Unexpected Love Found On A Dating Site

Hello and greetings to all the XIS readers. This is Kumar (part of my name), writing from Bangalore. The story I am sharing today is about an unexpected love from a girl whom I met on a dating platform.

Her name is Disha. She is originally from Delhi but has been living here for 3 years and is working here in finance. While I am working in the field of IT and nothing special about my job.

We got to know each other well quickly over the next few days. We were open about the things that we spoke about. She kept inquiring if I had any recent sexual encounters, which was not happening.

I got to know that she is single and not a virgin. But she was willing to have fun with me, and she was direct in letting me know. Then I realized the reason for her asking about recent encounters of mine.

She lives in an apartment with her friends in Whitefield. It was like the opposite corner of where I am put up. Anyway, I was willing to meet her over the weekend. It was worth taking the long ride because of what was in store for me.

I went to her place by evening on Saturday. I did pick up condoms on the way to her place. She was alone when I reached her place as her friends knew about her plans for the day. I had already seen her pic, and she had seen my pic as well. However, she was much prettier in real compared to her photo.

To describe her, she was of medium height and little on the chubbier side. That, however, did not make her any less of a hot woman. She had good curves at the right places. Her body was almost like an hourglass figure. Any man would be easily pleased to have her on the bed.

She offered me coffee, and I quickly gulped it down. We did not speak much as we both knew it was action time and not the time for unnecessary words. She was in a blue mini skirt that was giving a nice view of her thighs. We headed to her bedroom, where I quickly removed her skirt.

She was into her inners now. The bra was revealing so much of her cleavage, and her boobs were inviting me. We hugged each other tightly, which led to deep French kissing for 10 minutes. We exchanged a lot of salivae while also caressing each other’s bodies at the same time.

After that, it was the turn of her boobs which were 36 in size. I removed the bra and started squeezing her melons, and that was getting her so much aroused. I kissed all over her boobs and then licked her nipples hard. She had asked me to be hard on her.

She grabbed my 6-inch dick and took it in her mouth to give me an amazing blow job. She wanted me to choke her mouth, and I did the same to her. Both of us preferred to let out my juices in her mouth, so I did the same in her mouth. It was both of our fetishes to boob fuck.

I placed my dick in between her boobs while she squeezed both her boobs over it. It was a first-time experience for both of us. We both enjoyed it like hell. I cummed over her face this time, and she did not mind that as well. I went ahead to pull down her already panty to reveal her cleanly shaven pussy.

Slowly I inserted my fingers into her pussy. She was getting into the mood once again. She was abusing me with bad words and also told me to play nicely with her clitoris. I did the same. I rubbed all over her pussy nicely before I kissed and licked them with my mouth.

She was pushing my head towards her pussy more. Her body started to shiver as she was about to hit her climax. But I stopped and placed my palms over pussy. The pressure kept building on her, and she pleaded with me to lift my hands. I did not budge for few seconds.

When I lifted my hand, she let out all her juices over my mouth. I drank all of her juice happily and kissed her lips to give her the taste of her own juices. It was a new kind of experience for her, and thank me for that. She could not control me anymore and ordered me to enter her pussy right away.

Disha had a fetish for blindfolded sex, and as per the same. I tied her eyes and made her lie down on the bed. I entered my dick into her pussy after putting on the condom. Her vaginal walls nicely gripped over my dick.

I started to fuck her at a good speed. I was fucking her really hard as it was both of our wishes to do so. Her lovely boobs were bouncing up and down. It was such a sight to watch. Disha kept biting her lips as she was unable to control her pleasure.

So I used to kiss her lips and pinch her nipples as well as squeeze her boobs. Then I orgasmed and came inside her pussy. Simultaneously, her vaginal walls were beginning to tighten over my dick, and then she also had her orgasm. We took a small break.

I entered her from behind in doggy style. I fucked her in this style while also spanking her ass every now and then as it was one of my fetishes to do ass spanking. This time, we continued to fuck much longer than our earlier round.

I kept pulling her hair in one hand while occasionally I used to bend down to squeeze both of her boobs from below. This was so much pleasure that it would be difficult to be put in words. I was about to cum inside her again, but she insisted on coming inside her mouth.

So I obliged the same and turned her over to shoot all my juices in her mouth. After that, we took a nap before having one more round of sex. This time she was in control while lying back and enjoying all the pleasure she gave me.

By later that evening, I left her place after kissing her goodbye. That’s the story to share about my escapade with Dish with the readers today. Thank you for reading. If I made you feel excited or made your pussy wet. Then let me know in my email. I am reachable by email or hangouts on [email protected]

About me, I am based in Bangalore, and feel free to share your secrets with me. I am willing to share good times with the readers and also maintain complete trust and confidentiality.

Any girl or woman who wants to have fun times or ‘no strings attached’ relationship can trust me and contact me.

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