Beauty of my neighbor girl

Hi readers, this is the first and recent story I’m writing. Let me introduce myself. I am Rahul (name changed), belonging to AP. The heroine of the story is Uma (name change). Her figure is 32-26-32 studying in the second year.

Uma has been my neighbor girl for years, and recently she got changes in her body. We have a balcony where a water tap is available in front of their home. I never had a bad intention towards her. But one day, when I was going out, she was washing her face bending towards the tap.

I could see her cleavage. I instantly got hard in my pants post seeing her cleavage. But I went as I was on some work and she too didn’t notice it. Later that day, I was waiting for the chance to see her beautiful cleavage.

I can hear the sound of water when she is on the tap. I used to go on the balcony and secretly used to see the view. This happened some days later. She noticed it and turned in the other direction.

I was scared of what might happen as she is a neighbor girl who may complain to my parents. Later this became usual. I used to go out to get a glance at her cleavage. If she didn’t notice, I used to get the view. Else she will turn around if she notices.

We used to talk sometimes when in need of some information etc., casually without any bad intentions. Her mother also sometimes communicated about the casual stuff.

Later, I waited to get the view as I was interested in seeing those beautiful small boobs. She understood that and went into her home when I used to go out. This continued for some days.

She used to come to my home to talk with my mom. When I came back, she used to leave. I was so much interested in her as she has a stiff body.

Later one day, I was going out, and she was washing face bending. I noticed the cleavage. She, too, saw me, but she was still bending. Later, she got into sense and corrected.

I’m getting horny day by day but not getting a chance to fuck the stiff hot girl. I used to shake my dick thinking about her and release a lot of cum than usual. This continued for months.

One day both her parents and my parents went out. She came to my house to take their things from the refrigerator as they don’t have one. I thought of grabbing her and taking her virgin pussy. But I had no guts because I was not sure of her behavior.

She took things and left. I went on the balcony. She was standing there, so we had a casual chit-chat and left.

Day by day, my lust was increasing towards her by getting a glimpse of her cleavage. Sometimes she went in. Sometimes I get the view. This has gone for months.

Later one day, she was coming from outside. I called her as both my and her parents were not home. She came normally. We were discussing casual stuff, and I held her hand. She saw me with confusion. I left her hand, and she went home. We both are in confusion now.

Later I grabbed some cover and went to her home. I called her and hugged her. She was more confused and heavily breathing. I slowly seen into her eyes and took my lips near her lips and touched them. She was still in shock and looking into my eyes.

I started sucking her lips slowly. She closed her eyes, and I grabbed her boob. She left out a moan. I was kissing her lips. Meanwhile, I put the other hand on her ass and grabbed her. My dick started touching her tummy.

She lost her senses and looked with dim eyes and softly moaning. I kept pressing her boobs and kissing her wildly. She was lost and started responding and moaning in my mouth. After 10 minutes, we got separated. I took her to the bed and made her sleep.

Slowly I was lifting her top. She is watching my steps with shock. I put my finger on her pussy and started rubbing slowly. She was moving like a snake. I moved to her boobs. I removed her shimmy and lost my mind seeing her boobs. She has stiff and beautiful boobs.

I started sucking it. She was moaning loudly. As no one was home, we are on the safe side. Rubbing pussy lips with one hand and pressing boobs with other, and kissing lips in between. She was unable to control. She was moaning and doing snake dance.

Next, I removed her bottom. It was her pussy, clear without hairs and light chocolaty color. I removed her complete dress and inners she was naked. I removed my t-shirt and went to eat pussy pressing boobs. I started sucking her virgin pussy lips, but she was shivering.

Somehow I sucked the lips with all the juices flowing out and pressed her boobs. She was out of control and got into her senses after some time.

I got over her planting a kiss on her lips. I kept my dick on her pussy lips in a missionary position. It’s so tight to enter. So I started rubbing the dick and slowly inserted a bit after some time. She shouted and pushed me away.

I went again, but she was not letting me. I made her understand and again put my tip inside her and gave her a hard push. It went half in with pain for both. She started crying and tried pushing me away.

I caught her hands, pushed them in completely, stayed for a while, and started movements. She was getting comfortable slowly. After some time, she is comfortable. I increased the pace. She was moaning heavily.

I fucked her for 10 minutes and later cum in her. She, too cum twice in between and hugged me tightly. We slept in the same position for some time. Then we got up and got dressed. From that day, we used to fuck whenever we got the chance.

I hope everyone liked my incident. Interested people from Nellore ladies, girls and aunties can ping me for having fun. Everything will be private. Interested people can ping me on [email protected]

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