Sex With Hot Classmate On A Rainy Day

Hello readers! This is the story when I was studying. I had a girl in our class Nandini (name changed) who was very hot and sexy and was a spoilt girl with a sexual mind.

About myself: I am a 6 feet tall guy with a 7-inch dick. I have a decent body with some muscles and abs.

Coming to the story. I lived very far from college. I had to commute through public transportation and was the only guy from our college going on that route. This girl Nandini, my classmate was very beautiful with a hot figure of 34-26-36. She had recently shifted next to my building.

As she was a girl, her mother told me to take care of her on the way. Hence we both went to school together and we became good friends. She sometimes gave me hints that she liked me in a sexual way.

I had no lust on her until one day. During a monsoon season, we were returning home when we were caught in the rain. The rains were a weakness for Nandini because they made her horny someway.

We were fully drenched in the rains. Nandini received a call from her mother saying that her mother has gone shopping with my mother and will return in the evening. She did not have the keys to her house so we both went to my home as I had keys to mine.

Nandini’s shirt had got stuck to her body and was highlighting her curvaceous body.

On reaching home, I changed into my casual clothes but she couldn’t as she didn’t have spare clothes. So I gave her my t-shirt to wear. Her big boobs were looking even bigger because of the small t-shirt. Her nipples were poking out of the t-shirt as she was not wearing a bra and her nipples got wet.

After changing, we had lunch and started watching TV. Then, a condom advertisement came on the TV where a couple was cuddling on a beach.

Watching it, Nandini started biting her lips and breathing heavily. My dick also became erect and we both were in an awkward situation. The next moment, she brought her face near me and we kissed.

We were having a deep passionate smooch and licking each other’s tongues. My hands reached her boobs and I pressed them. She placed her hand on my dick and was stroking it gently. I was exploring her belly and her back while kissing. She was scratching her nails on my abs. We were feeling very hot and sensual.

I then broke the smooch and held her in my arms and carried her to the bedroom. She told me not to switch on the fan because she had a fantasy of having sex while sweating a lot. I said okay and moved towards the bed.

The horny college girl’s boobs bounced as I dropped her on the bed. I then came over her and we kissed again. This time, I gave her love bites on her earlobes and neck. Nandini was moaning in pleasure and breathing heavily. She was scratching my back while making those sensual sounds. This made me even more horny.

My classmate then came over me and took off my t-shirt and shorts. I was now in my underwear with my dick erect. She took off her t-shirt and those boobs jumped in the air. She also took off her shorts and was now naked.

I started sucking those big juicy boobs. Oh god..Aaah! They were so soft and so big. I was licking and biting Nandini’s nipples. I kissed her right boob and was playing with the left boob with my hand. I bit her nipples and nibbled them. She was moaning and saying, “Suck them Aman! Suck off my boobs! Aahhh..” Those c-sized boobs were so tasty.

I kissed her cleavage and gave her love bites there too. She pushed my head towards her boobs. I licked the sweat collected on her cleavage. The college girl’s big boobs were a sight to behold.

Then I moved towards her navel. Her navel was so seductive and sexy. I quickly brought some honey from the cupboard and poured it in her navel and licked it. The honey mixed with her sweat tasted good and sensual. Nandini was making seductive sounds while I sucked her navel, “Aaahhh..mmm..oh yeah..lick it.”

I nibbled her navel and gave love bites over there. I used my tongue to lick her deep sexy navel. I then flicked my tongue over her navel and she moaned. I kissed her navel and sucked it hard.

After that, I moved towards her legs. Her thighs were so soft and smooth. She had shaved them some days back. I licked her thighs and moved towards her pussy.

I was sucking her deep sexy pussy and she was pushing my head towards her pussy further. She was moaning in pleasure and was saying, “Suck my pussy. Drink the juices. Aaahhhh.. I am yours today Aman..aaahhh.”

After a minute, she had an orgasm and I licked her juices clean.

I once again sucked her boobs and nipples and kissed her cleavage and fingered her pussy.

Then, she came over me. She kissed my chest, sucked my nipples and was biting my stomach. She then took my 7-inch penis in her mouth and gave me a blowjob. She was massaging my balls with the other hand. She sucked my penis in a seductive manner and was making sounds as well.

I ejaculated in her mouth and on her boobs. She rubbed her boobs on my penis.

Nandini then applied some oil on her boobs and pressed them against my chest. Those big boobs were rubbing against my chest. I moaned and she gave me a kiss on my lips. We then had a smooch.

After that, I pulled her towards me and kissed her back and licked her armpits. Her sweat smelled so sexy that I licked I clean. Her small moans made my dick super erect.

Now, she was feeling very hot and said that she wanted to get fucked. We came in missionary position. I took my dick and placed it inside her vagina. I slowly pushed it deeper and she screamed in pain. I took out my dick and saw some blood. She was no more a virgin now.

I then again put my dick inside her vagina and started fucking her. Nandini was moaning in pleasure, “Ahh..fuck me..oh yeah..mmmmm.. yes…aahhhh..” I fucked her till we had an orgasm.

Nandini then came over me. She wanted to have sex in cowgirl position. My dick was not erect at that time so we were cuddling and kissing on lips till my dick became erect. Then she placed my dick inside her vagina and started riding my dick. Her big boobs were bouncing and I pressed them and sucked the nipples.

Nandini was slowing down in between to make it last longer. She was riding and soon, had an orgasm. She then lied on my chest and those boobs were on my face. I licked them for some time.

We stayed in that position for 15-20 minutes and then lied down on the bed hugging each other.

Then we had a bath in the shower and had a cuddling and foreplay session there. I once again sucked her boobs and those nipples were red by now.

We wore our clothes and watched TV for some time. Then our moms came back and she went back home. She gave me her bra and her pantie as a souvenir and she took my underwear. Fortunately, she did not get pregnant. Since then we are in a relationship and made out in the college also.

We later had sex many times in a month. I will continue that in another story.

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