My First Experience As Male Prostitute

Hi friends, this is my first story. I am trying to write my experience in words. It may be less than you expected, but I am trying to express my full experience. No names are mentioned in this story for privacy reasons.

I am a middle-class boy from Chennai. Jobless and desperately looking for some quick cash, I tried some part-time jobs, but they were not worthy of my effort.

Then, I got an offer from a lady who I had slept with, to satisfy her friend’s friend who had got divorced and was looking for someone to satisfy her. She also told me that the divorced woman was ready to pay some money as she knew that I was looking for an avenue to make some money.

First I hesitated to do those things, but the need for money made me accept the deal. She sent me the divorced woman’s number and I called her. She talked nicely. I demanded an amount, and she accepted immediately without bargaining. She asked me if I was ready that day. I said, “No, let’s do it tomorrow.” She said, “Ok.”

Her home was 10 km from my home. She sent her location on WhatsApp. I went to the location and called her on the phone. She waved her hands from the balcony of her home when I saw her. When I reached her home, she came down, opened the gate and invited me in, and said, “Vaada” which means “Hey boy, come in” (Tamil).

Her house was medium-sized and had nice interiors. I sat on the sofa and she gave me water to drink. She asked me whether I wanted any juice. I said, “No.”

I knew I was not going to a prostitute but I was the prostitute here and I needed to satisfy this divorced Indian woman for money. I was not much experienced in sex. But I believed in the techniques which I read on the internet.

So, I kept myself calm and my full focus was to satisfy her. Usually, prostitutes don’t get satisfied, so I completely changed my mindset. Even though fear was running in my mind as I was not really experienced to do those techniques which I had read, I somehow believed in the techniques.

She was medium-built in height and neither fat nor lean. She had a nice shape with medium boobs which were covered by her dupatta. Her complexion was between brown and white. She didn’t wear any makeup. She would have looked more beautiful if she was in makeup. She was looking like a traditional housewife.

She said, “Let’s start,” and held my palms with hers, and we went to her bedroom. I don’t know how to express the feelings that I was having. Guys will know how it feels.

She locked the door and switched on the AC. We both sat on the bed. She said, “Let’s keep this a secret. Don’t ask me for my personal information, or about my divorce, my parents, etc. ok?

I said, “Sure.” There was really no intention to ask her any questions, and I was there as a male prostitute and only for the money. She put her hands over my shoulder and kissed my cheeks. I got excited, and I was reminding myself that I should be in control to do the techniques that I had read.

She was sitting to the left of me. I kissed her right cheek, and she kissed me back. I held her face and kissed deeply on her lips. She inserted her tongue in the middle of my mouth. I was not experienced in kissing.

We both sucked our lips and tasted each other’s lips. This happened for a minute. Then I pushed her down on her shoulders and I started kissing her neck and hugged her. The fragrance of her soap was nice which added to the mood.

I started caressing the sexy  woman’s navel and kissed her neck. My dick got hard and I concentrated on foreplay. I removed my shirt and squeezed her boobs over her chudi. Her breath deepened and she started to feel the tingling sensation. She grabbed the bedsheet tightly.

Then I went down and kissed her groin over the chudi. She cuddled me with her legs. I reached her thigh which is covered by leggings. I kissed the centre of the inside of her thigh and kissed her pussy and smoothed her whole thigh. It was smooth. Then I did the same thing on the other side. She started to moan slightly.

After that, I caressed her feet for a few seconds and removed her leggings. She was wearing a black panty. Her thighs were sexy, and I licked that for some time. I was keen that I should not put my fingers in her pussy until she got high on foreplay.

I made her lie down and grabbed her handful ass and squeezed it. I then removed her panty and kissed her asshole. I teased her while touching her pussy. I did it very lightly like a breeze. She was smoothening my hair.

I removed her chudi, she got up and removed my pant. I was in eager to taste her boobs, so I went to remove the bra clasps. It took some seconds for me to do that. It was small, and I was not experienced in this exercise. Seeing my struggle, she removed it herself!

The horny woman’s boobs were medium-sized and in my opinion, a little shaggy. I squeezed both her boobs with my full palm and fingers. She shouted, “Dei meduva pannu da,” which means, “Do it slowly.”

In my excitement, I had squeezed her boobs a little wildly. I sucked her nipples for some time. I played well to quench my thirst for boobs. I licked her nipples in an encircled way, as I had read in techniques and was watching her reactions to find out whether she was having nipples orgasm or not.

She screamed, but I was not sure if it was that orgasm that I had tried to give her. I checked her pussy, whether it was really wet and ready for penetration. It was wet when seen from outside, but there was no dripping.

So, I started to do my work on her pussy. I removed her pants and briefs. She instantly held my dick in her hands and started stroking it a bit and then kissed it. I was in heaven, as it was the first time a woman was kissing my dick. I thought it my chance to insert it in her mouth. But then I reminded myself that I was the prostitute here.

She played with my dick for some time and I started my work on her pussy. She was my first experiment with the technique, so I was a little more aware of this. I kissed, licked, and sucked her pussy for some time. I didn’t do this as an enjoyment like normal sex. My aim was to make her ready for a good orgasm.

I did some work on her pussy for 20 minutes. Then it started to drip. I slowly inserted my middle finger in her pussy. She let out a moan, “Awwww,” because I was teasing her for some time.

Then I located her G-spot and made her squirt. It was not that easy as I thought. She really screamed loudly. I felt like I did it, yeah. It took me around 15 minutes to make that happen. Sometimes, she shivered during her orgasm. It gave me the confidence to know that I was doing things right. Then I tapped my dick on her pussy and put on the condom.

She was slightly sweating, and I was almost drenched in sweat everywhere. I took her chudi and wiped away my sweat. I started to penetrate. It was tight for the first 10 strokes, then I felt the lubrication on my dick. It was tight but well lubed to move in freely, but I don’t know how to say that in words. She showed me heaven and she was really responding to my penetrations.

We were in a missionary position and that was the most suitable position for my employer who would give me money.

She held the bed slightly and cooperated with me very well by opening and closing her legs willingly at all times. My concentration was on her reaction and my movements. I wouldn’t say that I did the same which I had learned. It’s really hard to do that.

At a point, I knew I was going to cross the point and some indications showed me that, and she was screaming in pleasure. I thought to myself that I had done considerably well in satisfying the sex-hungry lady. Moreover, her pussy was also responding well to my actions, which means that she’s having a good orgasm.

She screamed and shivered heavily for the last time. I decided this is enough, and it’s better to stop here, and I couldn’t hold my cum any more. So, for a few seconds, I started to bang her as I wanted. I put her legs over my right shoulder, knelt on the bed, and started banging her. She was like, “Awwwwmmm.”

I was not in control anymore. This happened for almost a minute, then I didn’t care about anything and did what I wanted. The only pleasure was in my mind not technique. I was in heaven. Then I dropped myself over her breast and hugged her. She was almost unconscious, breathing deeply with a small smile on her face and sweating.

Seeing this, I dropped my face over her boobs and started to relax. After a few minutes, I cuddled her and closed my eyes.

I wanted to remove my condom as it was still on my dick, but I postponed that. Cuddling her was amazing. There were no thoughts in my mind, just her.

After a few minutes, she got up and called me. She went to the bathroom, and I followed her. She cleaned her pussy. I stood behind her and didn’t do anything. I was just watching her.

She removed the condom from my dick and cleaned my dick, and said she’ll dispose of the condom. I was looking into her eyes deeply.

She had a relaxed and contented look on her face. “Get ready,” she said. Then I got ready and went to her. She gave me the amount and hugged me. I asked her if she enjoyed herself. She smiled and kissed me on my left cheek and hugged me tightly. I understood. Then I said bye and returned to my home.

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