Virgin Office Colleague Maya

Let me describe our heroine Maya first. She is curvy with hemispherical boobs, flat belly and medium-size ass. Her face looks like that of a 30-year-old lady.

It had been 4 months after Maya had completed her college. What a waste of time it was. I was so arrogant that I lost a good 4 years (all the while a movie was playing). An erotic scene was playing in the movie.

“Fuck! This is going to get me horny”.

Maya slid her hands into the kameez and started rubbing her pussy above her panties. She was getting hornier every minute. She inserted a finger into her pussy. Soon, with a soft moan, she climaxed.

After a while, she remembered that tomorrow was her joining date for a company and she decided to enjoy herself there.

The next morning, her mom called her up then told her, “Hey, isn’t this your first day?”

She went to the bathroom (her family used a well and a tank so the pressure was low for water). She filled the bucket and took a cup of cold water and poured it down. As the cold water rushed through her body, it started to arouse her boobs and pussy lips.

Maya was in a rush. She started applying oil throughout her body. As it was her first day, she wanted to have a glow that should attract guys’ attention. As she was applying the oil, she started touching herself. It all started at the nipple when she ran her fingers through her boobs and onto the nipple.

Maya felt a sudden rush and it turned into an exciting sensation. She started to rub her clit. She took her toothbrush and inserted the bottom end into her pussy and started to and fro motion. It ended in her reaching an orgasm.

After the erotic bath, Maya exited the bathroom and got dressed up and went to her new workplace wearing a low neck salwar.

Maya reached the office. It was a small company – only four guys worked there.

David (tall guy, not so well-built). Alex (a skinny guy with good looks). Abi (a well-built guy with an angry look). Rahiz (tall, medium-built).

All introduced themselves. The manager assigned the job and left. We were left alone. And being a fresher, Maya asked a lot of help from the other guys. They did help her but with a gawk. While at work, she found out David was rich and working for fun. Alex was a football player. Abi was a gym nut and Rahiz was a comedian.

They started to accept her into their social circle. Maya wanted to be a part of it too. She went out with them and was having fun.

For the next several days, she noticed Alex gawking at her more than the usual and then texting her. As she was determined to have fun, she started replying too.

One day, Alex casually suggested that she wear some modern dress to work. Maya too thought it was a good idea but as her parents were conservative, she had no modern clothes.

So Maya went out to buy jeans and a loose top that resembled a salwar. For the final touch, she bought a pushup bra.

The next day, she went to the office. The other guys were staring at her. Alex looked at her and then avoided her completely. She knew this was his technique to get her but she played along.

After some time, she asked him for help. He was helping her. She asked him how she looked in that dress? Alex said she looked like an angel with a great ass. Her faced turned red and she blushed.

On the next weekend, Alex called her and told the guys were planning to catch a movie and asked she was in or not. She said ok.

He asked her if she could wear that modern dress again and she agreed. As she reached the theater, Alex told her the guys were busy with some work and it will be just them.

Maya started getting ideas of what Alex was going to do with her. As the movies started, the theater turned cold due to the effect of the AV. Her nipples started perking out. Then she felt a hand on her neck. It was Alex. He was caressing her hair. Maya kept mum. Alex took it as a green signal and started the journey on Maya’s body.

Alex slightly slid his fingers from his colleague Maya’s neck into her chest area. Slowly sliding over her salwar, he searched for her nipple. As he as searching, Maya started getting wet below but she remained calm as if she was enjoying the movie.

As Alex found Maya’s erect nipples, he gave a small pinch to them which made Maya shiver. He then squeezed the lemon with ease. At this moment, Maya turned to him with an angry face.

Alex was surprised and stopped everything and looked straight into her eyes. Maya’s angry expression slowly turned into a smile which gave Alex a relief. With each other’s eyes locked, they leaned toward each other to give a small kiss on the lips.

Alex then asked his colleague girl if she wanted to leave and she nodded. On the way, Maya asked Alex to stop at a medical store. Then they reached Alex’s flat. All along the way, Maya never said a word about the theater or thing that happened in the movie but she followed Alex like a sheep.

After closing the door, Alex turned to her and kissed her so hard. From the kiss, Maya could tell that Alex was experienced.

Alex took his office colleague to the bedroom and started undressing her. Alex took Maya’s salwar and unhooked her bra while kissing her. Then he turned his attention to his co-worker’s boobs. He started sucking them one by one like a child. At the same time, Alex inserted his hands into Maya’s jeans and started fingering her.

Maya was on cloud nine. It was the first time someone other than her was touching her there. Suddenly, Alex stopped and unhooked Maya’s jeans. And in one pull, he removed both jeans and her panty. Then Alex went down Maya, kissing everything on the way.

Maya was hairy as she did not expect this to happen that day. Meanwhile, Alex had reached his sexy colleague girl’s pussy. With his fingers, he parted the pussy lips and started licking Maya’s pussy. Maya felt butterflies dancing in her stomach. With his thumb, Alex jerked Maya’s clit and his tongue was licking her pussy’s inner walls.

Alex kept tongue-fucking and clit-rubbing Maya for the next 8-10 minutes and then she came. She pressed Alex’s face hard into her vagina.

He then rose and took out his cock a 4.5-inch cock and asked her to suck it. Maya reluctantly tasted it at first but then started to like it. So she started sucking it vigorously. Alex’s cock was giving out some salty liquid every now and then.

Then Alex stopped her. He pulled her down to the end of the bed and started to penetrate her tight pussy! Maya screamed in pain and asked him to stop. Maya told him she was a virgin but Alex didn’t believe it because, in his knowledge, girls out of college are usually not virgins.

Alex then told Maya that he will be gentle. But Maya insisted on using oil which Alex agreed. He brought some oil and applied it on his cock and in his colleague’s virgin pussy.

Even though Alex’s cock was 4.5 inches in length, it was 7 inches in girth. Alex tried to push it in but he couldn’t. He made Maya stand in the doggy position and pushed his with 4 hard thrusts. Maya was in pain but Alex kept fucking her. The pain gradually turned into pleasure.

Alex started fucking Maya fast now and she had come 3 times during the session which lasted 18-20 minutes. Then Alex pulled out and shot his cum on Maya’s belly. And thus began Maya’s sexual journey.

For more, wait for the next part.

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