Widow Aunty Finds Lost Pleasure In Goa

Hello everyone, this is Neemo here, writing after a very long time. Actually, I was busy with my new job so was unable to write.

A brief introduction about myself and aunty. I am average looking guy from Mumbai working for one of reputed companied as an auditor. I am 21 years old with an average body and a normal dick size which is enough to satisfy any hungry pussy.

Now, let’s jump into the story. This happened around the month of July. I live in a joint family in an apartment. In the flat next to mine lives this aunty. Let’s call her Seema. She was married 10 years ago but unfortunately her husband died in an accident and she was left alone in life. She was a working woman and used to live alone.

I frequently used to visit her flat and we had a good bonding from the beginning itself. As she was very frank and open-minded, we both were close to each other and share everything happening in our life.

Sorry, I forgot to tell about her appearance. Aunty is a dusky beauty with an average body but huge ass and dark nipples. Her figure is something I always admire. Whenever she wears yoga pants, the outline of her ass and pussy make me go hard and I always had a desired to fuck Seema aunty someday.

As we were close, we occasionally use to flirt with each other and intentionally touches each other. Aunty didn’t oppose those things which made me bolder. Also, we use to go for movies, shopping, dinner, etc.

Seema aunty was comfortable roaming half-naked in the house even in my presence. I use to see her coming out of the bathroom wrapped in just a towel ending below her thighs and such scenes make me horny instantly. She had noticed it many times and used to pass naughty smiles.

Everything was going like this but I was becoming restless as I wanted to fuck Seema aunty and make her mine. Many times I have masturbated on her using her inners and left my cum stains on it. But she never asked me anything about it. She seemed to be enjoying it.

One day while casually talking, aunty said that she wants to go on a vacation as it has been a long time since she has relaxed. She asked my help to suggest to her a good place.

I suggested her to visit Goa as it was perfect place for vacation plus in July, the crowd would be less and she can enjoy more.

She asked me to accompany her as she felt very comfortable with me. I accepted and took leave from my office. I made all the arrangements for the travel, hotel-stay and everything. I booked purposely booked a honeymoon suite so that it would be easy for me to enjoy Seema aunty.

We both travelled by train and reached within 3-4 hours and went to check in.

At the hotel when we entered the room, aunty was surprised to see that it was a single bed and was decorated beautifully with flower. At first I thought she would get mad at me but instead, she passed me a wicked smile and said that she was expecting that I would book a honeymoon suite for us!

Then Seema aunty told me that she wants to go to the beach. So I asked her to get changed. I got into my shorts and sleeveless t-shirt. I was waiting for Seema aunty. She opened the bathroom door and I was looking at her in awe! She was in a red colour bikini. I instantly got a hard on. Seema aunty saw the bulge in my shorts and laughed.

She then asked me to control it or else it would make her embarrassed. I somehow controlled my hard on and we went to the beach, played in water and enjoyed to the fullest.

Once we were back at the hotel room, we ordered food and boozed a lot. After some time, we both were very high and that was when Seema aunty started opening up. She told me that she was feeling sexually unsatisfied after uncle’s death and she started liking me also. She told me that it was her plan to bring me here so that I could satisfy her.

After listening to these words, I lost my control and pounced on her like a lunatic, tore her clothes and attacked her pussy. Seema aunty quickly opened my shorts and started stroking my dick.

As I started ‘eating’ Seema aunty’s pussy, she started moaning loudly, “Ohhh baby, eat it there.. It feels sooooo good.. Uncle never touched me down there with his mouth..”

Hearing that, I increased my speed and aunty had her orgasm. Her juices were flowing down into my mouth and I didn’t waste a single drop. After a few minutes, aunty pushed me on the bed and started to blow me. The feeling of her warm tongue made me moan hard. She was looking at me seductively while blowing my dick.

Seema aunty made me cum in 5 minutes after which I pulled her on me and we cuddled while kissing each other.

Then she looked in my eyes and said, “I have been waiting for this from the day you started shagging on my inners.. Once you were done, I used to taste your cum and from then, I began to like you.”

Her words made my dick hard again and ready for the second round. Seema aunty sat on my dick in cowgirl position and slowly lowered herself on me. Aunty’s pussy was tight as she was getting fucked after a very long time.

I started pinched her nipples and squeezed her tits. Aunty started riding me slowly, enjoying each and every moment of it. After 10-12 minutes, I changed to doggy style and took her from behind. Seema aunty was moaning loudly and after a few minutes, she told me she was about to cum.

I quickly made her lie and fucked her in missionary style and then we both came almost at the same time. Aunty thanked me for this experience and we promised each other to keep on making such love sessions whenever we could.


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