A Husband’s True Love

My name is Vaatsayana (name changed). I am 35 years old now. This incident happened last year. I am an average Telugu guy from Hyderabad having 5’10” height, 65 kgs weight, perfect V-shaped body, and 6 inches long tool.

After a lot of abroad trips, I wanted to go back to my home town. I met some of my old friends during my holidays. There is a WhatsApp group with all my schoolmates and classmates in it. Most of the educated friends are settled abroad. The average students from wealthy families got government jobs.

The last benchers established businesses and flourished over a period of time. I was the odd man out. I was a last bencher in the class but a well-educated guy. So I maintained a friendship with uneducated street-smart friends as well as with educated smart friends.

I used to help the poor students by sharing my answers in the exams so that they can pass the exams. They used to treat me as their leader and a hero. One such guy was Ramana. He was the son of a farmer who owned about 100 acres of farmland on the outskirts of the town.

He was my sponsor for most of school day luxuries. He was a big playboy at that time and started fucking the farmworkers. He used to share all is sex adventures with me. He also arranged fuck sessions for me with some young farmworkers whenever I helped him to pass exams.

We used to watch adult films together and enjoy a beer with country chicken followed by fuck sessions with maids. When Ramana was 20 years old, he fell in love with Suguna 19 years old. She was the daughter of a farmer too and with similar wealth. So parents had no issues with their love.

I was the chief guest in their marriage. They had 2 children by the time Ramana was 24 years old. Due to the poor quality of schools in the town, he had sent both of his kids to a residential school in Hyderabad. Whenever I used to talk to him over the phone, I used to tease him saying that he must be fucking Suguna day and night without interruption.

He used to laugh and cut the topic short. I never understood why. My mind was rewinding all the childhood memories with my friends as I traveled by train to my home town. I started feeling young again in my heart. Ramana called me and informed me that he would pick me up from the station.

He made arrangements in the farmhouse for my stay. I took a couple of Scotch whiskey bottles with me to enjoy the time with him. I planned a very busy schedule for 2 weeks to meet different friends who had become big businessmen in the town.

He came to the train station and welcomed me. As he was driving, I observed that my home town also got developed a lot. I was happy about it. After about 40 minutes’ drive, we arrived at his farmhouse. I was shocked to see the luxury of that. During my schooldays, it used to be a hut.

Ramana built a posh farmhouse with central air-conditioning, marble flooring, and sophisticated electronics. I was really happy for my friend. Suguna came out and welcomed me. I was a bit puzzled. We used to fuck farm workers in that farmhouse. Ramana or his dad never permitted their wives in that place before.

I thought that as Ramana is a settled man, he would have changed is old naughty behavior. I saw Suguna at their marriage. She was a very lean girl 32-24-34 at that time. She had put on a bit of weight and looking more like 36-30-38. For some reason, I could see a lot of discomfort in her face when she looked at me.

I was really puzzled by what was happening. I took a bath. We were having dinner with country chicken and Scotch whiskey. Suguna served everything and left to sleep as it was almost 10 PM in the night. Ramana and I were cherishing old sweet memories.

As the number of pegs increased, we started opening up more and started discussing old sexual affairs, etc. After some time, Ramana started crying and weeping. I didn’t understand why. After a lot of consoling, he told me the bad days of his life. Ramana and Suguna were a very happy couple in every way.

They enjoyed all the luxuries that money and good health can bring. After they had kids, Ramana was hit with a motorbike accident. I knew about this but I was told that it was a minor accident. Ramana told me that his spinal cord got damaged in the accident and it put an end to his sexual life.

Tears rolled in my eyes. I couldn’t imagine any married man in that situation. I couldn’t console him anymore after that. We had a few more pegs and went to sleep. The next day morning, I didn’t want to show sympathy to him as it may have an adverse impact.

We went out on a town trip meeting other friends. All the time Ramana was acting that he is happy. But I could feel the sadness in his heart. That day we started a drinks party in the evening again in the farmhouse. After a few pegs, he asked me for a favor. I was curious and thinking about what it could be.

He asked me to satisfy his wife sexually for the duration of my holiday. I thought that it was a joke. But he was serious. He told me that ever since he was hit by the accident, he was only trying to lick her pussy to satisfy her. But she never orgasmed with it.

He can’t ask this kind of help from anyone in the town. His honor and reputation may get ruined if the matter becomes public. He fell on my feet and started begging me to help him as I used to help him in his exams during our childhood.

I never looked at Suguna with sexual intent. I considered her to be a traditional housewife with high values and dignity. I asked him if he discussed this matter with her. He nodded his head in a ‘yes’. I got a bit excited and started thinking of the scene of me fucking Suguna like a bitch. I agreed with him.

He escorted me to the bedroom of Suguna. He had a large peg in his hand. He finished it on the rocks and left for another bedroom. I hesitantly entered the room which had no bed light. Suguna was sleeping on a tall old fashioned wooden cot and bed made from cotton wool. She was wearing a blue saree.

I wasn’t sure if she was asleep or not. I slowly crawled on to the bed and put my hands on her breasts over her saree. She emitted a lustful moan. I got the green signal. I removed her blouse hooks one by one and there was no bra. Her 36 C breasts sprung out of her blouse and her nipples for rock hard.

I started twisting her nipples in a slow manner and gently squeezing the breasts. I moved down and kissed her belly button. She emitted a lusty moan again. I lifted her saree up with lehenga and she was not wearing any panty. I kissed her pussy and she emitted a loud lusty moan again. Her pussy was neatly shaven.

I started licking her outer pussy lips and her pussy was getting wet. I started licking her inner pussy lips. Her excitement and moaning started increasing in frequency. Her clitoris started bulging. I started licking and mildly biting her clitoris. It was as big as a small marble.

Then I put a finger in her pussy. I started fingering her pussy while licking her clitoris and twisting her nipples with another hand. She started screaming Ramana’s name! She said that she was missing Ramana’s dick and not able to enjoy much with what I am doing.

I got a bit scared at that point. It looked like Ramana didn’t tell anything to Suguna about letting me fuck her. I increased the speed of everything. She started screaming and asking for more. I couldn’t hold back anymore. I removed my clothes and inserted my rock hard penis in her pussy without warning.

She screamed with pain and pleasure and within a second she understood that I was not Ramana. She angrily asked who I was. I didn’t say anything but started fucking her at full pace. She tried to push me away initially. But after 10 strokes, she stopped pushing me away as her body started dominating her mind.

She started enjoying the penetration after 5 years for the first time. I started fucking her with full pace. She started calling Ramana’s name and asking to fuck her harder. I increased my speed further and I could feel an orgasm building in her.

After 5 minutes of high-speed fuck, she cummed. Her pussy squeezed my rod multiple times and I shot my load in her and collapsed on her. I dozed off in no time after that. When I got up in the morning I saw Suguna sitting naked on the dressing chair crying and Ramana was consoling her.

I got up naked and went to the attached bathroom. After brushing and bathing, I came out in a towel. She looked at me and started crying again. I left the room with guilt. After an hour they both came out. She was wearing a new saree and was looking a bit normal. After that, she was normal for the whole day.

During the night, she served dinner. She put her hand on my penis in front of her husband. I was shocked. I didn’t know how to respond to that. Ramana winked to show that she is ok with what happened. After she left for the bedroom, he told me that he convinced her to satisfy her sexual needs with me.

Ramana had no issues with it as he loves her with his heart and soul. He wants to give all bodily pleasures a husband should give to a wife. He promised her that it would be a secret for life. Her respect and dignity will never be tarnished. After dinner, I entered Suguna’s bedroom.

It had a bed light and I could see Suguna laying on the bed naked. I became naked in minutes and jumped on her. I started kissing all over her face. I kissed her lips and put my tongue in her mouth. She sucked my tongue with full force. I then sucked her tongue into my mouth.

I tongue fucked her mouth for some time and then I moved down to her breasts. I sucked the entire breasts into my mouth alternatively. She was in full mood at that time. I went down and kissed her until her toes. I came back to her pussy and started licking it with full force. My rod was rock solid.

I put it in her mouth to do proper 69 position sex for some time. I was about to cum in her mouth so we stopped. I dragged her to the edge of the bed and in standing position, I inserted my rod in her pussy. I started fucking her in slow deep strokes.

Her pussy became wet and started giving a proper shower to my rod. I increased the speed and put her legs on my shoulders. With every stroke, I was hitting her cervix and womb. She had an incredible orgasm in 5 minutes. Then we shifted to doggy style. I fucked her for 10 more minutes hitting her G-spot with every stroke.

She cummed again with that I released my load in her love pot. We collapsed on the bed and dozed off. The next day morning she didn’t get up until I woke her up. She had no shy feeling of being naked in my bed. Instead, she asked me if I want to have a bath with her. I gladly agreed.

She gave me a solid blowjob in the bath and drank my jizz. I asked her if she got fucked in her ass hole before. She replied in a no. That night, I fucked her in the pussy until she cummed. I applied her pussy juice to her ass hole and then slowly inserted my rod in her virgin ass hole. She screamed in pain.

But with a 20-minute effort, I managed to put it all the way in. I fucked her for 10 minutes at full speed and shot my load deep in her gut. I collapsed on her with my rod in her ass hole. I spend 2 weeks in Ramana’s house. I fucked Suguna every day 3 to 4 times in all holes.

She got so satisfied that she asked me the stay there with them forever. I told her that it is wrong to think like that. She has such a loving husband who let me fuck her to satisfy her lust. I gave a deep thought about that. I booked a strap-on penis from an online sex shop which got delivered within a week.

I gave Ramana a demo on how to use it as he couldn’t understand the English instructions. That night Ramana went into Suguna’s room instead of me. He did everything like me including inserting his ‘penis’ in her pussy, fucking her until she had an orgasm.

Then, he put it in her ass hole and fucking for 20 more minutes until she had a second orgasm. We decided to hide it in the night. The next morning, Suguna woke up in the arms of Ramana. I could see the most incredible love between a husband and wife for a minute. I left the town that evening.

Ramana came to the train station to give me a send-off. For the first time, his message got conveyed by his eyes, “Thank you for this, my friend.”

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