Love And Sex Encounter In A Mall

Hi! My name is Yash Agrawal, and I am 20 years old from Ahmedabad. I am young, athletic, and dominant with a 7-inch cock. I like my girls to be naughty but also obedient. I had had girlfriends before, but I met a girl on Bumble who completely changed my view on love and sex forever.

Around my birthday, I matched with a girl named Shaily. She was also 20 years old and had a great body. Her sizes were 36-28-36. I absolutely love her ass, and I absolutely love the face she makes when I spank her or grab her butt. She had beautiful black hair with brown eyes.

Anyways, we matched on Bumble started texting each other. Soon we used to talk to each other on the phone as well. When lockdown relaxed, we went on dates as well and started having sex regularly. Sex started to become a bit boring for me, so I decided to spice things up with her.

A week ago, we decided to go to a shopping mall in Ahmedabad (Brand Factory). Before going to the mall, I picked her up in the house. As no one was at her home, things got hot between us. I made her give me a blowjob.

Shaily took my dick out and started sucking my dick slowly and slowly increasing the pace. She isn’t like other girls who just put my dick in their mouths. Instead, she really sucks my dick very passionately and knows how to use her tongue and hands as well.

She massaged my balls with one hand and stroke my dick with the other while deep throating my thick dick. It was really hard for me to not cum.I made her stop as I would have cummed in her mouth. Then I bent her over in doggy style with her ass in front of my dick.

I could see that her pussy was really wet and begging for my dick. Now I’m a gentleman, I always lick a pussy before fucking the shit out of her. So I started to lick and finger fuck her pussy and tasted her sweet juices as well. Then I teased her by rubbing my dick on her pussy.

When she finally begged me to fuck her, I put my 7-inch dick inside her, fucked her for a minute, and pulled my dick out. This was my plan to make her really horny but not to make her cum. She was really mad at me at that time, but I made some lame excuse that we were getting late.

I made her wear a skirt without her panty and a sleeveless top. And then we sat in my car and went to the mall. She had no idea what was about to happen. On our way over to the mall, I talked dirty to her and fingered her in the car itself.

I told her that she was a dirty slut for wanting to fuck and suck my dick all day long. I told her that I feel really close to her when I’m inside her. It’s okay if she wants to be fucked like a slut as she was my dirty little slut. I could see her anger disappearing, and she was becoming horny again.

Her pussy juices started to make the car seat wet. I had to make her suck her pussy juices from my fingers. By the time we reached the mall, she was all fun and naughty again. Secretly I knew she was waiting to be fucked.

I wasn’t surprised to find that there weren’t a lot of people at the mall as it was a weekday. So we decided to look for some clothes for her. As she would be looking at clothes, I would grab her boobs from behind and squeeze them. When nobody was watching, I would lift her skirt up and rub on her clitoris.

She would blush and push me away! I guess she liked it! Soon we started making out like crazy. I pushed her against a wall, went on my knees, turned her around, and buried my face in her ass. I would suck on her clitoris and ass hole and push my tongue inside her pussy.

Her pussy was throbbing, and soon she cummed on my face. We stopped after that for some time. She gave me a wicked smile said that she wanted to go buy some lingerie for me. I knew that she was no way satisfied by cumming just once, so I made her an offer.

I would give her the best fuck session of her life if she did what I told. She had to walk naked to the lingerie section, put on the sexiest nighty there, and give me a blowjob in the middle of the mall. I had never seen her this horny before. She agreed.

She started and teasing me and walked towards the lingerie section. I collected her clothes and walked behind her. It was beautiful to see her ass hanging like that for everyone to see, making her even sexier. I guess some lady saw her like that, but I didn’t care!

We reached the lingerie section, and I showed her what I liked the most – a black sexy nighty. I could see her perky nipples through the nighty, and it did not even cover her ass completely. I was so fucking hard by that time that I pulled my dick out.

She started sucking my dick like the hungry horny bitch she was. She would use her hands in a twisting motion and suck my dick so passionately that would make absolutely any man go crazy. I cummed inside her, and she drank every last drop of my cum.

She was so horny by now that I didn’t even have to lick her pussy. I kissed her from behind while pushing my dick inside her pussy. She was bent over a counter with one leg on the table and one leg on the ground. Her pussy was so tight, and it felt so amazing to fuck her.

I grabbed her boobs and pinched her nipples while fucking her. I whispered in her ear that she was never going to forget this fuck and that she was my naughty girl. I told her she couldn’t cum until I told her to. I would kiss her neck and massage her clitoris with my finger.

By this time, she said, begged me to come. I allowed her to as I increased my pace. She came all over my dick. I had to cover her mouth as she could not stop moaning now. Then I turned her around, made her lie on the table, and fucked her in missionary.

I kissed her lips and sucked on her boobs while she would moan and rub on her clit while I was fucking her. The sound we made when her ass and my thighs banged! I could see the lady was watching us and was rubbing her pussy, but I didn’t care. Shaily had another orgasm.

A really intense one where her legs started to shake. I finally decided to cum and pulled my dick out. Like an obedient slut, Shaily took my dick inside her mouth again and sucked it. I came on her face and boobs, and again she licked each drop of my cum.

We dressed up and decided to leave. Surprisingly, we didn’t buy anything except the nighty which I had chosen for her. I will never forget this encounter.

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