Seduction Of My Conservative Girlfriend – Part 2

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Hello everyone. This is Saurabh again. I am 25 living in Delhi. This story is a continuation of my previous story.

In the previous part as I had told you guys that my girlfriend Maryam (who was 5’1 little chubby and her stats were 36 28 36) had allowed me to touch her without removing her clothes. She also allowed me to kiss her.

So we again met in the library that was near her house and there was a park that had a basement. So after finishing our studies we went to the park for having our lunch and we also started talking about different things. We almost talked about 30 minutes and after that, there was a sudden silence.

I, after understanding the gravity of the situation kissed her on her cheeks. She was blushing. I asked her shall we go to the basement. First she kept silent and when I again asked she said yes in a low tone.

We first saw if there are people around there. I saw two gardeners there doing their jobs. We waited for almost 30 minutes. I can’t tell you how those 30 minutes passed. It felt like a day to me. After they went away. I caught her hand and took her to this basement without anyone noticing us.

We moved to the last compartment there and I started kissing her passionately she was also responding with the same passion as I was doing it. I noticed that she kisses so perfectly which I got to know later that she saw movies and learned it from there.

Slowly our kiss turned into smooch and we were exchanging a lot of salivae. It was now the turn that I touch her. My cock was begging me to remove it from the pant like a bird in a cage. I touched her boobs while smooching her and a current of electricity went through my body.

Her boobs were so round and tight it was 36B. When I touched her boobs, the reaction was seen in the action she did. she started smooching me so hard and I put both of my hands on her boobs and started pressing it. She was shivering and kissing me wildly. Her nipples became tight.

Now I went under her top and slowly lifted her bra and there my hands were on her bare boobs for the first time. My cock was so tight. I had not felt such hardness ever in my life. I touched her nipples and it was like a dream come true.

She was also pressing my back with her hands and slowly her hold started getting tighter. Now I wanted to touch her love hole. I slowly took my hands to her bare stomach and found that she was breathing heavily. I loved it very much. As I reached her abdomen, she started resisting softly.

So I started smooching her hard and caught her hands tightly with my other hand and started moving my hand down. I first felt trimmed hairs I was on cloud nine then I reached to her clitoris. As soon as I got there she started breathing heavily and kissed me madly.

I rubbed there in round motion and she was going mad. Then I went further down and found it was so wet. I started rubbing it and pressing it hard. We were going mad and doing it continuously. We didn’t even realize that an hour had passed since we came there. I asked her if she wants to go.

She said she has half an hour more after that she has to go home. I felt happy as she wants to do it more. So we continued kissing everywhere and my hands were doing its job. I pulled my pant and my boxer down and made my cock free. I asked her to take it in her hands.

She instantly said no and told me I’m afraid to do it. After a lot of convincing her, she finally took my cock in her hands, and as it was my first experience I also went mad and started feeling so good. She started giving me a handjob. I was also doing the same with her and we were enjoying it to the fullest.

I asked her can I take her lower down. She said no and started telling me about her condition. I said that it is dark here and I can’t see anything but she was not listening to me and rejected my proposal. So I continued doing my work. Suddenly I thought that I should do the same that I did the last time with her.

that is without telling her I’ll remove her salwar. She used to wear salwar kameez always and I had the string ‘nara’. I started kissing her passionately and took my hands to her string and pulled it. As soon as I pulled it, it went down she tried to hold her salwar but it was too late till then.

I caught her hands and started kissing her passionately. She also ignored the situation and kept doing the same. I forgot to tell you one thing. Whenever she came to meet me she didn’t wear her panty so that I can touch her properly.

It was the first time when she was coming to meet me without panty and it continued for our next meetings also. I also took my cock to her pussy and started thumping her from above. I was rubbing my dick over her pussy.

We were kissing and started a rhythmic to and fro motion as if we were having sex (but we were not having it). She also started moving back and forward and synchronized with my movement and we were dry thumping each other.

I was licking her neck and my hands were on her boobs. My dick was busy rubbing her bottom lips. It was feeling like heaven. After that, we left the place as it was getting too late.

So, guys, this was my second part. In the next part I’ll tell you how I fucked her for the first time till then take care and give me your responses.

One thing guys please give lots of responses, last time I didn’t receive your responses so please this time do comment or mail me. Any female or lady can contact me on hangouts or email me. My email id is [email protected]

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