Virgin Girlfriend Madhu’s First Sex

Madhu: The rain is getting heavy. I think we should find a shelter.

Varun: We will stop near the bus stop.

It happened in the month of October. I and my boyfriend were returning from the movie and we were caught up with the rain. It was too heavy that we had to find a shelter.

We were fully drenched in the rain and the bus stop was crowded. We found a very little space and I was literally freezing. So I started rubbing my lover’s hand. He understood me and placed his hand on my shoulder and started rubbing throughout the hand. I could feel the warmth in it.

The crowd started moving out and the bus stop became empty soon but as we came in bike, we had to until the rain stopped. We sat on the wall. His hand on my shoulder came to my hip. He slowly moved towards the side of my ass. Yes, that was a normal move but since I was wet, I felt his hand a bit more and there was a giggle inside me.

Varun: Shall we leave?
Madhu: Yeaa..

We left to my room.

Varun: Where is Jeni?
Madhu: Night shift.

Varun: Are you alone today?
Madhu: Yup.

My boyfriend gave a naughty smile. Somewhere deep inside me, I wanted him to be with me and I wanted his warmth very badly but the traditions stopped me.

Madhu: I will change my dress and be back.
Varun: Nah, I am leaving.
Madhu: Seriously? You don’t want to stay?

There was an amusement in his eyes. The next moment, my boyfriend pulled me and gave me a hard kiss. It was so hard that I nearly tore his shirt off!! It lasted for about 50 seconds and then we broke. It was unexpected and so embarrassing for me.

Varun: Shall I leave now?

I didn’t reply. I didn’t have the courage to look at him but the feeling was more than love. I wanted him badly.

Varun: Oi jaanu, are you angry?
Madhu: No it’s just (words trembled)..I’ll have some water.

I went to the kitchen. I wasn’t looking for water, I was looking for some breath. I didn’t have the courage to ask him stay but I didn’t want him to leave too. He came into the kitchen.

I gave him a look of permission. My boyfriend marched forward and grabbed my hip and he started sucking my lips. It was my upper lip, he sucked it twice and then went to my lower lips. His right hand started moving into my top and left hand lifted my ass and elevated me to the slab.

He then broke the kiss, took my dupatta and threw it away. He started kissing my neck, then went near the earlobes and started sucking it. He stretched my top till the shoulders and gave a bit near the collar bone. I moaned loudly and felt the wetness inside my leggings.

Varun moved his right hand from my neck to my boobs. He removed the first two buttons of my top and kissed my cleavage.

Madhu: Jaanu..enough. We have to stop now.
Varun: Now or never, baby.

My bf then moved both his hands to my boobs and started pressing it while licking my cleavage. I was letting huge moans but he wasn’t caring about them.

Then I jumped from the slab, pushed him towards the fridge and kissed him like a maniac. I ripped his short buttons off and saw his chest and abs. I passed my hand with nails from his chest to his pants’ belt.

Varun: Someone is in a hurry, ah!!

Varun then removed my top, unhooked my bra and threw it away. He swapped my position and I had my back against the fridge. He gave a naughty smile again.

He placed his hands on my flat stomach. Slowly, he moved near my melons. I held his hands in embarrassment but he removed my hands and started pinching my nipples. It was heavenly!

My boyfriend’s started sucking my left nipple while my right nipple was being crushed. Then he moved to the right one and he bit the nipple with his teeth. I screamed in pleasure.

Varun came up and looked into my eyes.

Varun: Want more ?
Madhu: Yes pleaaasssseeee..

He moved his hand towards my navel and his thumb pierced into my navel hole. I was in real pleasure. Then his hand slowly moved into my leggings. I stopped him immediately.

Madhu: Not there, baby.
Varun: You are gonna love this, baby. Just wait!

He then moved his hand despite my resistance and reached inside my panty. That was the first time someone touching was my crotch area. My boyfriend touched my pussy and didn’t move for a couple of seconds. Then he gently started rubbing my clit. I was on cloud nine.

Then the rubbing became intense and I moaned inside his mouth. I was getting a burning sensation inside my body and was sweating a lot. Then he suddenly inserted his middle finger into my pussy. I started crying in ecstasy and I felt some urgency inside my pussy!

Varun then inserted his other two fingers!! I started shivering. I rubbed my legs with one another. My boyfriend suddenly took off his fingers when I was at the edge. He pulled my leggings and panty together and went down and kissed my love hole. This turned me on so badly.

He gently gave a lick there. His left hand was on my cleavage and his right hand was crushing my ass cheeks. Then he gave up and lifted me by my ass and legs around his waist and threw me on the couch.

He stood up and removed his pants and underwear. I saw his tool coming out, bouncing from his underwear. It must be around 7-8 inches. He parted my legs and started kissing my thighs. He gave one-two love bites and a kiss on my pussy.

Then he came up and kissed my lips. He took my hand and wrapped it around his shaft. It grew more. I looked my boyfriend in amusement.

Varun: Want it inside?
Madhu: Very badly!

He took off my hand and placed the dick at my entrance. He gently pushed it inside. His dick head went inside my vagina but I wasn’t able to tolerate the pressure. It was paining so much. Meanwhile, my lover slowly moved and the friction made him moan. My hymen was blocking the way and he was struggling to break it.

Varun lifted my legs and gave strong thrust which opened my seal! I couldn’t control the pain at that instant.

Varun was gentle afterward as it was first time sex for both of us. He moved in and out slowly and I started scratching his back with my nails in pain.

After a few strokes, I was comfortable and he slowly increased the pace. The amount of his dick which went inside me also increased.


Varun: I love you, honey.

Suddenly, there was a strong flow down from my spine to my vagina. Yes, I had my first orgasm and that felt so great.

Varun slowed as he found that I was cumming and he started once again but this time in complete pace and his dick went much more inside.


My boyfriend cummed right inside me and I clearly felt his cum flowing into my vagina.

Madhu: I love you!

Varun: I love you more!!

My boyfriend’s tool was still inside me and it was losing its hardness slowly. We were breathing heavily. Our heart beats were high so our pleasure!!

He gently placed his lips on my lips and took his dick out of my pussy.


This story is just a beginning. We had a wonderful night but I will share those based on your feedback.

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