Sex With The Black Guy – Part 2

Hi guys and girls. My name is Feena. My measurements are 34-28-36. I am a 32-year-old married woman living in Dubai. I love sex and enjoy it a lot. I work in an MNC company in Dubai as HR.

My husband is working in another MNC company as a business promotions manager. He travels a lot out of the country due to business. My friends who know me personally know how much I am addicted to sex.

In my previous story, ‘Sex With The Black Guy – Part 1’, I told you guys how I met Mohammed and had wonderful sex with his 8” dick. And I slept on his chest.

The next day morning I woke up and saw Mohammed sleeping next to me naked. I took my underwear and went to the bathroom to pee. When I came back Mohammed was already awake and waiting for me to come out. I thought he wanted to use the loo.

He then came close to me and took me on his arms. He lifted me till his head and suck my pussy over my panties. I told him to stop but couldn’t resist as he was strong and his tongue was drilling me horny. I hold his hair and squeezed his head between my thighs.

He then took me back in my old position and I was like sitting on his dick. As his dick was already hard. I then asked started to suck his dick for some time. He then mouth fucked me I was horny and wanted his dick inside me. I stand kept my hand on the table and bend with de legs welcoming his dick.

He did not waste time even to go for a condom. Instead just pushed his dick in me and started hard beating my pussy with his dick. I kept shouting and crying and asked him to fuck more. As soon as he took his dick out I squirt on the floor a little.

He then made me sit on the table facing him and started fucking me in that position for a few minutes. It was really hot. And then when he was about to cum he took his dick out and came on top of my stomach and lap.

Mohammed then guided me to the washroom to put me in the bathtub. He turned the tub shower on and cleaned cum from my stomach. He then laid on the tub on his back. He made me sit on his face and started sucking my pussy. I was feeling like wanted to pee.

So I told him that I want to pee. He asked me to pee on his chest. I didn’t know that he had such fetish. But I peed on his chest. He enjoyed the hot pee on his chest. I washed my pussy with a shower in the tub and back to his face. I gave him my pussy to eat.

I was getting hot again now. He made me sit like a doggy and started fucking me from behind. He continued fucking me for another 30 to 40 minutes nonstop. Then he took his dick out and gave it to me to suck. I suck it for a few minutes and then started stroking it and made him cum on my face.

We finished the shower and had our breakfast. I asked him to drop me back to my apartment. He said yes and asked me when can he meet me again. I said, “Soon.” As I won’t be able to sleep today thinking of the wonderful sex that he gave me.

He said if I wish I can stay with him there today also as he wanted to try my ass too. I told him that’s ok maybe we will have next weekend. I had to return home and do laundry. He said ok and after some time we came back to my apartment. I asked him to have lunch and he can go back.

Mohammed was waiting in the hall watching TV and I went to my washroom to removed my dress. I removed my full dress. I wore a top and skirt without bra or panties and came out of the bathroom. I smiled at Mohammed and went to the kitchen to do the laundry.

Also, I put some milk in the stove to make coffee for Mohammed. Suddenly someone held me from behind. It was Mohammed. He squeezed my boobs and kissed my neck. He removed his pants and inserted his dick in my pussy. I was shocked to know how he was getting hard even after the hot sex we had in the morning.

He then kept fucking my pussy for some time. Then he took his dick out and tried to put in in my ass. I told him it will not fit in as its tight. He made me sit on the floor like a doggy. He then took the virgin olive oil bottle from the kitchen table and inserted its nozzle in my asshole.

He filled my ass with that oil and then slowly inserted his dick in my ass. He kept on stroking until the whole dick was I my ass. I was feeling pain but also filled with pleasure. He banged my ass as hard as he can and fucked me. By now milk was boiled and overflowing.

But I was enjoying the fuck in such a way that I let the whole milk overflow and kept taking his big dick inside my ass. Mohammed took out his dick and I immediately turned the stove off. I then looked at him and told that he is such a naughty guy.

He told yes he is and he is really glad that he met such a slutty Indian lady. And he will keep fucking and make me his slave. I told him I love his big dick and he can always fuck me. He then lifted both legs and inserted his dick in my pussy. I was now a sandwich between him and the kitchen wall.

He kept fucking me like that for a few minutes. Then he turned me again and inserted dick in my ass. The floor was filled with bubbled olive oil. He inserted his two fingers in my pussy and fucked my ass and pussy the same time. After some time he came in my ass.

We met a lot more on weekends and fucked our brains out. My pussy was so unlucky that he moved to Africa a few months after. He left me crazy for rough sex with bigger dicks.

I hope everyone liked my story. Please leave your comments on [email protected] I will appreciate all your comments.

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