Having Sex In A Car

Hello, there. I hope you are enjoying this day. This is Rahul here with a story about having sex in a car for the first time with sexy Sakshi. Thanks for your support for my previous experiences shared. Today I like to share my experience that happened a few months back before Covid.

This story is about how my co-passenger and I had erotic sex in our car on the busy road on late Friday evening. So I had registered in a co-ride app as I had to travel every day in my car for almost 15 km in heavy traffic. This app was helpful to get more passengers in my car and get to know them.

That’s how I got introduced to Sakshi. She is a good-looking software engineer who works for an MNC in Bangalore. She is fun and always having a happy and smiling face. She was 28 years old and married. Her hubby was on an onsite trip. Hence she was living alone in her apartment.

So coming to the day, all things happened. In the morning, I picked her up. She was looking so hot as she was wearing a skirt and a white shirt. She usually sits in the front seat. I asked what’s special. She said she has a client visit, and she is doing a presentation. Hence she needs to be formal. I wished her all the best.

Her office comes before my office, and I dropped her. In the evening, she messaged me that she would be late, so she asked me to leave. I texted back that I do have some work, and I can wait. After some time, she again texted that she would be done in 15 minutes. So I packed and got started to way back home.

After seeing her in the morning in her sexy wear, I thought about her and felt hard in my pants. By the time I reached her office, she was ready and quickly got into the car in the front seat. She had so many papers and also laptop bags in her hand.

She was trying to settle down, and by mistake, her skirt got fully lifted. I could see her panty, and she was wearing a blue panty inside. She noticed that I had seen her and she said sorry and asked me to see in front and drive. I was so excited to see her white-toned, smooth, silky skin under her skirt.

My tool got even harder and was making the bulge which I was trying hard to hide. I kept my smile by seeing outside and front and not facing her. She asked what I am smiling about. Then I replied, “I am wondering how your hubby is lucky but unlucky.”

Sakshi: Don’t talk to me about it. I asked him to take me too. But he said next time. He would do as this is a short project. But why do you think he is lucky?

Me: Having such a beautiful wife to enjoy every day is lucky.

I was adjusting my legs a bit.

Sakshi: What happened? Why are you feeling restless?

Me: You are so hot today. Not sure if I can say, but just saying you are so hot today.

She was blushing and kept quiet. Sakshi said, “Oh, that’s why you are feeling so restless, and your boy is trying to come out?” She laughed louder.

I said, “Yeah, he wants a bit of relief from the morning.”

She leaned towards me and looked at my dick, and laughed, “See how he is struggling inside.”

Me: Sakshi, help him if you don’t mind.

She placed her hand on my dick and unzipping me. I helped her by losing my belt. I was wearing a blue boxer inside my dick was already out of my boxer. She was holding it and pressing it hard while I was driving on a less traffic road.

While we went halfway, it started pouring heavily, and we couldn’t drive. So I took to the side and parked where no one was there. She got up and went to the back seat. I followed her and settled in the backseat. We kissed each other very deeply.

My hands went down, and I lifted her skirt and started searching her panty. I kissed her lower lips while my hands started rubbing her wet pussy down. Her clit was awesome, like a nice small nipple. I got hold of it and started rubbing it hard.

I started biting her lips. She was holding my shoulder hard, and we just got lost in our lovely kiss. I went down the seat and spread her legs. I opened my mouth and licked her smooth, silky thighs, and moved towards her pussy. The closer I went, she went back and lay on the seat.

Now I closed her clit with my wet lips. My wet tongue started rubbing her clit inside my lips. Slowly I added my middle finger and started fingering her deep while my tongue rubbed her clit very hard. She started moaning loudly. I was not bothered as it was raining heavily and no one can hear us.

While I was sucking her clit and fingering her pussy, she started pressing her boobs very hard. She was licking her nipple on her own. She was so horny as she was getting someone to lick her pussy after a very long time.

In the meantime, I added another finger which was a little difficult to get inside as she was very tight. Still, I managed to push inside her pussy and started rubbing inside her pussy very hard. She started moaning my name.

I unbuttoned her skirt and pushed it down. In no time, I unbuttoned her shirt and found her black bra covering her sexy melons. I pushed that bra above and released her bouncy boobs out. I looked into her eyes while I went close to her nipple.

I blew some cold air on her stiff, risen nipple and sucked it full in one shot. I sucked both the boobs nicely and pressed them hard. I gave love bites every few minutes and sucked her nipple tight. We changed positions at some time.

She went down and pulled my underwear and pulled my hard and thick 8.5 inches out. She rubbed it with her sexy hands and played on my dick head with her soft fingers. She looked in my eyes and moved her head closer to my dick.

She licked with her sexy tongue and sucked it again and again. She played with my balls while sucking my hard erect dick. I was holding her hair and pulling her towards me. I caught her boobs and pressed them hard.

Then she turned against me and sat on my fully erect dick, and started humping on me. I was admiring and licking her back, which was polished and soft. I held her long hair and pulled it like a horse riding. I made her ride on my dick faster and faster.

She got exhausted by cumming on my dick. I turned her and made her stand in doggy style inside the car. I started fucking her from behind. By holding her hips, I fucked so hard. I slapped her ass and spanked it while fucking her.

In some time, I took my dick and asked her to suck it, and cummed full load inside her mouth. She loved the smell and hotness of the sperms and sucked my dick again, which was dripping

We kissed each other for some time and wore back our dress. I dropped her at her home. I stayed with her that day and had more sex in bed.

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