My Chubby Big Boobs College Girlfriend

Without spending much time in an introduction, I will come directly to the story. This story is about different sexual encounters between me and my girlfriend.

Let me describe my girlfriend first. She is milky white in color, a little bit on the chubby side, with big boobs whose size can be visible in whichever clothes she wears, fleshy milky white thighs, long hair and a cute face.

We had just started dating and from day one, I had my eyes on my girlfriend’s big boobs. She wears tight clothes which makes her boobs perfectly visible, it’s like you can see the complete shape of the boobs even though they are covered.

Whenever I use to meet her, I had the intention of grabbing her boobs but there was always a satisfaction that she is my girlfriend and sooner or later, those tits will be for me to enjoy.

The first encounter when I got to enjoy my gf’s boobs was in our college. There was a silent place in our college where no one used to come generally, it was a very quiet place.

I took her to the place and started talking and slowly while talking, we came closer and started kissing. The kissing was just a starter. The main course menu was hanging down slightly below her neck!

My girlfriend was wearing a tight red top and blue jeans that day. I broke the kiss and now began my main course.

I pulled her top a bit from the neck so that I can have a look into it. Wow, two huge melons forcefully wrapped in the bra creating a deep cleavage. I was stunned by that. I immediately started pressing them over her top.

I couldn’t remove her top completely as we were in college. But I slid my hand into her top and started moving my finger into her cleavage. I cupped my girlfriend’s soft cushion-like boobs. But I was unable to get to her nipple because her bra was restricting me from doing so.

While doing all this, she told me that in a couple of days she will be alone at the house. It was the best news I ever heard. Her house means no restrictions and I could enjoy each and every body part of her completely!

The day finally arrived. When she opened the door, she was in sari. She knew that I like girls in saree. She was in a black saree which was complimenting her white skin and a sleeveless blouse.

I was just staring at her from the top to the bottom. Open hair, uncovered arms, pallu covering her boobs and chubby open waist – what a sight!

While I was staring at my girlfriend, she raised her hand to set her hair and gave me a perfect view of her underarms with trimmed hair. Now it became too hard to resist.

I held her hand in the raised position and put my face on her armpit. I sniffed the aroma of sweat mixed with perfume, licked it and bit it. Then I raised her other arm as well and did the same to it.

I was totally turned on by then. I snatched the saree pallu off my girlfriend’s chest. Her blouse was unable to hide her big boobs and was giving a sexy cleavage view. In no time, I threw off her blouse. She was in a full black bra now. Just imagine two big white melons under a black bra. Nothing can be sexier than that.

My girlfriend’s fleshy arms and shoulders became clearly visible. I grabbed the flesh of her arms with my mouth and kissed and licked her shoulders. I kissed her neck and took a nice view of her cleavage from the top.

I wanted to keep her in bra for long as it was a great sight. I told her to adjust her saree properly and do a small ramp walk for me in saree and bra. I had a fantasy of seeing a girl in saree and bra.

When she passed by me, I got a side view of her bra under the saree. The view of my girlfriend’s hanging boobs from the side aroused me more. I got hold of her from behind and started caressing her bareback. She had a milky white back with just a broad black bra strip at back.

I was just two hooks away from having my main course. Once I satisfied my self with her back, I opened her bra hook and her bra fell on the ground. Now was the time to see her bare boobs for the first time.

As she turned, I focused all my attention on her nipples. The nipples were thick like grapes and completely round. The brown areola enhanced the beauty of her boobs.

I just threw myself on her boobs, pressed them, licked them, felt them and stuffed them in my mouth. I did every possible thing that I can do with my lover’s boobs and left red marks all over her boobs.

Now I was interested in her fleshy thighs which I had only seen covered in jeans. In no time, I removed her saree and petticoat, leaving only the black panty on her body. It was like her fleshy thighs were calling me to be enjoyed.

I slapped her thighs slowly and her thighs started jiggling. I put my tongue on her one thigh and licked it like ice cream. My hand grabbed the flesh of the other thigh. From inner to outer thigh, everything was wet with my saliva.

As I was licking her thighs, I could smell the aroma of her juices from her panty. But, before going to the pussy, I wanted to explore my girl’s ass. Even though I was not much attracted to her ass, I wanted to have a look at it as I didn’t want to leave her any part unexplored.

I tried to remove her panty for a complete view of her ass but she resisted. I just locked her lips with mine to make her busy in the kiss and slid her panty down forcefully. Two small bums were up for grab.

I spanked her ass once and then grabbed it hard to which she let out a small moan. My erected tool was ready to tear her pussy now. My girlfriend was not clean shaved but who cared, her hole was what I was aiming for!

I spread her legs and I entered inside her. When I was banging her, her boobs were bouncing like balls which made me increase the speed.

Her moans also increased with my speed. That just seems like a perfect moment with her saree, blouse and bra scattered on the floor, her body pinned under my body, the room filled with moans, my dick banging her pussy, her boobs bouncing in front of my face and her body full of sweat.

I hope you guys liked my story. It is a totally true story. Please comment below about your review.

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