An Erotic Welcome To Ahmadabad

I have recently moved to Ahmadabad with my family. I have been attempting to make friends and get to know people. We have moved into a huge apartment complex housing over 400 families. So there is always someone to talk to.

Bang opposite my apartment lives a Marwari family. The husband looks quite strict and wishes to be secretive as well. All that he does when he sees me is smile. I forcefully need to make a conversation to get him to talk.

His wife Swati always used to remain indoors. She was nursing a broken hand as she had fallen during Navratri.

One morning at 6, the milkman had come and rang the doorbell. I went out to collect milk. I heard a voice saying, ‘Good morning.’ I didn’t realize where it was from as I was still sleepy. Again came the voice ‘Good morning’ and this time I looked up.

There she was, Swati, with a mesmerizing smile, standing with a bowl in one hand and collecting the milk. She looked at me as I wished her and smiled at her. She smiled back, and that’s when I realized what a beauty she was. This went on for a few days.

She would wish me good morning but would vanish for the entire day, never to be seen, locked indoors. It was strange. Her door would open in as minimalistic a manner as possible and shut instantly. Her two kids and husband always ensured that the door was never open enough to let anyone peep into.

Anyway, one day, very recently, I saw Swati at the door again. Her husband was there too. I invited them both home, saying we are neighbors but have never visited each other ever. To this, Swati immediately said, “You also please visit us.” And there was her gorgeous smile.

I think her husband didn’t like it and shut the door immediately. Let me explain Swati to you all. Maybe 5feet 3 inches, 60 kgs, and making curves for a 43-year-old. And a great body too which I later got to see, touch and pleasure as well.

She had curves at the right places with a decent bust size of 34. Her smile could sweep anyone off their feet. Her most interesting part, though, was her butt. Omg! Anybody lover would die for her butt.

Her breasts for a 43-year-old were amazing, not too tight. But they were decently firm and ample enough for anyone to get a hard-on in seconds.

After a lot of this hide and seek, it finally happened one day. I used to walk every night for fresh air in our society compound and was surprised to see Swati. I enquired about her hand, and she started showing it to me. She complained about how the skin had become since it was in a cast for a month.

She wanted me to touch it and experience what she was saying. I did that and took some time too. I softly rubbed my fingers over her hand. I held it firmly later, assisting her with some movements. She said the doctor had asked her to do it daily.

After 5/7 minutes, once done with her hand, we got talking. I asked her why she hardly ventured out of her apartment. She said her husband didn’t like her talking with anyone, and that’s the reason. She also said that he has gone to Mumbai for a week and so she is out walking.

The next thing she said got me excited. She said she would meet me every day for a walk till he was back. We can walk and talk for at least an hour. She was in a tee-shirt and tracks. I kept staring at her breasts whenever possible. Lovely they were. She did catch me doing this a couple of times and just smiled.

The next evening at 9, we were walking. She said, “Why don’t you come home in the afternoons? My daughter is in an internship and gets back only at 7 in the evening. My son has gone to his chacha’s house for a week.”

Wow! I was waiting for this. As we walked, I made her walk ahead for a couple of minutes, saying I had a call to make. But I kept watching her awesome backside all the time. I had an instant hard-on which was visible as I too was in my track bottoms. Not sure if she noticed it.

I told her that I would visit her post-lunch the next day and rang her doorbell at 2 in the afternoon. I couldn’t call to inform her as we had not even exchanged numbers. And she opened the door. What I saw was sort of unbelievable for me. She was in shorts with a good portion of he thighs seen.

On the top, she wore a loose tee shirt but a short one. A crop top and an inch of her stomach could be seen. Without thinking, I hugged her as I entered the house. She, too, reciprocated positively. I had also carried some chocolate bars and gave them to her, and she instantly said she loves chocolates.

We sat down on the couch, and she said she wanted me to see her house. I walked behind her, watching the swaying of her sexy ass. I was so tempted to touch them and feel them but controlled my urge. As we went from one room to another in her 3 BHK apartment, I walked closer.

A couple of times, our bodies touched each other. She did not attempt to move ahead. She stood there explaining the details of her house while I was more interested in her details. As we went to the final room, the master bedroom, she showed me her wardrobe.

It was huge, with sliding doors, and before I could say anything, she had slid one door open. Maybe the wrong one? Or on purpose? Hanging, there was some transparent and see-through nightwear, sexy, hot, romantic.  I just burst out laughing, saying, “I am sure these are showpieces now.”

She immediately took them off the hangers and said, “See how beautiful they are. And yes, I haven’t worn them in a long, long time.” Not to lose an opportunity, I said, “I wonder how much more beautiful and hot you must look in them.  I am sure you must have driven your husband crazy.”

She immediately laughed and said, “Nothing like that. He is too busy earning money and doesn’t care anymore for these pleasures.” There was also sadness in her voice. Then, she did something that I was not ready for. She hugged me tightly. Very tight.

She said, “Please allow me to hug you for 5 minutes. I haven’t been hugged for ages, and I need someone.” I allowed her to hold me, and I looked down at her. She looked up. I kissed her on her forehead. Once and then again and again. Then, on her cheek. She said nothing.

When I stopped, she said, “Please don’t stop.” I was waiting for this. I kissed her on her lips softly. Very softly and waited. She tugged at my arm, indicating me to kiss her lips again. She was breathing hard. I kissed. Then she responded. Now, we kissed.

With passion. Intense. Heat. Romance. Lust. It was all there. Lip to lip. Tongue meeting tongue. The saliva from each other’s mouths mixing. The kissing was crazy. Suddenly, she held my one hand and placed it on her hip. I felt her skin—soft, fleshy and sexy.

The kissing grew more intense as I slid my hand up towards her breast. She stopped. Suddenly pushed me away and then, with her hands, tried to remove my tee shirt. I let her do it. She was kissing my chest in a hurry and my neck. Then she hugged me, feeling her naked chest.

Now, she attempted to remove my jeans as well and said she wanted them off immediately. I could make out. She hadn’t had sex in a very long time. She was hungry and desperate. I got rid of my jeans and was there in my underwear. Now, she continued kissing me, holding me tight.

My hands were on her butt. She was feeling, groping, and pulling her towards me. I stopped kissing her and soon got her shorts off. She was in the skimpiest of panties. I got back to kissing and now could feel her butt the way I wanted. I pushed her back a little so that I could slide my hand into her panty.

She was wet. Very wet. Her juices were flowing. Oh god. It made me harder. She was feeling my hardness over my underwear. Maybe she was shy. I let her be herself. I removed my fingers from her pussy and slowly licked it in front of her. I made her taste it too.

She took my entire finger in her mouth. And then, all of a sudden, she went on her knees and pulled down my underwear. My hardness was out in the open. She was watching it. She pushed me on the bed and was on top of me. She was kissing me like crazy.

Soon kissing my chest and my stomach and finally her lips on my hardness. She kissed. She licked. She sucked me for a full 15 minutes. And then she just lay down next to me, gazing at the ceiling. I got up. She pulled down her panties and looked at her amazingly beautiful body.

Her wetness was quite visible and shining in the lights. She wanted me to touch her there. And I was waiting for her to get desperate. She was moaning. A sign that she wanted my touch there. She had spread her legs. I went down on her. With my lips. Slow, steady. I was licking her, smelling her juices.

And my hands on her nipples. I now inserted one finger. I was licking her clit at the same time. A few minutes. This went on. And suddenly, she orgasmed with a loud sigh and a half moan. She tugged at my hair with all her strength. She had an orgasm after a very long time.

It had taken away all her built-up energies. She was tired. She kissed me and said, “Let’s continue tomorrow.” Then she said, “Welcome to Ahmedabad.”

More in my next story about the sex in Ahmedabad city. Those wanting to write in their comments or wanting to connect can write to me at [email protected]

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