Sex Adventures In Maldives – Part 4

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Hello Friends, I am Nish and I am back with the next part of the story.

I was taken aback as I suspected they kissed. But I was not sure as R was not visible. But how can R be so bold to kiss my friend in front of me? Can she do that? Maybe she is high. No, maybe he was just kissing her head, or did they kiss?

All these questions were moving in my head. Suddenly I saw A and she was adjusting herself and tried to lie on the bed. As she lay on the bed she raised her legs which gave a good view of her hips. Man, there were no panties. Well, I was not even aware while watching K and R, when A removed her panties.

Then she lay down and pushed her gown a little to just cover her pussy and nothing else. She asked me to lie down beside her as that has a good view of them dancing. So I moved to her side and lay with her. But we were not watching them.

We were just watching the sky and feeling our naked thighs rub against each other. Then I felt her hand slightly touching my thighs. I also grew a little bold and tilted sideways towards her. And told her this is more comfortable. I had one hand laid flat and one hand touching her thighs.

She came close and rested her head on my arms very near to my face. She said, “I need a pillow so I am using your hand.” She was touching my things and I was touching hers. I saw from the corner of the eyes. R said, “Change the song,” and ran inside. K said, “Wait, let me do that,” and he also ran inside.

While they were in we don’t know when our lips met lightly. And slowly it became a good kiss and automatically my hand went between her thighs and near her pussy. As soon as my hand touched her pussy it was completely wet. I continued rubbing it slowly while kissing her lips.

As I touched her pussy she gasped and opened her lips. Now we were kissing each other rapidly. She also was touching my dick over my shorts and jerking it. We were completely consumed in our making out and forgot we were doing it with other’s spouses. This went on for like 10-15 minutes.

And then we heard steps coming to us. We stopped and came back to senses. I sat up and she pulled her gown down to hide her pussy again. From the door K and R came back and sat on respective beds. R was silent but then suddenly it struck me that they also came back after a while. What were they doing?

I suppose they would also have been making out or maybe they were just selecting songs. There was very little time for sex so nothing much happened and saying this I calmed myself.

Suddenly K asked A to come inside and she stood up and went in. And there was a little gap in the curtain of the window. I could see them kissing vigorously. This clearly shows R and K were also making out before which resulted in turning them on.

Here I and R also started kissing vigorously. I pressed her boobs sharply. She held my dick from above the shorts and started stroking it. I inserted my hand inside her gown and found there were no panties too. A thought struck in my mind. When did she remove her panty?

But thought let’s get to that later and kept on fingering her. Then we thought to move to proper fucking. We were dying to do that so we thought let’s go to our villa. But we did not want to disturb A and K. Hence we moved out of the passage and without even opening the main doors we went directly to our sea deck.

We removed all our clothes. It was pitch dark as there was no light around. And I saw even the light of K’s room shut off. I pushed R on the bed and inserted my dick inside her pussy and started fucking her violently. And from this far in the dark I also just found very shallow outlines of someone in K’s sun deck as well.

I am sure they might have also come out to fuck in the open. And they might also have seen traces of us for sure. This made us more turned on and fucked harder and harder. There A was getting fucked by K. Here I was fucking my wife. Sometime back both of us were making out with each other’s wife.

This made me wilder to think my wife’s pussy might have been touched by K as her panties were removed. I fucked her harder and she was yelling like hell. I am sure K and A could hear us. Or maybe if they were also yelling they also did not hear us.

After a good fuck of around 20 minutes, we both came. We lay there some time and then went and opened the door of the villa. We took a shower without saying a word to each other because we had come back to our senses a little. And we came to bed and then I asked her about the evening.

She hesitated a bit. But then I told her what happened between me and A first. Then she started telling her story. Now her story in her words.

So when K took me to dance, I was excited by all the teasing that was going on. The song was also romantic so we danced hugging each other. We were seeing each other in the eyes and it was a very romantic atmosphere. He was also looking at my cleavage in between.

I felt good and turned on. So I tried to show off a little more and pushed my gown down a little more to give him a good view. He might have seen my nipples because I felt his dick growing harder. And I was also enjoying it and we were in a moment forgetting everything around.

He was very close to me. Our bodies completely touching each other and my boobs were crushing his chest. His dick was crushing my belly. He slowly leaned his head forward. I had no idea what to do and my head automatically moved up and our lips met.

We did not kiss just our lips met. We stayed like that for like 2 minutes because we both were a little hesitant. I was feeling out of sense touching his lips with mine but then suddenly we moved back our heads. Then I saw A removing her panty so I got turned on more.

And this time as a reflex I saw K in his eyes. He was still looking at my eyes. I don’t know why I moved my head a little up and we kissed again. This time my lips opened up involuntarily and kissed him. He also opened his lips and then slowly our lips parted more and our tongues met.

And we started proper kissing, he moved his hands at my back and started feeling my ass over the gown. I was getting excited and was kissing him furiously and sucking his tongue and lips. He was doing the same. I think this went on for around 10 minutes.

I also touched his dick from above his shorts as it was poking me. But from the side of my eyes, I saw you and A lying on the bed. She was resting her head on your hands and you guys were very close. So suddenly I came back and was a little shy seeing you. So I told him that I need to change the song and ran inside.

I knew K will come inside. Before K came in, I don’t know what came in mind maybe jealousy of A removing her panty, I also removed my panty. And as soon as K  came in he pushed me to bed and came on top of me kissing my lips vigorously. He grabbed my boobs and was pressing them and kissing them.

I was mad with lust. Then he slid sideways and I also turned sideways and we started kissing again. He pulled my boobs outside the gown and sucked them hungrily. Then he touched my bottom and inserted his hand under my gown. Seeing no panties he started rubbing my clit.

I was just lost in the moment and everything was happening involuntarily for me. I inserted my hand in his shorts and held his dick. God it was very thick and I came back to senses. Sorry to say that. But it was thicker than yours, though it was not as long as yours.

But I was feeling so good that I did not want to stop. I started stroking him and he was fingering me. Maybe it was lust and an erotic feeling of fucking your friend and realizing that you might also be doing the same to his wife. I cannot stop myself and kept on stroking his thick dick harder.

Suddenly he jumped over me and pulled my gown to my waist. He kept his dick on my pussy and started inserting it. I could not even understand what was happening as my senses were slow. When he was inserting as it was a thick dick, I was feeling a little pain but an extreme pleasure.

I did not want to stop this. My fucking God this was so fucking hot and pleasurable. He might have given a few jerks at my pussy and he was not even able to insert his complete dick. I don’t know how but thank God I came to my senses. I pushed him and said, “Let’s do that with our spouses.”

And he also came back to his senses. So we adjusted our dress and came out. We saw you guys also making out which reduced our guilt a little. Both of us were horny, hence K took A inside and started fucking her. And I came to you.

I heard the story and kissed her. I was proud that she stopped at the right time or else I don’t know if I would be happy with that. Then we slept hugging each other.

The next day morning we had to check out. We did not talk anything about last night. We just did all our formalities and reached the airport. So this was all about fun and sexy vacation we had in the Maldives. I hope you guys liked it.

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