A Housewife’s Tale Of Love Vs Lust

This is my first ever story on here. I decided to write one after long thought. Wishing to share my experience with marriage and sex life, society, taboo and the desires we humans have. I am not a pro writer so kindly excuse my writing and narrative.

Firstly, this is is Sneha, 29, housewife, married to the love of my life in 2016. My husband’s name is Aditya (name changed), 31, businessman. Both of us have been dating three years before marriage and believe solemnly that we are made for each other.

Aditya is 5’11, athletic and wheatish. I am 5’6, 32b,34,36 and have a wheatish skin tone, weight around 75 kgs. Aditya and I have been married in 2016. I must say it was the happiest moment of our lives. Dating to getting married was not an easy task as we had to convince our parents.

All the customs and activities that would happen in an Indian family followed. Luckily we were able to convince both sides, finally tied the knot. I distinctly remember our honeymoon was in Manali. Aditya had a devil’s appetitive that night. So much so my genitals were sore the next day.

Anyways that is what first nights are about. It was truly an unforgettable moment and pleasure. The next two years followed by rock hard sex life. Aditya would go to the office by 10 am and be back by 7 pm. I would make it a point to have dinner by 8 pm and reach bed by 9 pm.

So we could spend a good two hours exploring. Without a doubt, it was something I looked forward to. Indeed sex life is something all couples look after marriage. Life was monotonous but surely in a happy space until the year 2018, March.

One night while having sex, Aditya went limp and we laughed it out. He fingered me that night. Again the same followed the next night and he blamed it on the stress the week was causing him. I kind of assured him it’s okay. It was summer now.

We went to Ooty with a few family friends. I thought it was the perfect place to fulfill the desires that have been waiting. I started hinting for sex for Aditya seemed unwary and diverted. I just held his cock and started jerking it. To my surprise, it would not get hard.

At this point, I just thought maybe he was not in a mood. I just ignored it and we did kiss, have some foreplay and somehow I got off that night. The next night 5th, May 2018 precisely, I pulled his dick out and started gentle strokes and sucks. But it would not get hard.

It had lost girth and seemed veiny. after all, I know how my boy’s cock looks and this is when I asked him what’s going on. He took a deep breath and told me he had issues. I was shocked and asked him what? He told be was suffering from hyperthyroidism and that it was affecting his erections.

I told him it was okay and the first thing we would do is see a doctor once we go back home. I assured him I was with him on this. He cried and hugged me tight and we slept. I was optimistic that it would be solved once we see a doctor and slept positively.

Once back home I checked for endocrinologists and suggested we see one. But given the work-life and things that go by living in a metro, it just kept postponing. During this time we did not have any sex and I did not want to pressure him.

This was the time I had to masturbate and satisfy myself just to keep myself healthy by thoughts and body. Aditya was getting on my nerves. He would not discuss this topic or engage in any physical activities. I was insecure at this point. I had a thousand things running in my mind.

Is he not attracted to me? Any other women in his life?

One day, it was 2019 January by now and I confronted him. I told him that we are going to the doctor tomorrow. He told me that he had already seen one and in fact undergoing treatment. This really pissed me off and I told him, “Don’t I need to know?”

He told me that his thyroid profile was quite bad and he was diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. Damn! I could not believe and first cheered him up, though I felt gloomy myself. I told it’s okay and that we would work on it and eventually cure it and that I love him.

He felt happy and hugged me like a kid and slept. However, I was really worried that things were taking an unexpected turn. the following night I told him I want to bathe with him. I wanted to be sure and when I did bath with him I caressed him and his dick showed no movement.

I jerked him continuously and he did cum! Phew! That was a relief.

Life was the same now, silence and monotony and treatment. It was in June 2019. Aditya started a new venture with his friend Rajesh. I was introduced to Rajesh over a casual lunch at our home and apparently, my husband and Rajesh were college mates.

The introduction was simple and casual, respectful like a normal Indian scenario. Over the next few months, Rajesh would come home to pick up Aditya. Sometimes we used to have a casual chat and we both connected to movies.

He used to suggest movies and sometimes I used to. Our discussions would pertain to it. Rajesh would talk very casually like a friend you know for long and surely knew his boundaries. It was around October and by this time the venture had started and things were going great.

Rajesh was meeting us more frequently than ever. The first month sales were good and we decided to go for dinner. it was an upscale place. I and my husband arrived at the hotel and to my surprise, only Rajesh was there. I asked him where was his wife.

He replied he was not married and that was something I did not know until then. We went to a brewery and Rajesh got us some really good beers. we winded up talking about so many things and it was a great night. While leaving Rajesh hugged Aditya and then hugged me.

It was the first but he hugged a bit tight on the face of the body. I felt uncomfortable and pushed myself off gently and smiled. I just assumed okay he was drunk, do not judge him.

The next morning Rajesh had come home again. He was talking about a movie I should watch. He told me it was amazing. He told me would send the link to watch and I was like okay. Around 1 pm that day he sent me the link. I opened it and started watching it was about a couple involving a lover in their bedroom.

I was shocked, dumbfound and angry! I sent an angry emoji and texted my husband immediately. Neither did he reply nor did Rajesh to the angry emoji. The day was utterly confusing and mysterious. I just was waiting for Aditya to reach home.

Aditya came home and I gave him an earful of what has happened and his answer was I know! I was like are you mad? Then Aditya told me that Rajesh is aware of his problem and was only seeking to help us. I was like in what way Aditya? He told me in ways I can’t!

He gave me his phone and asked me to look at the texts. I was going through the texts between them and Aditya has been sharing everything with Rajesh since summer, 2018. Rajesh was supporting as a friend. It was, in fact, Aditya, who asked him if he could have sex with me.

I slapped Aditya and felt really repulsive, felt betrayed and even sick to my stomach. I went to another room and it was around 1 am, Aditya came to my room. He told me he was sorry and kept begging to talk to him. I asked him how he could reveal our life to someone else.

He told me felt really insecure about his problem and he could only share it with a friend as it was a man’s thing. Also, he was not sure of my reaction. I told him, “I am your wife you have to tell me first,” and then he was teary-eyed. I hugged him and then he removed my clothes and started fondling me.

After a long time, he was making love and I just closed my eyes. Then he got nude and asked me to jerk him. I was but he never got hard and then he told me, “Sneha I want to give you a chance to sex life and not be limited by this.” I told him he did not have to and that I never asked him.

He kept fondling me and he told said, “Once you try it with him and then say no. I won’t ask you ever.” I asked him why he wanted me to try. He told me that he would not feel insecure that his wife his not satisfied. By now, I was aroused too and in the blitz of the moment, I said, “Hmmm’” and he kissed me.

He told me it will be special and that he would plan for tomorrow night. It is 29th October 2019 and we are to meet tonight. I am nervous, excited and really self-aware of my body like a teenage girl.

To be continued.

I will be writing the second part in response to this story. So please do comment or reach me on email – [email protected]

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