Unexpected Sex With Hot Jain Girl From College

This is my first foray into erotic literature as an author. My life so far has been interesting with very unique situations and a lot of women. I am of average build, strong person and my size is also average which hasn’t stopped me from pleasing the other gender in various ways.

Moving on to the story, this happened a few years ago when I was in my pre-university days, I had this hot north Indian Jain classmate who was really fair, round face, brown eyes, and had straight hair that reached her shoulders. Her size was about 28-30-32, her boobs were on the smaller side.

While we started speaking, we turned out to be good friends because we had some common factors that helped us come together. When we got closer and spent more time together, we realized that we liked each other more than friends and thus began my first journey of love.

The most memorable moment that I had with her was when I went to her house for a “group study”. My hot Jain classmate girl’s mother had to go out for some work and we were left alone with her younger sister, who was really small.

We turned on the tv and made her sit inside the room so we were alone in the hall. I placed my hand on her thigh and we looked at each other. We smiled and we knew what was going to happen.

We came close together. She closed her eyes, parting her lips slightly and we kissed. I bit the sexy Jain girl’s lower lip softly and started sucking her lip. Then I inserted my tongue in her mouth and we kissed deeply.

Things started getting wilder and we started exploring each other’s bodies with our hands while kissing. When my classmate girl reached my penis, she paused her kissing and her eyes went wide. I held her hand and slowly started stroking my penis, while I used my other hand to fondle the hot Jain girl’s breast over her clothes (t-shirt and jeans). She started moaning and that turned me on even more and I started twitching which came as a surprise to her.

I asked to hold it in her hand and she tightened her hand over my penis through my clothes. I slowly started kissing her neck and bit there swiftly leaving a love bite. I moved back to see that she had lifted her head and eyes closed with mouth open just breathing deeply. I continued kissing and biting her neck.

I moved down to the college girl’s breast and pulled down her t-shirt to access her breast and kept kissing her there. I asked if she can remove her t-shirt as it was preventing me from accessing her breasts.

She slowly complied and I attacked her breasts with new vigor, squeezing and biting them till they were red. I slowly pulled down her bra and looked at her nipples which were pointed. She was also just anticipating the moment I would suck them.

I paused and went near the hot Jain girl’s nipples and just blew some cold air on it. Suddenly, I took the entire left nipple in my mouth and she started moaning again while pulling my hair.

I used my other hand to fondle and squeeze the nipple on the right side. She kept moaning and I knew it was time to move on further. I pushed my classmate girl down on the sofa and got on top of her. I started kissing her deeply while I fondled her breast.

Then I loosened my jeans and put her hand inside my jeans. The hot Jain girl was hesitant but she held my penis over my underwear and started stroking me. I move down to her breast and continued sucking, biting, and loving them.

Slowly, I moved down to her stomach and kept kissing and licking her. And when I reached her navel, I put my tongue inside and kissed her there. She kept stroking my hair and I went down further. She pulled me up and said, “Not now”.

We continued to kiss. I put my hand on her thighs and was moving my hand around. She was enjoying that. I slowly reached the sexy Jain girl’s vagina over her jeans and I could feel the heat and the moisture over her jeans.

I removed her jeans button and inserted my hand and she stopped breathing. I felt there were very soft hairs. I explored till I reached a very wet place and I kept moving my finger around there. The college girl started breathing faster and pulled my hair. I knew that she liked that.

While doing this, I went down and started sucking her nipples as well. She started raising her hips and moving with my fingers. We soon found a rhythm. She kept moaning softly and I increased the speed of finger fucking the horny Jain girl.

I started biting her nipples harder. She went wilder and started moving more till she suddenly moaned a little louder and quivered! I felt that she had become wet and my hand was really wet.

I took it out and brought it up between us. I put my finger with her juice in our mouth and kissed her. Now I knew it was my turn. I got on top of my hot classmate girl and asked her to hold me. This time, she held me, skin to skin and it felt amazing.

I started dry humping the virgin Jain girl while kissing her neck and fondling her boobs. She kept moaning and started stroking me with my movements as well. I increased in speed and I came heavily. Her hand was coved in cum. She withdrew her hand and brought it up to smell and lick it. Oh, that was so satisfying!

We kissed again and dressed properly. I knew that this was only the start and there were many more to come.

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Thank you.

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