Divorced Banker And Hot Housemaid – Part 1

Hey guys and girls, this is Jenath. Let me tell you about me. I am from Chennai, working in one of the leading banks as a branch manager in a rural place in Tamilnadu.

The story which I am about to tell is about the encounter I had with a servant maid in my house. This incident happened 3 years back.

I am a divorced banker, aged 30, slightly bulkier, and basically from Chennai. I was posted in a rural village far from Chennai so I had to leave all my family members in Chennai and stay there in that rural village.

My house consisted of three floors. My owner (who was the landlord of that village) lived on the ground floor, I lived on the first floor and some of my friends working in various other govt departments lived on the second floor.

(There was a total of 5 tenants including me. We were very close friends during those days.)

The story began when we all decided to have a housemaid who can cook for us. I was searching for the servant maid from my bank sources and my friends from their respective sources.

Finally, one of our bank’s lady customers introduced me to Saveetha. She was a mature woman aged around 35, and slightly dark in colour. But she had a face that looked like of actress Sneha. Her body structure was that of an actress Simran.

I was knocked out on the first day seeing her beauty. My bank’s lady customer introduced her as a very good cook.

I asked her to come to my house the next day so that I can introduce her to my other housemates and my owner so that she can join for work.

All the above things happened satisfactorily and we bachelors were the happiest ones for going to have homemade food.

The new housemaid Saveetha used to come to my house every day in the morning, cooked breakfast and lunch, and cleaned the house, and went back.

We used to assemble in my house by the time she finished her cooking and finish off our breakfast and pack our lunch and move to our offices after that. This was our regular routine.

I used to be in my other friends’ room most of the time or else, if I got any work in my room, I will finish off doing that.

She slowly became comfortable working in my room. A month went by and I gave her first month’s salary.

This is when she opened up to me.

Saveetha: Sir, how is my cooking?
Me: We like your cooking very much, Saveetha.

Saveetha: Sir, if you don’t mind, can I ask you something?
Me: Sure.

Saveetha: I am in need of money to take care of my child’s education. I am the only breadwinner of my family. My hubby is a drunkard. Can you kindly allow me to clean your room and your clothes as well for some extra money?

Me (without thinking for a second): Sure. (As I was having trouble doing these things.)

I could see an extra smile on her face. She left for the day with that bright smile on her face. I told my other housemates about the same and they had no objection to it as I will be the one bearing the additional cost.

Days passed by. Since our housemaid was cleaning my room, cleaning all the vessels, and washing my dresses, my time mostly passed in my room when she was there. My friends understood it and there were no complaints from them about the same.

They came for breakfast as before once she was done with it and we enjoy it together and we leave for our respective offices.

Since I started spending more time with her, she started to open up more with me now. She started to discuss her family matter with me. In fact, she started to tell her day to day activities to me. However, I was not opening up and telling her anything about me.

This went on for days. Our housemaid started to tell me about her financial problems to me. I gave her some money too.

One fine day she started to tell me about her new financial problems. I got irritated and shouted at her. I told her I was not running any money factory and I have my own personal problems to deal with. She cried on that day and left the house without saying anything. She left without completing any of her work.

When my friends came and enquired about it, I told them that she left as some close relative of her expired and managed the situation.

She didn’t come to my room for the next 3 days. On the fourth day night, she called me from her mobile.

Saveetha: Sir, I am sorry for whatever that had happened the other day.

Me: It’s ok, Saveetha. I was also rude the other day. I had so many other personal problems as well that were running in my head.

Saveetha (after a long pause): Sir, if you don’t mind, can I ask you one personal question?

Me: Sure. Go for it.

Saveetha: Do u miss your wife here?

I didn’t say anything.

Saveetha: Sorry if I asked you a personal question, Sir.

Me: It’s ok, Saveetha. I do miss her.

Saveetha: Why don’t you go and see her every weekend?

I gave her a blank explanation which she seemed to be accepting.

Saveetha: Can I join back to work tomorrow?

Me: Definitely yes. We miss your food. Come back early and finish all pending work.

(I never knew the last words of mine will have a ratifying effect in my life).

The next morning, I was in deep sleep. Our housemaid came too early in the morning and knocked on the door. I was really pissed and was shouting at the door and opened it.

I was really stunned to see the beauty standing in front of me. Saveetha came in full makeup which she never did before and she was looking like an angel then! All my anger vanished and I started to ogle at her.

She gave a wicked smile and entered the room giving a nice hit in my shoulder with her hand. Her perfume made me nostalgic. She was wearing lipstick too. She started doing household work.

She started to clean up my bedroom. I used to leave the room when she cleaned my room. But that day, she made a conversation and so I stayed in my room. I was speaking to her general things. This was when my entire thought about our housemaid changed.

Since I was in my bedroom and had my morning blues, her presence in front of me worsened things. I began to observe her ass movements. While she was sweeping the floor, I could see her cleavage. As soon as she left my room, I went to the bathroom and masturbated thinking about her!

But to my shock, when I turned, I saw our sexy servant right there and standing in front of the bathroom. She gave another wide wicket smile with the broomstick in her hand. I blushed and returned to my bedroom.


I hope you guys liked the first part of my story. It is just the starting of the big physical and emotional encounters we had. It will have more twists and turns and definitely, emotions. Kindly bear with the length of the story.

In the next part, I will tell you how the emotions turned physical and how I managed my other friends from not knowing what was happening between me and our sexy housemaid.

If you guys liked it, you can give feedback to my mail id: [email protected]

The more the feedback, the better. It encourages me to write more stories.

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