Seduced and fucked my friend’s conservative mom

Hello everyone. First of all, thank you very much for the response to my previous story “Seducing hot neighbor Bhabhi Jyothi”. That was my first experience and dream come true incident had with my neighbor aunty. You feel worth reading it.

My name is Harish, age 25, 5’6 height with a well-established body and fair skin. I am from nearby Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, and a bit cleanliness freak. That is why I put myself clean and hygienic all the time.

Prakash and I are friends from our intermediate. We are best friend who shares everything and there are no secrets between us. Frequent visits to his house made me closer to their family members.

This story is about a hot MILF who is the loving mother of my friend Prakash. Yes, I fucked my friend’s mom after waiting for an ample amount of time.

Coming to the story, her name is Pavithra, age 40, 5’8 height and with whitish skin. As her name suggests, she looks the same as Pavithra Lokesh, an actress who plays mother roles in Telugu films. She has perfect sizes as her. Her stats would be 38-34-36. You can imagine Pavitra Lokesh as her.

She always wears a sari exposing a little amount of flesh on her waist. Her waist is so smooth and fleshy to touch. She has the right amount of flesh in the right places. Her breasts invite many uncles around to suck them to the fullest.

Initially, I was not sexually interested in my friend’s mom. But, later on, when I was around her in their home, I was happened to see her cleavage when she bends many times. When I was close to her I felt some force attracting to her.

After 2 years, I was slowly attracted to her beauty and started to see her as a perfect sex object to fuck. It’s been five years since I was waiting to get the opportunity to have her on the bed. But, never misbehaved with her as it may ruin my relationship with her and also my friend.

One day, their family planned to go to the nearest temple Annavaram which is a famous one. They also invited me to join them. I readily accepted and said my parents that I am going to the annavaram temple with Prakash’s family.

The next day we started early at 7 am by car. My friend Prakash is driving the car and the front seat is occupied by his father. I was very happy that his mom and I are left to share the back seat alone.

She was wearing a cream color sari with a red border and a red blouse. She was looking beautiful to me. Her blouse was tight and her breasts are crushed giving some space to see the cleavage.

When we are traveling, I made some attempts to watch her breasts and waist. She is sitting right to me. Her white skin on her waist is making me crazy to press her waist harder. But, I was very cautious about my friend and his father too.

We reached the temple in an hour. We formed a line to have the darshan of God. I was not interested in god. Rather, I was interested in the goddess before me. In the line, my friend and his father are front and his mother and I are next.

As the temple is rushed on that day, I was pressing against my friend’s mother who is in the front. My cock is erect throughout the journey as she was closer to me. Accidentally, my cock is touched to her ass multiple times when we are in the line.

I don’t know if she noticed my boner or not. But, when I was behind her, her little cleavage is visible from the top view. I wanted to touch her bare waist and feel her smooth skin. But, I don’t have dared to do so.

After the darshan, my friend Prakash, me, and his dad are sitting on the premises of the temple. Aunty was on the phone call with someone and talking a bit far from us.

After the phone call, she was coming towards us talking about something with her husband. At that moment, I was admiring her beauty. Suddenly, the wind has flashed and her sari was out of its place revealing her waist area.

I was shocked by the visual that I didn’t understand when she moved her sari below her belly button exposing her navel. She never exposed her navel even at home also. She was very particular about her dressing.

It was my dream to see her navel once in my lifetime. This wind has helped me to have a clear view of her navel area. My jaw was dropped and my eyes were consistently staring at her navel for that five seconds.

Now, she noticed my stare at her belly and covered it with her sari. I also got disappointed that I was caught by her. From then, I felt a bit shy and avoided eye contact with her. We started the car seating at the same places.

But, this time I was even not attempting to see her side also. We had lunch at the nearby hotel and reached home by 3 pm. I left their home as I don’t want to face her that day.

In the evening it was raining heavily. I feel like going to Prakash’s home to see his mom. I picked an umbrella and walked to her home expecting Prakash and his father at home. But, they were not there. Aunty told me that they had gone for some work when I enquired about them.

So, Aunty and I are alone in the house. Aunty was in the same sari. Her belly button was still visible. I wanted to lick her navel and suck her big round boobs. This cool rainy climate increased the lust inside me.

Aunty offered me a coffee and I readily accepted. As she was lonely making the coffee, I also went to the kitchen and stood behind her. I don’t know what’s happening to me. Since morning my mind was filled with her waist and lovely boobs.

The time is around 6 pm. No power in the house. Outside light is making the kitchen atmosphere dim and seductive. Thoughts are running in my mind. I wanted to hug her and suck her boobs and fuck her at any cost.

She was facing the stove and I stepped ahead to become closer to her back. My cock was erect and slightly visible as I was in shorts and a T-Shirt. Aunty initiated a general conversation. But, my mind was full of lust on her. Our conversation went like below:

Me: Aunty, can I say something?

Friend’s mom: Yes Harish, tell me.

Me: I noticed a change in you today aunty.

Friend’s mom: Change? What change?

Me: Means… You should not get any angry if I say.

Friend’s mom: Why will I get angry with you Harish? Tell me what is in your mind.

Me: Your dressing style has changed a bit today.

Friend’s Mom: Why? Have you not seen me in a sari ever before?

Me: No aunty. Not like that.

Friend’s Mom: Then what? Don’t hesitate. Tell me.

My heartbeat is at its pace. I don’t know what power came in me to talk to her like that. Finally, regardless of the further consequences, I felt like fucking her today. I slide the sari and placing my left hand on her belly button and said, “You have never shown this part to anyone. Today, you exposed your navel in a sexy way”.

Before completing the whole sentence, she turned around and pushed me away with high voltage anger on her face.

Friend’s Mom: What are you doing Harish? Have you gone mad? I am your best friend’s mother. I treated you like my son. How can you do this stupid move on me? I even allowed you in the house when no one is home.

That means I trusted you. Is this the way you behave with a woman of your mother’s age?

I was really scared of the thing I have done. Very soon I have realized that I have done a mistake in my life. My friendship with Prakash and relation with his family vanished. I started crying.

Me: Sorry aunty, very sorry. I don’t have any bad intentions for you. Sorry to touch you in that place.

Friend’s mom: (Her anger was not decreased) I will say this to your mom and dad. You will never meet my son again.

Me: Sorry aunty, Please don’t do tell my family. I apologize. I will do whatever you want.

Friend’s mom: First you get out from the house idiot. Don’t ever dare to come to our house again.

I begged her not to say this to my parents. She shouted at me and made me leave her house. I forgot about the umbrella and went to my home in the rain. I was immensely scared and regretful about my act on her.

That whole night I have no sleep. I was continuously thinking that what she will say to my parents. The next day morning I got a call from my aunt’s mobile. My balls came to my pants literally.

I lifted the call with much hesitation and that was Prakash who answered.

Prakash: Harish, did you come to my house yesterday?

Me: Hesitantly said, “Yes”.

Prakash: Sorry bro, Actually we went outside on some important work.

Me: That’s ok. No problem. How do you know I came to your place yesterday?

Prakash: idiot! You left your umbrella at my home yesterday.

For almost a month I avoided going to his home and felt guilty for what I did. But, deep in the heart, my desire to have her in the bed is still alive.

The good part is she has not disclosed about me to anyone. Slowly, frequent visits to their homemade the situations normal. My friend’s mom started behaving normally with me. From then, again lust has taken my mind.

After three months, when I was at their home my friend and his dad left for the hospital. I know they take at least three hours to return. The time was 11 am. Aunty and I are alone at home. I was watching TV and she was in the kitchen preparing lunch.

This time I decided at any cost I must fuck her. I went to the kitchen to drink water. She noticed me coming behind her. By drinking water, I was watching her waist and back. She was wearing a black color sari making her even sexier.

After thinking so much, I kept the bottle back in the fridge and all of a sudden hugged her from behind. She started pushing me away and I got a tight hold of her. I turned her towards me and pushed her towards the wall. She was resisting with force but not shouting loud.

Me: Aunty please aunty. Only once. I Love you so much, aunty. Allow me once.

Friend’s mom: Harish, stop it for the god sake. Leave me.

Me: (I was trying to kiss her on the lips by locking her both hands on the wall) Please aunty. Only once.

After much struggle of nearly ten minutes, I lip-locked her holding her head with both my hands. All the opposing she did has misplaced her sari. Now her right breast is out of her sari pallu and the sari was below her navel.

We just kissed for five to ten seconds and turned her head. After the kiss, her resistance has slightly decreased. I kneeled in front of her and put my mouth on her belly button.

Now I was holding her waist with both hands by pushing her towards the wall and licking her navel area. Guys, I had the greatest feeling in my life. Seeing her belly was a dream for me one day. But, now I got her complete navel to lick.

She was trying to push my head. But, I never released her navel. I was continuously kissing and licking her navel. Her waist is shining with my saliva. Slowly she decreased the resistance. I was enjoying the moment to the fullest. But, this never lasted long.

Yes, my friend and his dad came back from the hospital as they did not get the appointment. We listened to the car sound and this time she pushed me away with full force and I fell.

She adjusted her saree and went to unlock the door. Both our facial expressions are weird. My friend noticed that and asked me, “What happened?” I said,” Little headache”. If I leave the house suddenly, I thought they will get doubt. So, I remained there trying to be normal.

I was very happy that I have achieved what I thought impossible in my entire life. We four are very normal and aunty took no time to adjust her facial expressions.

I had a proud feeling that till now I have explored the navel of my friend’s mom. I even kissed her. I made her horny. That was unbelievable guys.

The story is becoming too long. I will soon narrate my experience with my friend’s mom in the next part. Yes, I was successful in having her on my bed. You can give feedback and suggestions at [email protected] I am much happy to hear from you. See you soon.

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