Amrita’s Secret Confessions – Part 3 (My Missing Sexy Bra)

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Weeks had passed since that incident about my missing sexy bra, and Abhi and I were more proactive sexually. We had overcome the initial hesitations and were willing to try different things. He used to grope me in public places like the movie theatre or the park.

Even in restaurants, I would lift my feet and fondle his cock. It would always make him uncomfortable in his jeans. Sometimes, I would also pretend to drop a fork and give him a quick blowjob under the table. I was quite naughty, and he, of course, didn’t seem to mind it.

I also liked wearing revealing clothes when we went out for parties to Hauz Khas or CP. I would wear tight dresses or translucent tops with deep cuts showing an ample amount of my cleavage. Abhi would also like to show me off and always took extra care of me whenever I dressed that way.

However, even after so many overtures, I was yet to get fucked by Abhi. It’s not like we hadn’t tried. But somehow, he would climax before sex, and then his cock would just go limp. I badly wanted to get fucked. So once or twice, I suggested that we skip the foreplay and get straight to sex.

But then, he just didn’t have the force to insert his cock in my pussy. It would never go in, and it showed how immature he was to sex. It left me quite frustrated, and I would often show my displeasure to him.

One such incident was on a Saturday when I was staying for the night in his flat. We had gone to watch an uninteresting movie where Abhi spent most of his time fondling my boobs. I was wearing a golden deep-cut halter top which finished above my belly button.

Technically, there should be no bra with that top. But I was wearing one, and as a result, it was quite visible. It was a red color lacy bra that Abhi had bought for me. I was also wearing high waist jeans which finished in my mid-thigh region. The jeans brought out the shape of my ass quite well.

I was wearing a matching red color panty inside. I had black stilettos and maroon lipstick to complete my attire, which made my lips look really inviting. Even when I was dressing up, I felt I looked really sexy in that combination.

Coming back to the story, after the movies, we went for dinner to a rooftop restaurant. Even in the elevator, Abhi was poking me with his hard-on in front of other people! To be honest, I enjoyed the attention and stares that people gave us (especially me). It all made me really horny.

As usual, while we were waiting for food, I thought of having some fun under the table and started caressing his dick under the table. Not much could happen, but the two of us were super horny by the time we were home. We tore into each other, and Abhi this time took charge and was fucking my face rapidly.

I wanted him to slow down because I felt tonight was the night. But he soon came into my mouth and on my face. As usual, his dick got limp, and I wasn’t even naked yet! He then just turned out and closed his eyes. I kept giving myself stares and frowning, but Abhi clearly wasn’t in the mood.

Soon, he was in a deep sleep, and I was left to satisfy myself. I had an urge to smoke. I went out to the common balcony through the living room and wanted to light a cigarette. I could not find a lighter, so I knocked on Abhi’s flatmate’s room.

His name was Naveen, and he was Abhi’s college mate. From what Abhi used to tell me, he wasn’t good at anything and was kind of a loser. Therefore, I had avoided a lot of contact with him. He, too, kept to himself mostly.

When I asked him for the lighter, Naveen said he wanted to smoke and joined me on the balcony. So Naveen and I were smoking, and he was trying to make small talk. I was still frustrated and wasn’t really interested. Suddenly, he asked me what the matter is, and I told him it’s nothing.

Naveen: Arre, you can tell me. Did you fight with Abhi or something? You look pissed.

Me: Nothing like that. I just didn’t have a very good day today.

Naveen: How can such a hot girl like you ever have a bad day?

I was slightly taken aback and asked, “What do you mean?”

Naveen: Look at you. You are looking especially sexy today.

I thought Naveen was trying to flirt with me. I also let it pass and said thank you. But he continued with his praises. He said, “Any guy or even girl will be lucky to have you, Amrita.” I blushed at his comment and said, “At least someone appreciates me.”

I don’t know why but I told him about Abhi and how we still haven’t had sex. He was quite surprised to hear that and said, “Wow, what a loser Abhi must be!” I laughed and jokingly told him, “Abhi thinks the same way of you.”

That seemed to have angered him somewhat. He suddenly came forward, held me by my waist, and kissed me hard on my lips. I was absolutely taken aback by this and pushed him aside. I asked him, “What are you doing?”

Naveen said, “Let me show you what kind of a loser I am.” He then pinned me against the wall and started kissing me all over my face and neck. My neck is kind of my weak point, and as soon as he went there, I let out a slight moan. I was still horny and therefore did not resist too much.

Not facing any resistance, Naveen held my ass and picked me up. He guided me to his room and threw me on the bed. He then went and locked his room and lowered his shorts. I was surprised to see his long tool, which would have been at least 7-8 inches long.

I gulped, and then while he was standing with his erect cock out, I came near it and started sucking it. I wasn’t quite in my senses. My boyfriend was just sleeping in the next room, and here I was sucking his flatmate’s hard and long cock. He pulled my hair and began to fuck my face hard.

I wasn’t able to take his shaft fully in my mouth, so he was choking me. I was gasping for breath, but he didn’t let go of me. He tore open my top, and now I was only in my bra in front of my boyfriend’s flatmate. Suddenly he said,”This looks like a better bra than what I have!”

I gave a puzzling look to him. He went to his laundry basket and took out my bra, which I had lost. He threw it at my face. I saw that it was crumpled and was smelling weird.

He said, “Bitch, I masturbate in this bra every night before going to sleep. Now you are going to wear this for me, and I am going to fuck you hard today.”

I was amazed by his dominant personality and was responding to it as well. I said, “As you say, sir.” I then seductively turned out and asked him to open my bra. He expertly opened it and then gave me a tight slap on my back. I asked what that was for.

Naveen: You deserve this, you slut, for depriving me of your pussy all this while.

I said, “You can have as much of it as you want tonight,” and then opened the button on my jeans. He hurriedly pulled it down and along with pulled my panties too. My pussy was gleaming with my juices, which he picked up from his fingers. I thought he would suck it, but instead, he put it in my mouth.

Initially, I did not open my mouth. But then he slapped me hard and forced his fingers in my mouth. “Aah!” I screamed. Bam! Another slap! He was fucking my mouth with his fingers now while his cock was erect. I wanted to suck his cock more, but he just pinned me down and caught hold of my one leg.

In one hard push, he tore my pussy walls. Tears started flowing from my eyes, but he did not seem to care. He kept fucking me at full speed. I had my eyes closed, so he slapped me again and asked me to look into his eyes. I did so.

After a few minutes, when the pain subsided, I too began to enjoy my boyfriend’s flatmate. He asked, “Who do you think is the loser now? Your boyfriend who hasn’t fucked this piece of slut in so long, or me?”

I was so engrossed in getting fucked that I did not answer. This time, he slapped my boobs hard and asked me again. I said, “My boyfriend Abhi is the loser and not you.” That seemed to satisfy his ego somewhat.

Even though it was the first time, I enjoyed getting fucked by Naveen, and my moans were getting louder. I did not care that my boyfriend was sleeping in the next room and did not worry about the consequences of getting caught red-handed. Instead, I was responding to all his dirty and lewd comments as well.

Me: I am your whore from today onwards, Naveen. Fuck me whenever and wherever it pleases you. But don’t deny me this cock from today onwards.

Naveen: That’s right. You are a fucking slut, and I will use you in ways you won’t be able to imagine.

Me: Aah, yes, please. Use me. Use me to fulfill all your fantasies. Bang me day and night. I want this pleasure daily from tonight onwards.

Naveen: Oh, you have turned out to be a bigger whore than I thought. I would never have wasted so much of my cum on your bra if I knew how easily I could plant my seeds inside of you.

Me: I want your cum in my mouth. Spray it all over my face and on my body.

Naveen: Aah, okay, then I am cumming, Amrita.

I swiftly came near his dick and put it in my mouth. He held my face and took his dick out, and began masturbating in front of my face. I took my tongue and was ready for his cum. He would occasionally give me a deep throat and then again masturbate.

After doing that for a good two minutes, he grunted and began to spray cum. Normally I never swallow cum, but this time I tried to take as much in as possible. It was a fountain of cum, some of which hit my throat, cheeks, hair, eyes, and some which trickled from my chin onto my boobs.

He had a satisfied look on his face. He then made me cum as well, and we fucked again that night. Then, I quietly went back to my room and slept soundly near my boyfriend, all naked.

Let me know if you like my experience and narration about my journey for sexual freedom.

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