Naughty delegate trip on a bus ride

I love delegatory trips. Not just do you get to travel to many places for free, but you also meet so many new people. I was a part of a 20-member delegation to Kolkata from various colleges of Maharashtra.

We reached around afternoon, and our booking was in a grand five-star hotel near the airport. Our opening evening was in one of the top colleges. We were allotted a delegate from various colleges representing Kolkata.

Luckily for me, I was allotted this Bengali bombshell, Natasha. She was as stunning as one could get. Let me tell you I am tall, standing at 6’1”. She was fair, medium height at around 5’6”, thick body with an hourglass figure.

She was wearing a shimmering black one-piece low-cut gown with matching jewelry. It was a gala ballroom filled with tables and a buffet counter right at the back. She came towards me and held out her hand for greeting. But I bent a little.

My oh my, showed the mighty cleavage and the pair held captive by that one piece wanting to set free. After the lecture and the ceremony, we all had a couple of drinks. It made us a little drunk, and the songs being played hit us right in the mood.

I was a little late boarding our bus. Our hotel was at the northern end of Kolkata, and the college was at the southern end. So the travel would be more than an hour long. She was already there, and the seat next to her was empty. I graciously asked if it was reserved.

She told me it was for me. The bus started, and the lights were dimmed, and it became absolutely dark. Everybody fell asleep immediately with all the drinking and the dancing but not me.

She was looking absolutely stunning in the moonlight. I could feel the soft skin of her arm brushing against mine. I could feel her thick thighs resting against mine. And the sight of her milky white breasts was a treat to my eyes.

“Like what you see?” I was a bit startled and looked straight into her brown eyes. They were looking back at me naughtily. Instantly I held her neck and brought her thick lips to mine. My hand went over her breasts which were so soft.

I started pressing them one by one. I brought her one piece down. It was a black satin bra that held her tits together. I folded the cups and brought those captive melons out. Her nipple was hard. I squeezed her boob feeling her nipple at the middle of my palm.

My other hand went grabbing her behind as she stretched her ass out. It was a nice firm round ass that I had in many days. I kissed her as soon as she let out a little moan. “Baby, I am just getting started,” and I gave her a naughty smirk.
Her hand went inside my pants.

As soon as she held my erect tool, I could see her face getting extremely pleased. Since not only was I tall but well-endowed as well. She opened up my pant and started rubbing my dick. My hands now went down south while I started sucking at her boobs.

I pulled up her one piece and started rubbing the inside of her thighs. Very soon, I reached the top and felt her wet panty. I asked her to raise herself a little as I removed her wet panty and put it in my pocket as a token. I started rubbing the sides of her pussy, and she started moaning.

I had to shut her up by putting my lips on hers and inserting my middle finger in her pussy. She had started breathing heavily as I inserted two fingers going in and out of her juicy pussy. My left hand went completely around her to feel her breast and squeezed her nipple.

She came all over my hand, and her whole body shivered down. I started kissing her ear, neck, and shoulders while my hand was playing with her boobs. I said, “My turn now.”

She raised herself. She was nearly standing on with the support of her front seat. I did not move. I pulled up the one-piece gown from the bottom, exposing her ass cheeks. She let out a protest and started putting her hand back to pull down the gown.

I grabbed her hand sternly and put it back on the seat in front. I took my mobile out and captured her magnificently thick round ass. I grabbed these magnificent handfuls and gave her ass a light spank. I then moved to her seat.

She laid back on me and turned to me. “So, you like my melons and my peaches,” throwing me a wink. “Well, my carrot is going to put them both out of work.” Saying this, I put her panty inside her mouth. She adjusted herself and brought her pussy right over my tip.

Boy, oh boy, her legs spread like an eagle from behind, ready to take in my fully erect soldier. I felt the vertical lips with my dick for a while and then inserted it right into her pussy. It was tight and juicy and felt like hugging my dick at all the right places.

I grabbed her boobs, and it felt almost like heaven. I started rubbing above her clit with my other hand. Her ass was crashing against my pelvis, and pussy was dripping juices like no tomorrow. I started pounding her ass and pussy without a thought in my mind.

I was getting more pleasure in knowing we were fucking in a full bus. I started biting her back, and she was biting my arm. We both reached our peaks together, and I sent a big load of mine deep into her pussy.

I took the panty from her mouth and put it in my pocket. We started kissing again when I felt a little tap on my shoulder. I turned back. A cute girl was staring at me from the back seat through the aisle.

“You guys were having fun. Want to share it with us?” From above the seat, I could see a man’s head turned towards the girl. I turned to Natasha, and she said, “I don’t mind sharing.”

Let me know if you want the 2nd part of the story of this erotic bus journey and sex with a hot girl. Please send love and feedback at [email protected] as this was my first story.

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