Sexual adventure with a perfect stranger

This is Shalini here. I am a traditional housewife from Chennai with a story about a perfect stranger. My husband initiated me into sexual adventurism. In my last session with Arvind, I had a one-on-one session without my husband being present. It gave me a great deal of sexual confidence and made me horny to think of avenues.

Then without any intervention from my husband and in an unplanned way, I was seduced by that stud Kuldip. He is my student, and that fucking session was amazing. For the first time, the session was with somebody who knew us and our house. That was not a very welcome proposition.

When I informed him on a foreign tour, Sanjay also felt that I should not continue this partner. I stopped going to school and avoided Kuldip. However, this episode turned me very horny, and I was also exploratory. Sanjay would also tell me to be exploratory for one-night stands.

The following week, I was in Chennai Airport to catch a flight to Coimbatore. I would stay for a few days in a high-end hotel and catch up with some friends. As I reached the Boarding gate, there was still time, and I looked around. I saw a smart-looking middle-aged man eying me and especially my protruding back.

I felt that he was eying my bouncy ass clad in a shiny crepe, which I had draped very sexily. I am well-endowed both in top and bottom. I also felt that the man was attractive. In my current horny state, I thought it would be great in bed. I went and sat. As we waited quite a few times, we exchanged glances.

As the boarding commenced, we lined up. I saw him following me and having a good look at my bottom. I felt I deliberately allowed him to close in on me as if we were together. This was a step that encouraged him to be adventurous. As I said, my horny side was up today.

He did manage to touch my bottom, pretending to adjust his bag. We had to board a bus to take us to flight, and by the time we reached it was already full. But I still boarded it, and he followed. Once inside, these Airport buses hardly have proper holds.

I was trying to grab some hold, this guy came behind and held me in support. As the bus started, he closed in and struck his crotch on my bum. In that crowded bus, the horny me was also getting aroused. I could feel that it was a monster cock. I was getting wet at the bottom.

This guy was enjoying my silky bum. I had the crepe Saree, which is slippery. Inside I had worn a semi silky petticoat and a thin panty. As such, he would have almost felt my big buttocks split and bare skin. I could feel he was fully aroused.
We reached the aircraft. As we queued up, he also came to the front gate and again positioned behind me. This time around, as I felt others might watch, I kept my distance but took a glance to see he had a hard-on. I could see that his underwear was stretching in his linen pant.

We entered the aircraft, and my seat was 9A. He followed me again, taking advantage of the crowd. I was trying to put my handbag on luggage hold. On the pretext of helping me, he again pushed on my bum, almost ravishing it. I was surprised that his seat was 9B, and he followed me.

Now to any other passenger, it would have appeared that we are together and not strangers. He was sitting in the middle seat uncomfortably, trying to ease lifting the middle armrest and sitting so close in body contact. I could see he was trying to touch my bosom from the side but did not give in.

But, I did see that he had a big erection. Soon, he got up with a towel and went to wash and soon came back, holding the towel covering his front. I could see that he had removed his underwear, and now his cock was visible through his light linen pant. It was a monster cock, and the guy was on a seduction mission.

As I already said, I was also horny and willing to play along. But I did not want to be embarrassed on a flight. Once he sat, he removed the towel partly to show me his erection and size. I was worried about the occupant of the third seat in our row.

To my relief, the aisle seat was occupied by a small boy whose parents were in the neighboring row. At least, no person to watch closely. He kept adjusting the crotch and showing up throughout the flight. I did not permit any other happening and kept looking into the vacant sky.

Of course, he tried to reach out to contact my boobs, but I kept guard. I also avoided any conversation, though I could sense he wanted to reach out to me. We touched down at Coimbatore.

Normally, I wait till the crowd clears. Today was not a normal day for the sexually aroused me. This guy wanted to grab the opportunity as he was the first to get up. While doing so, he did two arousing actions. He grabbed my attention by adjusting his seat to put his hand on my thigh.

He was caressing his monster cock and looked at me. I also exchanged a pleasant look. Then he got up. He gave me a look to come and stand before him so that my ass could again feast his monster dick. As if hypnotized, I also got up.

I deliberately adjusted my pallu to give him a full glimpse of my huge breasts. I positioned myself in front of him. He started to almost fuck my ass. Trying to use the opportunity of helping baggage and adjusting to the crowd also groped my breasts.

As it took a long time for doors to open, his cock was buried in my ass for long. In between, he also gave few thrusts. He never took his hand off my breast holding it from the side. His hand was under my pallu. As we neared the exit, we had to separate.

He reluctantly let my buttocks go, and the Flight attendant gave us both a mischievous smile. Again down the ladder, we had to catch the bus. I was delighted. As I got down first, I saw this bus was full. In the normal course, I would have let it go.

But by instinct today, I turned and looked at him. He gave me an eye signal to board, and I obeyed. Now again, he plugged himself into me. This time the eye contact had encouraged him. He put his hand under my pallu and almost squeezed my boob.

I had never been so handled in public, and this made me very wet below. As the bus took a curve and braked, I deliberately plunged my bums deep into him and was shaking my ass. In any case, Coimbatore is a short ride, and we reached the Terminal. Now he started walking side by side as if we were a couple.

I went to the conveyer and walked along. He seemed to be carrying his box along. There again was some mad rush to pick up luggage, and he positioned again in my back, rubbing his dick. I saw his erection through the unguarded pant and saw that his pant showed wet patches, the effect of his deep rubbing.

I now knew why that lady was giving a smile at the exit of the aircraft. When my baggage arrived again, he used the opportunity to rub me in, helping to pick up the bag. After that, I did not know whether to walk off, or he had baggage. As a normal person, I should have just walked off.

But today, with every moment, I was becoming hornier. It was as if I would go with him for a fuck, leaving aside all my modesty. I again looked at him, and he signaled we could leave. We walked to the exit. We had not spoken a word to each other till now.

As we came out, I looked at the drivers holding placards. I had asked my hotel to send me a pickup. I thought I would say bye to him once I locate my car and also exchange numbers. He also came along looking at the placards. My hotel guy held a placard with the hotel name.

There were two names written, ‘Mrs. Shalini Sanjay and Mr. T Sanjay.’ I was surprised how my husband’s name was figuring. I called out to him. “Mrs. Shalini,” I said. He also greeted the driver, “I am Sanjay!” I froze. How come such coincidences are happening?

I was convinced that this was destiny that we both should make love and fuck. I decided to go along. The first time we both laughed. Sanjay said, “Nice and sexy name as the person.” I said, “Sanjay is my husband’s name.” He said, “So I can rightfully proceed and make up for his absence.” I blushed.

The driver brought the car and took our luggage. Sanjay opened the Innova’s door and said, “Shalini, you get in.” I thought this guy had started owning me. As I came to board, in the pretext of helping me, he put his hand right under my ass and lifted me. I also was in no hurry to get in.

He fingered me quite nicely. I was leaking like a fountain and felt that now there was no going back. He came to the other side and looked at me mischievously. He smelt his finger and kissed and licked it. It was very seductive.

It was a three-seater. He slid close to me, putting his bag near the door. By instinct, I also moved closer, and he took my hand in his hand. I did not resist. The driver being there, we both were quiet. Otherwise, our pent-up passion would have flown there.

He kept squeezing my hand, and his hand was firm and fingers long. I moved my eye to his crotch. I could see the saying was right as he had a big tent out there. He saw me eying it and said all for you dear. I blushed like a young virgin, and he squeezed my hand full of passion.

It was a long drive along crowded roads, and our petting continued. We arrived at the hotel. He again quickly got off and came to my side. This time he almost hugged me from my waist in helping me get down. After I was down, his hands again played on my buttocks.

I think my bottom attracted him the most. I also, on my part, while getting down, brushed my hands over his cock. We walked in, hornier by the moment.
At the reception, there was a queue. Again Sanjay stood brushing me. He had my slip also.

When our turn came, he presented as Sanjay and Mrs. Shalini Sanjay. The lady thought we were a couple. She said after checking, “Sir, you have two rooms booking?” Sanjay just nodded. Then she said, “Sir, today the situation is tight, and we are still waiting for rooms to be ready. Please wait. I will get back.”

We looked at each other with silent anticipation and eyes showing love and excitement. I went to the wash. My pussy was swollen with expectations. I was happy I had shaved a few days back. It looked as if, mentally, I had decided to go through the whole thing.

I called up my friend and told her I was stuck in Chennai and would let her know. I sent a message to my husband that I was with friends and not to call for two days. So I made all plans and came back to the stud.

I saw Sanjay was talking to the lady in whispers. When I closed in, she gave me a naughty look. We decided to wait in the coffee shop as the lobby was crowded. Sanjay teased me, “Even the room is tight, and how will it be for us?” I said, “You are already leaking.”

He said, “If somebody has such a great butt and seduces me with the butt, what do I do?” No way would I have conversed in this fashion to a stranger in normal circumstances. Today I was so horny that I behaved as if I had taken some drugs.

Sanjay was playing with his legs on my thighs and trying to reach my cunt. That was also driving me crazy. To add to our high, the reception lady walked in and said, “Mr. and Mrs. Sanjay, we can upgrade you to a Suite room instead of two Club Rooms. I hope we can proceed.”

I was stunned. Sanjay looked as if he sensed it. In all our past behavior, we have behaved like a couple. We cannot say we are not at this stage. Sanjay did not respond, looked at me. I said, “Yes, let us take it.” My belief in destiny is driving the horny me.

In any case, I would have fucked with him that day. It made me take that decision. We grabbed the key, just dragged our bags, and were in a mighty hurry to reach the room. The elevator ride and walk down to the room. We both were quiet with immense excitement.

Sanjay swiped the key and held the door for me and entered and shut the door. Here I was, a traditional conservative housewife, inside a hotel room with a stranger I met just about two hours back. And with whom I had hardly talked except on eye contact. This is how lust drives you. You are not you.

Once inside, the suit room had a nice glazed entrance. I was so horny that I looked sexy to myself. The mirrors reflected both my front and back, and my curves showed beautifully. After closing the door, Sanjay said, “Oh my God, darling, you look like an angel.”

He closed in on me from behind and put his face behind my back. He started to kiss in my neck and ear lobes. I turned my head and kissed him. The pent-up passion overtook me. I turned and grabbed his face, and we started deep kissing right there. It was a passionate affair between long-lost lovers.

The reflection on the mirrors all around only aroused us more. Sanjay is taller than my husband, and kissing him, I found different. I had to stretch. In the process, I had to hug him tight and brush his cock, which was now really a monster.

Sanjay put his hand at my bottom and almost lifted me. In the process was fingering my butt crack all over. I was much more aroused when his cock was almost brushing my cunt. Our kissing went on for almost close to twenty minutes, and every time one withdraws, the other will restart.

I was clinging to his masculine body with my saree disheveled, and my boobs were peeping out. Sanjay also had unzipped his pant to let the monster cock out that it was erotic on the mirror. Finally, Sanjay said, “Hey Shalini, baby, you are in too much heat, let us go to bed. He carried me to the bed.

He dropped me, took off his pant, said, ” Darling, here it is for you, ” and brought his cock near me. I sat on the bed and was mesmerized by its size, girth, and beauty. It was fair in color and pink foreskins and looked inviting. I thought the guy does not masturbate, but only fucks.

I am not a cock sucker on normal days. Today, I just grabbed this cock. I first smelt it and found it was more aromatic than my husband. Of course, I did not give any indulging blow job to the other two guys with whom I have fucked. I started to run my tongue along, and Sanjay just pushed it into my mouth.

I started enjoying and liked its wholesome feeling. It was a great feeling gobbling this monster, and Sanjay was enjoying himself. As I took the cock in my mouth, I would look at Sanjay frequently and look for approval. Sanjay would hold my head and move his cock to fuck my mouth.

After some time, he said, “Shalini, one minute.” He was reaching climax. He lifted his lund, asked me to lick underneath the shaft. Then put his balls into my mouth. This was amazing, which I had never done even to my husband.

While sucking the balls and licking the lower part of the outer wall, you almost touch the bum hole. Never in life had I thought I would be slurping the ass hole of a stranger. Sanjay deliberately pressed his ass into my face. I also enjoyed licking it. I also fingered him in the ass hole, and he was electrified.

He said, “Shalini, you are in real heat.” He quickly put his lund into my mouth and gave few thrusts, and came in spurts. He discharged a huge load of cum into my mouth, gasping.

Now he gave me a deep kiss, and we were excited as his cum was being fed to him. He then started to suck my big breasts and erect nipples. He then came between my thighs and started to kiss my cunt and clit. Both of us got aroused, and he was getting ready to take the missionary position.

His phone interrupted us. He said one important call and took it. I was lying and looking. He said Sir to somebody and said, “Sir, I will try my best for somebody new, but Shweta is there. Sir, I will try my best.” He hung the phone. He was looking concerned, and his erection also subsided.

I was waiting for a fuck and got disappointed. I asked him, “Darling, why are you sad?” He said, “I am in a fix. But I can’t share. You may feel bad.”

I said, “Share, maybe I can help.” That was a big mistake.

He said, “No, you can’t help, and also, I have no guts to share.”

I said, “If I can help, please share.” I thought it might be some financial help.

He said, “Promise you will not get angry.”

I wanted his mood elevation so that we could start fucking. I said, “I promise I won’t get angry.”

He said, “I run an agency and enroll willing high-class ladies for escort services to high-end clients. One of my important high-end clients wants a new lady. He likes only traditional housewife type MILF. I have come here to find one.”

He said, “Initially, wanted next week, but now he wants today night. One lady contact here has located one for next week. This guy is a big man, and I don’t want to lose his contract. Somebody like you, he would pay double, but how can I even ask you?”

I said, “If I say yes will you be ok?”

He lit up, and his cock also was getting aroused. “Oh, you are such a wet and natural fucker that would make any man happy. Are you sure you can do this?”

I said, “I will do for your sake, but what type of client is he?”

“He is a decent man who owns this industry. I was awe-struck. He has a farmhouse and will treat you well.”

I said, “Ok, now let us get on.”

My God, this excited both of us, and Sanjay was back to arousal. He went about fucking me in such varying rhythms. I would give light strokes and suddenly give a rapid-fire rhythm, slow down and again fast pace and make me gasp. He would every time take close to climax and slow and again start.

Finally, both of us hit it, and he filled up my cunt. I was really in the heavens. As he lay on top with his cock still buried in my cunt, I was also contemplating on my word to him that I would be an escort for a perfect stranger.

Did that excite me, or was I getting apprehensive? I could not decide. Sanjay, with cock still buried, was also lost in thoughts. More on that later.

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