Seduction Of My Conservative Girlfriend – Part 3

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Hello everyone. First of all, I would like to express my humble apologies as I could not write the next part of the story. Now. I’m going to tell you how I fucked my Muslim girlfriend, Maryam, first. It is requested to I read my previous parts before reading this.

As you guys know, we used to meet at a place with an underground basement-like structure with compartments in it. We continued meeting there and enjoying ourselves. Maryam also started liking it, and she also wanted to meet frequently.

But she still didn’t want to have sex because of her upbringing and her mindset. I was studying in college, and she was still preparing for her medical exams. She got admission into one of the colleges in Delhi. It was now easier for her to come and meet me more frequently and for a long time.

Once, I asked her to come to my college to spend time. Let me tell you that my college was at a secluded place and it was massive. Couples in college used to enjoy a lot at many secluded places within the campus. She came, and we went to the top floor of one block and started chatting.

After chatting for almost an hour, I started touching her hands and at different places. She also liked the act and supported me. I started kissing her and touching her intimate parts. As you guys know, she was a great kisser. We were lost in the kiss, and I was touching her boobs and pussy wildly.

We did all these for more than an hour. She was dripping wet down there. I got to know it after she sat on my lap and her liquid stained my jeans. I asked her if she was wet, and she winked at me and gave a killing smile. I told her that we should go to the terrace and enjoy lying there.

I used her stall as a sheet and lay down with her down there and came over her. I started kissing her wildly and touching her. After that, I asked her can I could rub my penis over her pussy, she agreed. We started kissing wildly and rubbing my penis over her pussy.

As I was rubbing her pussy, my cock slipped into her pussy. She started giggling and told me that it had got into her pussy. I was shocked as she was a virgin. How could my penis get into her pussy so easily? I asked her whether I could insert it further.

She declined my proposal, and we came down the terrace. I told her, at least let me kiss her now. She sat on my lap, and we started enjoying ourselves. My jeans were wet with her squirt as if somebody had poured a bottle of water on them.

I saw her and told her that I wanted to have sex now at any cost. She was completely aroused till that time. She said only on one condition. I asked her what? She told, “You would not tell this to anyone, even not to your best friend.” I agreed.

We again went to the terrace, and she lay there. I started kissing her and rubbing her pussy vigorously. Now I removed her salwar and came into the position. My heart was beating fast. I saw her pussy for the first time, and it was so clean and fair.

I could not see her pussy earlier because the basement was so dark. I put my penis at the entrance and gave a little push. My cock went into her pussy easily as she was very wet. I started giving pushes, and she was enjoying it very well. I gave a hard push, and she let out a scream.

I was shocked because I was a virgin and naive and didn’t know much about sex. I was under the impression that it would not pain her since my cock got inserted so easily. But when I saw her down there, she was bleeding. She told me it was hurting and to please remove it.

I was about to remove my penis. But one thought came into my mind that if I left her at this instance, she would never let me fuck her. I didn’t listen to her and started giving her hard pushes. She was crying, but I didn’t listen to her.

After 5-10 minutes, her pain vanished, and she started supporting me and started shouting to fuck her. We both were enjoying it, and I was pumping her so hard. She told me that she was feeling something weird down there and started cumming.

I was not done yet and continued pumping her. We fucked for almost 30 minutes. I came into her pussy for the first time. I asked her how it was. She told me this was the best feeling in the world.

I told her that it was only you who kept yourself far from this fun. She apologized for not letting me fuck her earlier. She told me that she would never stop me from now. I also made her promise me that from now it will be I who will decide everything in this relationship. She agreed.

I told her that I wanted one more session of sex. She wanted the same, and we again went to the terrace. We started kissing n touching, and to my surprise, she held my cock for the first time and started stroking it. It became rock-solid, and we were ready to fuck.

I removed her salwar and panty. I put my hard cock over her pussy, and started thumping it. She was requesting to insert it and fuck her. I inserted my cock with a full thrust, and my whole cock was inside her.

Guys, when you insert your full cock inside a pussy it will be the best feeling in the world. I stopped for a minute to see this scene. She was also enjoying it. Now I started stroking hard.

We had less time, so I gave hard pushes from the start, and within 10 minutes of fucking we both cum. We both were fully satisfied.

So, guys, this is the story of my first sex with my Muslim girlfriend. In the next part, I will tell about the full night encounter and how I fucked her continuously for an hour.

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