Fun With My Tinder Date

Hello, everyone. My name is Rahul 23 years old (name changed for privacy purposes). I stay in Mangalore – Manipal. A good looking guy with an average body and decent cock size. To be honest a very horny guy.

So let me begin my story. I was done with exams and was really bored sitting at home. So I download a few dating sites like Tinder, Bumble, Tantan, etc. I found a few matches but most of them were too narrow-minded. Then I matched with a girl who was really good looking and also had a good figure and assets.

We started to chat casually and asked her what was she looking for? She said nothing serious, just looking for some fun. I said the same here, even I am looking for fun. She said she wants to know me a little before we take this forward. I happily agreed.

The next day we exchanged numbers and I called her up. We spoke a lot and I asked her if she was ready to meet up. Before this, we had discussed what we both wanted from each other. Finally, we decided to meet in a place called Mulki.

I picked her up in my car. She was very shy and was using her phone and not giving eye contact. I asked her to be comfortable and asked where she wants to go. She said, “Let’s go to my house.” It is just a few kilometers away from that place. I happily agreed.

As I was driving I asked what do you have in mind. She said you will see. She placed her hands on my lap. I was wearing shorts and a tee and was not wearing an underwear. I started to get hard when she started rubbing her hand. She saw that and started to giggle.

She kept on rubbing it over my shorts and kept teasing me. I was like, “Please put your hand in and stroke it. Please don’t tease me more.” She slowly slid her hand inside my shorts, caught my rock hard and a hot dick in her warm hands. She started to stroke gently.

I was kind of moaning. She pulled down my shorts and increased her pace and In some time, I said I was about to cum. She stopped stroking and said this was just a trailer, I will not let you cum so soon. You will have to earn it. I continued to drive. We reached her place.

She said there’s nobody in the house. Everyone is out of town and won’t be back for 3 days. I was very happy to hear this. She opened the door. We went in and she locked the door. I suddenly grabbed her by the waist and pushed her to the door. I caught hold of her hands and started to kiss passionately.

Suddenly I turned her around and pushed her to the door. My hard dick was pressing against her ass. I started to bite and kiss her neck. She was breathing heavily now and she was trying to play with my hard cock. I suddenly unbuttoned her jeans and slid my hands into her panties.

I started to rub her already wet clit very gently. She was moaning. I started to rub her clit in circles and slowly inserted my finger in and took it out. I repeated that several times. Now I turned her around, took off her top and her bra, and threw them aside.

I started to squeeze her right boob while my tongue was busy with her left one. I sucked and licked her nipples like a hungry child. She went wild. Now she sat on her knees and started to suck my hard cock. She takes it all the way down her throat and starts deepthroating me. And trust me she was so good at it.

I tell her I am going to explode into her mouth. She suddenly squeezes my nuts let’s go off my cock and says, “Not so soon honey.” Now she goes to the bed and tells me, “Let’s see what your tongue can do.” I go to the bed take her one leg and gently kiss her toe.

I start to suck it then I kiss her ankle, her calf then her thighs and then her inner thighs. I just blow hot air on her pussy, she shivers. Then I slowly stick my tongue out and put it a little in. Suddenly I stick it deep inside her pussy and wiggle it. I take my tongue out and put it in.

I start to tongue fuck her for some time. She grabs my hair and pushes me deeper, and finally, she releases her juices all over my face. She tells me to lick it all clean. I do as said and lick it. She asks me if I want to fuck her. I was so fucking horny and wanted to cum at any cost.

I jump and say yes. I so badly want to fuck the brains out of you. For which she says but you will have to obey something which I tell you.  I said, “Yes, I’ll do anything you want.” She quickly goes to the doggy position and tells, “Let’s see how well you lick my asshole.”

I resist at first but then agree. I wanted to fuck her badly. I start to lick her asshole very well and I start to like it. Now I take her to the shower, turn on the shower put her one leg on my shoulder. i push her to the wall and slowly insert my hard and hot cock inside her.

She moans when I insert it, water dripping on our body from the shower makes it hotter. I start to fuck her like a wild animal. She starts to moan and call names and tells, “Oh yeah fuck me harder, put it deeper.” I fuck her like there is no tomorrow and we both climax and get exhausted.

We clean ourselves in the shower and dry ourselves. We fall on to the bed and start playing with our bodies. By then I get hard again and we start with round 2. To be continued.

I hope you liked my story. Do write to me on my mail [email protected] or google Hangouts on the same mail id. Aunties and girls in and around Mangalore and Manipal, if looking for some discreet and safe encounters, mail me.

Your identity won’t be revealed and will be kept safe and I assure you will be satisfied to the core. I love experimenting as well (dominant/submissive).

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