City Girl’s Sexual Adventures In A Village – Part 1

So the past year has been a little boring for me due to this worldwide pandemic. The only good thing about it, I had so much time for myself and my family. Being a working mom and doing wfh and also attending to kids, a husband is both privilege and curse.

Sometimes, I will have sleepless nights. I spent a lot of time thinking about the past, both good and bad. I have done a lot of kinky things and put myself in grave situations but somehow I survived. I don’t think I would repeat any of those in today’s world.

Let me give you a glimpse of what I am talking about. Allow me to take you back in time.

It was 1991. I was finally done with my college days, waiting for the results and wasting the time at home in Chennai. Mom and dad decided to visit my grandparents who reside at Chengalpet which was about 50 km from Chennai and I tagged along.

My grandparents were doing some agriculture there. I don’t remember the exact details. We reached there and the place was very different from where I used to live in Chennai.

If I remember correctly, there was a muddy road and it led to a dead-end and my grandpa’s house was at the end. It was the only building in the area with one floor and terrace. Maybe a couple of others which were a little far away.

The rest of the houses were terracotta and hay huts and they were spaced apart nicely. Big trees were there everywhere. There were two in the veranda of my grandparents’ house itself. I think it was a typical village set for those times.

So, we had a nice chat and some village food from my grandmother. Everything was cool, and suddenly, my grandmother was insisting I should stay for some days. My parents didn’t object but I didn’t bring any clothes with me. Anyways, if I was going out, I can wear the same chudi and my grandma said she had some clothes which I can use.

It was a Monday and my dad was like I will pick you up Saturday since I had my dance classes on Saturday and Sunday evening.

My parents left and it had just been an hour and I was already bored. There was a TV but there was no connection. The TV was one of the main reasons I said yes to staying and that was not there. I regretted not going with my parents.

To kill the boredom, I helped my grandmother with her dinner preparations. I asked her for the change of clothes which she was talking about. She quickly went to the Almirah and pulled a half saree and a blouse. Oh my god! I should have seen this coming! How stupid to think she might have some pajamas for me! I cursed myself.

My grandma was a petite woman. She was short, thin, and was just like me. So the clothes fitted me to some degree. I was a lean and very fair girl, I don’t remember my measurements back then but I had tits like a fully grown apple and had unproportional big nipples for the size of my tits. (Now, it is ok) I also had a slim waist and an ass like a full-sized perfectly round watermelon. 🙂

The blouse which she gave me was a little loose in my hands and a little tighter on my breasts. I hadn’t started wearing a bra during that time. I was using only slips. So the fit was ok though.

The skirt was very loose on the waist. I had to use two safety pins to put them in place and I didn’t have an extra panty to change and continued with the one I was wearing. My mirror reflection was looking like a typical village style and mature. I liked it.

It was 9 in the night. We went to sleep and I was rolling on the floor with discomfort. It was the first time I was sleeping on that floor and it was so hot and humid. To top it all, I was wearing a half saree with an extra tight blouse.

My blouse became so wet due to the sweat and I couldn’t take it anymore. I told my grandpa it was very hot and I couldn’t sleep. He suggested that I try the terrace.

I liked that idea so went up to check out. Wow, what a relief. It was very breezy and a lot better than sleeping down, I thought. I quickly went down and told my grandparents that I was going up to sleep.

I grabbed my pillow and some bedspreads and moved up. My grandpa asked me to take a lamp with me, just in case. But I thought that wasn’t necessary since I was only gonna sleep.

I spread my sheet and pillow and laid back. Wow, what a view! You can never see so many stars nowadays due to light pollution. But back in those days, it was pitch dark everywhere. No street lights in that village, everyone was asleep soon by 10. No lights in any house and there wasn’t even a moon. It is only you and the starlight.

I thought I was going to get a good night’s sleep. But I was wrong! It was a new place and again I was struggling to put myself to sleep. So I decided to just walk around the terrace for some time.

As I was walking and exploring the terrace, I noticed there were like 6 to 7 pots with plants that were in dying condition in one corner. It looked like my grandparents tried gardening and didn’t work out well.

I went to the other side and saw an open field of crops where the muddy road ended. A big neem tree almost covered one side of the terrace. A nice breeze was blowing all over which in turn made my skirt fly a little. I tried controlling it with my hands for a while. The wind was too frequent and the place was dark for anyone to even see it so I stopped caring about it and left my skirt alone.

After a while, I was excited about the idea of my skirt flying and exposing my thighs in such a dark place. As there was no risk of anyone looking at me, since it was the only building with a terrace, I was happily roaming with the skirt flying and exposing my creamy legs.

But something struck me at that time. I felt a nice feel in my pussy, pinched it a bit, and got excited for more! I quickly ducked down, removed my panty, and was waiting for the courage to get up. The wind was not that harsh and the skirt won’t fly to the level I thought. I pulled myself up. God, I was so wrong.

Within 2 minutes of removing my panty, the wind became a little violent. It was blowing my skirt left right and center and I loved it. My watermelon ass and pussy were getting exposed to the air. I developed the courage to just walk around, no matter what.

I quickly checked the surroundings and there were other small buildings. But they are clearly blocked by the trees and a huge vacant area of fields and some hay huts on the other side. So I was safe from any eyes, it thought.

After roaming a while, it was about 11:30 pm. I decided to try and sleep. I rolled for some time and managed to sleep for some 45 minutes when suddenly I heard a cycle bell in repeated intervals. I came to my senses and saw the time was 12:15 am.

It was uncommon for someone to roam on their bicycle at this time of the night so I was curious to see who it was. I went to the other side of the terrace and casually looked down the streets and quickly recognized who it was. It was the area Gorkha. Usually, Nepali people patrol the nights, making sounds to scare away any potential thieves in those areas and they get paid for that by the people in that area.

The Gorkha was about 45 to 50 years of age, tall and very fair Nepali, dressed in khaki. He had a khaki hat too.

There was a mild yellow light coming from the cycle and the Gorkha was slowly riding it towards our house which was at the dead-end of the street. I stood there and was observing him.

He came slowly to the end, waited for some time, and got down of his cycle. The light on his cycle went off as soon as the cycle stopped. He went to the end where the field started, facing his back to me started unzipping his pants and urinating. He didn’t notice me but that sight gave me chills over my spine!

Even though I couldn’t see anything since he was facing the other way and it was very dark, it was enough to trigger my hormones and I was super horny! I started rubbing my clit and soon, my juices oozed from it.

Once done, the Gorkha covered himself, picked his cycle, and drove off without noticing me. And I was standing there dumbstruck with my skirt flying all over the place exposing my wet pussy with the finger still inside it.

That was the first time I experienced something like that and I wanted more! At that time, I didn’t realize how far I would go to satisfy myself.

City Girl’s Sexual Adventures In A Village – Part 2

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