Drunk Encounter With Colleague’s Hot Friend – Part 1

Hi friends, this is Mr. H. This is my first story and I would welcome all kinds of comments for it. Also note this is a long story with multiple parts as I would like to immerse my readers and make them feel every moment of the build-up and the actual sex. I am sure you will love it.

This is a true story that happened away from home and amongst a good set of friends and strangers.

After completing my engineering, I got placed in a well-known MNC and had to move to Pune. Being young, single and away from home has it’s worth. I was gearing to make new friends and enjoy the nightlife of Pune.

Also, working in an MNC has it’s own perks – good canteens, quite a free time and people from all over India to mingle. It was a first time experience for me, seeing so many beautiful girls from various parts of India. Fair, long hair, kurtas and formals, these were raw Indian beauties!

I used to notice this cute looking girl during lunch breaks. She was fair, tall around 5.8 in height, long hair with golden streaks and an amazing sense of style. She usually wears formals with tight high-waist pants that accentuated her booty and a tight half-sleeved shirt with padded bras to enhance the boobs (must be 32B without the bra).

Later, I got to know she was a roommate of a colleague in my team with whom I used to hangout quite often. Let’s call the cute looking girl Shivani (just for naming the character. I believe in anonymity and privacy and never disclose personal info of anyone to anyone).

So we made a plan for a movie and I told my colleague to get her friends so that we can expand our group. She naturally brought her roommates along and Shivani was one of them.

We did a light hug when we met and I was on cloud nine right there. She had an amazing perfume and the scent of her freshly shampooed hair did a different kind of magic on me. It was so arousing.

We went for the movie and then had dinner together where we all gelled up quite well. I noticed Shivani too was showing some interest in me and was talking more to me and sitting next to me on the dinner table.

We exchanged numbers and Whatsapping started. We then started hanging out during tea breaks in the office, just the two of us and it got quite personal and intimate at one point where we both had the sparks flying for each other. But none of us was giving in.

One weekend, we made a plan for a nightout at my place. Booze and weed came in and so did 7-8 friends.

As the night progressed, the weed and alcohol did its thing and the trance music kicked in. Everyone was in their own fine world when I moved on to the balcony for a smoke.

Shivani followed after a while and said, “This is one of the best night outs I have had. Thank you” and gave me a light hug. Pune being Pune, the night was quite cold and had its effect on Shivani’s nipples. They were hard and poking me at my chest which made me realize my colleague’s friend didn’t have a bra on!

I hugged her a little tight and whispered in her ears, “I can turn it from ‘one of the best’ to ‘the best’ night out of your life if you give me a chance.”

She did not say anything but hugged me a little more tight which I took as a yes. I planted a kiss on her neck, moving aside her long hair and heard an instant moan. The sexual tension between me and my colleague’s hot friend had touched its peak and it was begging for a release.

I took her face in my hands and stared deep into her eyes before leaning in for a deep kiss. Our lips met and we exchanged saliva for a whole 2-3minutes.

Our tongues fought with each other while I moved my hands inside her tee-shirt and felt those lovely boobs for the first time. They were perfect for my hand and I started pressing them while still fighting with her tongue.

I twisted and pinched the nipples and she bit my tongue hard. I pushed her against the wall with her back towards me and pressed my dick into her ass. She responded by pushing her ass out arching her back.

I kissed her neck when she surprised me with her boldness and said, “Can you fuck me hard tonight? Can you push your dick deep in my pussy and make me cum?”.

That was it! That made me wild and I pushed my hand inside her shorts and felt her wet pussy – clean shaved and very wet pussy. I opened her pussy with two fingers and touched her clit. Shivani moaned very loud.

My colleague from inside shouted, “Get a room, guys!”. That was when we came to senses about the surroundings and straightened our clothes. Hand in hand, we went inside, smiling. Everyone was looking at us when I pulled Shivani inside the bedroom and locked the door.

I pulled her t-shirt over her head and saw those boobs for the first time. Perfect round white milky boobs with pink areola and hard protruding pink nipples. I dived in to suck on the right breast while Shivani pulled out my shirt. I licked the right nipple and pressed the left breast while pulling Shivani towards the bed.

I pushed her on the bed and bent at the bedside and started pulling on her shorts. Shivani stopped me by pushing me with her legs and sat upright on the bed and said, “Not tonight!”.

I was shocked and disappointed!


That’s it for this part. Let me know how bad you want to read the next part and I will not disappoint you. Mail me at [email protected]

If anyone wants to reach out to me for anything and everything, mail me. Complete anonymity is ensured and expected.

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