A Hot Indian Teen Girl’s Life’s Chronicles – Part 1

About myself: I am an 19-year-old boy who is here to share all of my sexual encounters one by one. I have a smaller than average penis and I am 5’7 in height. Names are of course changed. The story is inspired by real life events of the author, so take a tissue, lotion and enjoy.

This takes place around the year 2011- 2012, there was a girl in our class by the name Nisha (changed). The thing about Nisha was that in an era when kids secretly took pleasure in finding words like boobs and sex on Google, Nisha already had a terrific figure. Her boobs were far too matured for her age.

Our school uniform was white shirt and white pants for boys, white skirt for girls.

Then, one day, some of us saw that Nisha had started wearing a bra. Since the uniform was white cotton, the bra was fully visible. I used to talk to her once in a while because she used to sit behind me in exams and helped me in cheating.

So, once I and my friend were sitting behind her in a lecture when my friend pointed towards her bra strap and started giggling. He was also her friend. So he started playing with her hair and Nisha was enjoying it in a friendly way.

Our bench was in the last row so no one was looking towards us. My friend then started to touch Nisha’s bra straps and clips in the hopes of unclipping it. But the bra was a bit tight. Finally, after much scolding from her and a few more tries, my friend accidentally unclipped her bra!

Now Nisha was really embarrassed and kept asking him why the hell would he do this while her face went red. But I wasn’t paying attention to the conversation as I was looking at her side boobs while feeling weird in my crotch area. At that time, I didn’t know about sex, penis and all. But somehow Nisha made an excuse to go out of the class and returned with the bra clipped back.

After this scenario, she stopped talking to my friend but was still friendly with me.

Then came the board examinations and mock practicals. On the day before our first practical, I forgot my notebook in our class and so went back to get it. The school was empty, only a couple of janitors were left in the corridors. I saw Nisha leaving towards the stairs and so caught up with her.

Just before I reached her, I saw a janitor pass her and give a squeeze to her butt! At that time I didn’t know what that meant. I asked Nisha about it but she changed the topic. I knew what he did was wrong somehow but I didn’t know what to do about it.

The next year, our annual school trip came. We went to some trekking near McLeod Ganj (Himachal Pradesh) and that was the first time when an actual girl had touched my penis and stroked it.

So what happened was that my friend Nisha and I had grown a bit close since a couple few weeks. We used to sit together and even eat each other’s lunch.

So, when we were camping for the night in the open, Nisha came towards me and we started chatting. Then Nisha asked me a peculiar question, she asked if she could stay with me in the tent. I blushed and told her that boys and girls would be separated by teachers.

Nisha told me to ask the teachers for toilet and meet her at exactly 9:45 pm.

My heart was pounding like a racecar at the thought of me being with her alone. I had watched enough porn to know what was going to happen. And the size of Nisha’s boobs had not decreased in the last couple of years.

She didn’t have a good ass but it seemed like it was bubble butt. Her boobs were estimated by the pervert boys to be 34C which was really big for a petite teen girl.

Everything went according to the plan and I went to the place Nisha had told me to come. Nisha was on her knees behind a bush and looking towards a lake. She seemed like she was spying on someone. But me being high on hormones went near her quietly and placed my hand on her back, near her bra clip.

She turned around in panic, then relaxed when she saw me. Then she gestured to be quiet and showed me the lake. The lake was beautiful at night but I didn’t get why she was showing me that. I asked her in a whisper and she told to me to look near the shore. What I saw only increased my erection.

Nisha and I were hiding behind a bush while our teachers and classmates were preparing the tents. We saw two tourists having sex. The thing was that they were in a tent, but the noises could be heard clearly. And the shadows inside the tent were clear enough to make out a person on top of another.

The moment I realised that they were in missionary position, I started touching my bulge. Nisha was still looking at them. I thought that if I was so excited then she would be too.

So I took my hand near her lower back. When she didn’t give a reaction, I squeezed her butt and quickly removed my hand. She looked at me while blushing and then looked at my erection in my shorts.

She looked around to see if it was safe and then put her hand on my bulge. I was in seven heavens! I couldn’t believe that my classmate and hottest girl Nisha had a hand on my erection.

I did what came natural to me, I pushed her t-shirt away to reveal her neck and shoulders and started licking and kissing them. Nisha playfully pushed me back and freed my penis into the night. She started stroking passionately and went for a blowjob. But suddenly, we heard a shouting nearby.

It was our classmates looking for us for the final roll call. I was so angry that I smashed my fists on the ground.

Nisha was embarrassed but gave me a smile, buttoned her shirt and ran away. I knew if they hadn’t come, then I definitely would have her. I later jacked off 3 times in my tent and was so tired that went to sleep straight after that.

The story will be continued.

Next part will have some action but for that, leave some feedback on [email protected]

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