice, solid, and soft boobs and a nice figure.” She said, “You are very naughty.”

Then she picked up the juice glasses and went to the kitchen. I also followed her to the kitchen and hugged her from behind and pressed her boobs again.

Anita kept quiet. Then I turned her around and gave her a nice lovely lip-kiss for some time. She also closed her eyes and participated. Then she hinted that I go to her bedroom. I walked inside her room, and she went to check if the front door is properly locked.

Then she came back to the bedroom. I again hugged her, pushed her to the wall, and kissed her for some time.

Then I asked her, “Anu, do you want to make this event memorable forever?’

She asked, “How? I said, “We can do it like it is our honeymoon.”

My friend’s wife smiled and asked, “How?” I said, “I will go down and get some flowers and gajara for you. You change the bedsheet to a more colorful and newer one. Spray air freshener in the room and perfume.”

Then I came with the flowers and decorated the bed with flowers. I said, “Now you sit like a newly-wed bride and I will come as your husband.”

Anita said, “Ok.” I came and praised her beauty. I removed the pallu from her face. She was really looking very beautiful. Then I went close to her, and she closed her eyes.

Then I gave her a lovely lip-kiss and said, “I love you my darling Anu.” She cooperated. Then she lay down on the bed and hinted to me to come over her body.

Then I got over her and started kissing her lovely cheeks, sexy red lips, long cute neck and then pressed my friend’s wife’s solid and soft boobs. She closed her eyes.

I unbuttoned her blouse and opened it. I told her to take out her blouse and bra. She did that. Now I started pressing her boobs, kissing them, and sucking her nipples also.

She was feeling very ticklish when I started kissing her stomach and belly button. Then she hinted to me to take out my clothes. I did that.

Anita was really shocked to see my hard and huge dick. She said, “Oh god, this is so big.” She touched it and started observing it from all angles.

Then she gave me a gentle kiss on my dick. I said, “You also take out everything now.” She hinted to me that I should do it. Then I removed her saree and kept it aside.

Next, I removed her petticoat and panty also. She was feeling very shy. She was looking really hot, a very fair, sexy figure, and fully clean. Her boobs must be 34.

Then I hugged her in a standing position and started kissing her nude in front of the dressing mirror. Now she also became active and started kissing me everywhere.

During that time, she also sucked my hard dick quickly. I said to Anu, “You have a very nice body odor and I am feeling very sexy with you.” She smiled and said, “Me too.”

Then I lifted her and took her to bed. We started doing some foreplay. We also did 69. She started moaning when I was licking her wet pussy.

She said, “Sanju, I am very happy today. My hubby does not do any of such things and he has a small penis and he releases very fast. So, I have not enjoyed anything with him in the last two years of marriage. You are too good.”

Then she went to the washroom to go to the loo. After coming back, she asked if I needed a coffee break. I said, “Ok.” Then we had coffee, both of us being nude.

Anita said, “Can we now get into real action quickly because I am really getting tempted to have you inside me immediately by looking at your so sexy penis.” I said, “It’s my pleasure babe.”

I asked her if I needed to use a condom. She said, “I am in a safe zone now. So, no need to worry.” Then she went to bed and lay down with her legs spread and arms opened wide.

Then I got on her warm sexy body. I started rubbing my hard dick on her wet, sexy pussy. She said, “Sanju, please put it inside. I am feeling very horny now.”

I slowly entered my dick inside my friend’s wife’s love hole. She said, “Sanju, it is paining. You have a very big dick.”

I asked, “Shall I take it out?”

She said, “No, but do it slowly.”

So, I continued moving in and out. Slowly, she started moaning.

After some time, I asked her, shall we do doggy now. She said, “Ok.” Then we got into doggy style.

I said, “You are my lovely sexy bitch.”

My friend’s wife smiled and said, “You are my sexy doggy.”

After some time, she said, “Sanju, can I come on top of you?”

I said, “Of course.” Then she started fucking me from the top.

Finally, she said, “Sanju baby, now you come on top of me and I am getting a solid orgasm feeling.”

I got on her and started fucking my friend’s wife. Very soon, we both attained orgasm at the same time and I poured all cum inside her love hole. She also released her cum.

Then she hugged me tight and asked me to sleep like that without taking my penis out. We both slept in that position for 10-15 minutes. What a lovely sleep it was.

Then we got up and cleaned ourselves in the washroom together. Then she gave me a lovely lip-kiss again and said, “Thank you so much my darling. This is the first real sex of my life. Now I am in love with you. Please be my friend forever.”

I said, “It is my pleasure darling.”

Then we took a break. She said lunch is ready. We will have it after some time. Then we sat on the sofa close to each other. Then she came and sat on my thighs facing me and talking naughty and dirty things.

I asked her, “Anu, are you happy with me now?”

She said, “No doubt. In fact, I am ready to become your secret wife if you wish so.”

I said, “No, we are good as loving friends.”

She said, “Ok.”

Then we had delicious biryani along with drinks. I said, “Honey, you have no restrictions with me. You can do anything that you wish to do in your sexual life with me. I will not stop you, but I will keep all your secrets with me only.”

My friend’s wife said, “Now you can fuck me as many times as you want. I will take leave for you whenever you need me. We can even plan for an outside dating some time. I will manage it with my husband.”

After lunch, we had three more rounds of foreplays and sex. Then I left home around 5 pm. My friend’s wife told me to come the next day also.

I visited her home the next day at around 10.30 am. She was wearing a semi-transparent gown. She first hugged me tight and said, “I love you Sanju.”

I gave her a lovely lip-kiss. Then she asked, “Will you have a soft or hard drink now?” I said, “I need your milk.” She laughed and said, “Not so early.”

Then we had drinks with light snacks. She said, “I missed you in the night. Later I got a nice sleep.” On that day, we had some foreplay on the sofa and sex also.

Later we had nude and vulgar dance together. Then I fucked her on the dining table. Later we had some breaks and then had lunch.

Post lunch, we slept nude on the bed. She was sharing her personal life with me. She said, “I trust you fully, please keep this a top-secret. Now I am feeling that you are my real husband.”

I said, “We will always be good friends.”

Later I had two more rounds with her before going home. After two days, her hubby called and told me that his wife is happier now.

My friend thanked me for supporting them. He said, “You can even come here in the evening or night also, even if I am at home. I will not mind. I must thank you for saving my married life.”

I said. “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

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Love you all.

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