My First Experience With My Girlfriend

This story is about my first experience with my ex-girlfriend. It is the first part of a passionate encounter between me and my ex-girlfriend Vaishnavi.

Hello guys and girls, it’s my first story here. The following story is about my first sex experience with my girlfriend. I hope you will enjoy it to the fullest extent.

Now, coming to the story, I am Chandran (age: 23) and my ex-girlfriend is Vaishnavi (age: 21). Let me briefly explain our love before proceeding further into our lust-filled experience. I was a blogger where I used to write some articles. One day I received a praise-filled email regarding an article I wrote from a girl.

I replied to her my gratitude. Soon, we used to communicate frequently on google hangouts. one day we exchanged our contacts too. We became good friends within no time. We used to have long conversations and late-night calls almost every day.

We used to speak so much love to each other but never said, “I love you” to each other. It continued for almost six months. And, one day I dared to express my love to her for which she replied positively. From then on, our conversations turned more romantic.

We used to kiss each other on the phone call and sext. However, we didn’t meet until then because of the distance between our cities. Being so much into love, we planned for our first meet on my birthday. I wanted to spend that important day with her.

I went to her city the day before my birthday. She welcomed me with a hug at the airport. And, we went to a movie that day. We had so many romantic conversations earlier. I booked last row corner seats for us hoping that we would get some chance for romance.

To our luck, the hall was scattered with few people as it was a working day. Soon after the lights went off, I was thinking to begin some naughty acts. But a bit doubtful being my first time with her. However, she herself took my arm and wrapped it around her waist.

As I got the green signal, I didn’t want to waste a second. Wanting to explore more of her soft and smooth body. I raised her t-shirt around the waist and inserted my hand over her naked waist. She is neither slim nor obese. She has a figure in between. Her smooth waist made my dick hard inside my pants.

I slowly pressed it while her breathing changed into a fast rhythm. I moved my hand upwards over her breast and pressed her left boob slowly. It was so soft like a sponge ball. By that time her breathing became rapid and she half-closed her eyes.

Then I took my hand out and placed it over her shoulder. I pulled her face towards me to kiss her juicy pink lips. She closed her eyes while we kissed and made soft moans alongside her fast breath. I passionately kissed her lips I took her upper lip into my mouth and sucked it and then her lower lip.

And then, I inserted my tongue into her mouth. She reciprocated well by sucking my tongue and letting me suck her tongue. We exchanged each other’s saliva throughout that passionate kiss. She was so turned on by that time. But being a movie theater we couldn’t do anything more than that.

So, I suggested she move to the hotel where I stayed for which she replied yes. However, she asked me to wait until the next day. She wanted to give her virginity as a gift to me on my birthday. We just kissed a few more times on that day. we went to a supermarket and purchased condom packets.

That night passed so slow with the dreams of fucking her the next day. The next morning, I enquired with the hotel staff if I can add one more person. Being a couple-friendly Oyo hotel, they agreed without any fuss. Around 11 am in the morning she checked in to my room too.

She brought a perfume bottle and a shirt for me as birthday gifts. After handing them over to me, she moved into the room in a shy manner. I locked the room and went behind her to the bed and hugged her. For which she hugged me back so tightly while her boobs getting crushed against my chest.

I kissed her lips passionately while I placed my hands over her big and soft ass and pressed it over her jeans. Then, without wasting a moment, I removed her t-shirt and jeans leaving her only in her red bra and brown panty. Watching her half-naked body and the wet patch over her panty.

My dick sprang to full life making a tent over my pants. She helped me remove my dress too. Then, I freed her lovely boobs from the tight clutches of her bra. And, removed her panties with that wet patch only to find the real beauty of a woman’s body beneath the dress.

She looked so gorgeous like a sex goddess. I complimented her for which she closed her eyes in shy. Seeing her nude and raw beauty, my heartbeat rose. The lust in my mind wanted to make all our mutual fantasies come true on that day. As she slept on the bed, I went over her.

I kissed her forehead and then I kissed her eyes. Later, I went to her cheeks and kissed them with love bites. And slowly I proceeded to her neck and kissed her neck. I licked her with my tongue. She started to moan while pulling my head into her neck.

I kissed all over her neck. Then slowly inched towards her sexy smooth and lovely boobs with a light pink areola and nipples. I kissed over the nipples for which she let a huge sigh along with a moan. And then, I took her right boob into my mouth.

I pressed her left boob with hand. I sucked her boobs one after the other, making her moan loudly while her pussy got more and wetter. Then, I moved a bit down to her navel and kissed and licked her belly button. All these acts made her more and crazier.

Then I went to her honeypot, the place where she protected carefully all these years only to gift me on my birthday. Since she shaved her pussy that morning itself, it felt so smooth around her pussy. Her pussy was wet with her juices. It had an exotic smell which made me crazy.

I slowly planted a kiss on her pussy lips. Then parted her pussy lips to have good access to her clit. I placed another kiss over her clit and the wet pink pussy hole of hers. As I kissed her clit, she pressed my head more into her pussy while she hugged my head with her legs.

It was such a lustful moment to be locked between the legs of a girl. Her pussy is right inside my mouth. She made me more and more crazy about that. I slowly began to lick her clit. Then he started to suck her whole pussy and ate her pussy while she started to moan loudly.

At one point, I thought her moans would be audible to people outside the door. So I kept my fingers in her mouth to control those loud moans. As I sucked her pussy vigorously for the next fifteen to twenty minutes. She reached her orgasm with a huge load of juices flowing right into my mouth.

I spit some and licked the rest of her juices while her pussy vibrated so much with that orgasm. Then, she asked me to stop and come over her to kiss me. We then kissed passionately again. She said it was the best orgasm in her life till then.

Till here, I am ending the first part of the story. If I get a good response to this, I will post further experience on that day and other days where we had fantastic sex. You can leave feedback to my email id: [email protected]

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