Girl’s First Threesome With Male Friend And Lesbian

I was about to have sex after almost 3 years. I was nervous when I arrived near the hotel, but at the same time, I was wet down in my panties. My mind was filled with the thoughts of the first threesome that I was about to have.

I have kissed girls before. I have had lesbian sex before too, but today felt different. I wanted to satisfy both of them, my friend and the other girl. I wanted to fulfill all my fantasies that I had dreamed of for this day.

It was a day where I was about to experience many of my firsts too. I was excited as well as anxious. This was also my first friends with benefits thing, and also my first ‘hotel sex’.

The pandemic had really made me realize that life is short and so here I was now, trying to go out all crazy at once. As these thoughts ran through my mind, they both arrived at the hotel. I was so nervous. It was also my friend’s first time having a threesome. She was experienced.

I was worried whether I could satisfy her or not, whether I could satisfy him or not. But, I also knew that this wasn’t the time to feel anxious at all. I then made the first move. I told them to undress.

I was wearing a black bra and black undies. While I was watching them undress, I noticed how sexy their bodies were. My mind craved to touch their weak spots. I wanted to explore every part of their bodies.

She had the sexiest body you could ever see. She was wearing a pink bra and blue undies. She removed her bra, and I saw her perky tits with those erect nipples demanding to be sucked on and to be fondled with. I gave her a cue to make out with me. She hopped on the bed, crawled up to me, held my face, and started kissing me passionately.

She was wild and rough. I was thirsty for this kind of feeling for a long time. I was thirsty for her touch and was feeling it all over my body. Her hands were going around my waist. My lips were on hers, getting sucked, and bitten off and on.

I couldn’t make up my mind whether to stop kissing her. I couldn’t control my mind at that moment. My tongue was licking her lower lip and circling around her lips. I held her by her soft waist then slowly led my hands to her butt.

I grabbed her butt cheeks in both my hands, while I sucked on that soft moaning mouth of hers. I sucked on her lower lip while she sucked and bit my upper lip.

Her tongue was swirling around my mouth, and we were swirling around each other’s saliva. I held onto her head and her butt like I’ve never kissed before. It was very addictive indeed.

I was never really a bi-curious person. I guess this was the day that made me realize that there was a part of me that I had yet to explore. It was about to be a life-changing experience. I slowly let go of her wet lips and went down on her neck, laying down light kisses, nibbling on her neck as lightly as possible.

I ran my tongue over her ears. I wanted her to moan for more of it. Her moans made me go wilder on her. While I was fondling her breasts, and while kissing her, he joined in and they started kissing each other.

Watching them kiss each other made me wetter. I could’ve watched them go on kissing each other all day. I noticed his hard dick, and placed my hand on his hard, thick, dick and started to stroke him.

While I sucked on her erect nipples at the same time, I led my other hand to her wet clit. I didn’t even think about it, it was almost as if my actions were involuntary. Watching and hearing them moan into each other’s mouths, while I jerked them off was making me dripping wet. Oh, I would’ve cummed if they went any longer like this.

Why was this making me go so wild and craving for more? I really couldn’t stop craving for more. I took her erect hard nipples between my lips.

I started swirling my tongue around the tip of her nipples in circles, while I slightly nibbled on it with my front teeth. “Agggghhhh,” her moans made me want to bite her even more, and to make her scream louder. At the same time, I was feeling my friend’s dick getting harder with every stroke.

My mind was being greedy and selfless all at the same time. I wanted all their moans screaming out for more from me. I wanted to give them more pleasure at the same time.

They stopped kissing, and he lay back with his hard dick in his hand. She took the first turn to give him a blowjob. I stayed back and watched her go down on him. I was very inexperienced compared to her, but damn what a sight it was.

I saw her lips wrapped around his dick going up and down on him. I wish I had sucked her pussy at that moment, but my eyes were stuck watching her take that dick down her throat.

I wanted to push her down more on his dick, craving to hear her choke on his hard dick. I wanted to lick her pussy while she was sucking his dick, but I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

It was my turn on his dick now. I had never given an actual blowjob to anyone before. This was another first, going down in my throat now. I was hungry for this. I licked around the tip of his dick, circling my tongue around the tip. I was sucking and licking around his balls, fondling one at a time while licking his dick at the same time.

I never knew there was going to be such an amazing feeling while giving a blowjob. The feeling of making someone feel pleasurable, exploring their soft spots.

I wanted to know more. I wanted him to crave more from me. I wanted to choke on this hard, big dick of his. I wanted to lick every nerve wrapped around his dick. I could have gone on and on for hours like this, eating out his dick for the whole day till he gets tired of cumming, in my mouth.

He made us lie down. She and I started to kiss each other again, while he fingered us both at the same time. She was moaning into my mouth and his finger was ravaging inside my pussy walls. It was hitting every good spot, and going in and out of my pussy. It felt so good that I ended up squirting a bit.

I was squirming around his fingers, and she was biting and sucking on my lips. All my erogenous spots are getting hit all at the same time. While I was processing this feeling of getting fingered for the first time, she spread my legs and started to eat my pussy. She was sucking on my pussy lips and licking my clit.

I literally was about to cum and squirt on her face, but then she got up to kiss him and lay on the bed. Getting denied having an orgasm excited me even more. It was like I was being controlled by someone else. He slid a condom on his dick.

She licked her hands and rubbed her saliva on her pussy making it wet and easy for him to put it in. I watched him go in and out of her. Both their hips were in sync as if they were hooked on to each other. Watching them both fucking in missionary position made me feel so wet.

I wanted to masturbate, just looking at them fuck each other. I moved over beside her and started kissing her lips, while she was moaning in my mouth. I was holding onto her left tit, pinching her left nipple while sucking and biting her right nipple. Then I stood back and watched them fuck each other.

Her hip was swaying upwards while he was dicking her down. He came while he was fucking her, and we took a break. She and I were lying in bed together. I couldn’t let her have a break. I wanted to give her more pleasure. I got down on her, spread her pussy, and started to lick her pussy which was wet from all the hard fucking.

I put my fingers in while sucking her clit. While I twirled around my tongue on her clit, and sucked it, I was moving my fingers around her pussy walls. I was exploring the spots which would make her moan more, to make her cum into my mouth. My fingers went all around inside her pussy.

I was licking all her juices while she was cumming. My hands were on her nipples, pinching those erect brown mounds until she moaned loudly. It felt like heaven. I never knew it would be so pleasurable to my mind, to make a girl cum. I felt high as if my mind had orgasmed to the stuff happening right now.

As we were all done for the first round, we all lay on the bed. He was on my left tired and with his face facing down, while she was on my right, her hands on her titties. I made him turn towards me. I was craving to give more and more pleasure. I was not tired yet. He was facing my back. My face was turned towards her.

She was talking to me. I couldn’t really focus on what she was saying. My mind was focused on rubbing my butt onto his soft dick. I wanted to feel him get hard. I took him by my hand and slowly started stroking his dick.

I tried to focus on the words coming from her lips, but all my mind was focused on was feeling him getting hard. I made him lie down, sucked his almost hard dick to full hardness, as he got up to wear a condom again. He tried to hump me sideways.

I made him lie on the bed, got on top of him and slid that hard dick of his into my wet pussy. As I went up and down, I could feel his dick hitting every erogenous spot, I have in my pussy right at the top inside me.

The slight curve of his dick was pushing onto that spot. I was riding him even though my knees hurt because it felt so good in me. This was making my mind go crazier. I never knew I could get high while riding a dick. I had never felt this feeling. I lay down on his chest moving my hips on his dick feeling it go in and out.

I had craved for this for so long. Oh.. his dick going in and out of me, as I could feel every fucking inch hitting my wet pussy walls.

I was almost about to cum. I was about to cum on his fucking hard dick. Then I got off him, and he told me to lie in the doggy style. I arched my ass upwards and spread my butt cheeks while he slid it into my pussy. His dick was going in and out of me. And every stroke hitting my pussy walls was making me crazy.

Fuck.. I wanted to cum. I was about to squirt, but my greedy mind wanted more and more of the dick to keep going in me. Then he came in me. I could feel his dick pulsating with his cum into the condom, in me.

I was tired after all this hot stuff. She got all dressed up and left as she had to go somewhere. Even he dressed up, but I was still craving for more.

I still had to cum. He was completely tired, but I made him lie down and took down his pants. I took his dick and sucked his soft dick in my mouth while looking into his eyes. I was fondling his balls in my hands, while I felt him getting hard again in my mouth. He made me go down on my knees on the floor and stood in front of me.

I took his dick and sucked on it as my life depended on it. I made his dick wet and sloppy with my saliva, while he pushed my head onto his dick. I could feel his dick deep down in my throat. I looked into his eyes while sucking on his dick. He tapped his wet saliva-dripping dick on my tongue and lips, and I was gagging on his dick.

Tears were running down my cheeks, while I fondled his balls and his dick deep in my mouth. I held onto his butt and pushed him into my mouth. I wanted more. I wanted his cum to flow down into my throat.

He pushed himself deep down in my throat. I felt him pulsate in my mouth, all his nerves around his dick with my tongue. He held me by the back of my head and pushed me onto his dick. and cummed into my throat. I swallowed it all. We both lay down on the bed together.

We cuddled each other. He was way too tired, but I slowly stroked on his soft dick in my hand. I asked him to finger me and he led his fingers down into my pussy, slowly going in and out, moving all around it.

I closed my eyes and felt both his fingers going into me and hitting my pussy walls. I couldn’t stop moaning. I couldn’t stop stroking his dick at the same time. I was holding his head down onto my chest while his fingers went crazy in me. I was moaning his name.

He put his other hand to my mouth. I licked and sucked on his fingers while his other hand was going around and over in my pussy. I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I came on his fingers. My body was shivering around him while my legs tried to wrap him up. I couldn’t control my body anymore.

My pussy was pulsating from the orgasm, as I licked my cum off from his fingers. I had never expected my first threesome to be this hot.

It has been 3 days since this happened, and I am still high and horny thinking about what happened that day. What an unforgettable day, 16th December was.

Any bi-girls or bi-couples interested in a threesome or foursome can contact me at [email protected]

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