Banging My Virgin Ex-girlfriend Who Dumped Me!

Hi readers, my name is Srikanth and I am a regular reader. All the stories in ISS make me really horny and I also thought why not I write my sex story which I will remember throughout my life?!

The girl in this story is my ex-girlfriend Sakshi. She is around 5 ft 4 inches in height and a bit chubby with 34C-28-36 figure. Man, she has a perfect pair of boobs. We both live in Hyderabad.

We first met in our +2 and we were in contact after getting to the college. However, we were in two different colleges. We used to meet regularly (actually, quite regularly).

I always had a crush on Sakshi and didn’t have sexual feelings but I thought I was in love with her. One day I gathered all my courage and proposed to her. Surprisingly, Sakshi accepted and hugged me tightly in a mall surrounded by people!

However, our relationship didn’t last long. She used to fight for every small thing and things started getting out of hand and she finally dumped me.

After 2 years, I went to meet my best friend and I accidentally saw my ex-girlfriend in a metro station. Even she saw me too but didn’t respond. I also ignored her and to my surprise, she was there with my best friend.

Now I waited until they finished talking and giggling and then went to him and said, “We must leave, the bike is in no-parking” (actually it was not). I told him everything on the way home and he decided to fix things between us.

He arranged a date for us and we both went. But none of us wanted to break the ice. So I decided to talk first and asked her how was life going and all the bullshit stuff to break the ice. My ex-girlfriend asked some questions about my life, studies, job, etc.

Then she started to ask personal questions about my love life and girlfriend. I answered everything normally but then she asked me about the girl I slept with last week. I knew that wasn’t a random question and I casually said, “There isn’t anything between us.”

Sakshi then said that she was her cousin and that made sense because she put a pic of us both in her story.

I explained to her everything about what happened between me and her cousin except for the sex part. And then she asked me what happened that night. I said that nothing happened but her cousin had told her everything happened that night.

Now there I sat awkwardly without uttering a word and then she asked me how many girls had I slept till the date. I didn’t answer for a minute and she made a joke saying, “Are you counting in your head?” I said, “No, nothing.” She said, “Answer then.”

So I said, “Around 5 girls including your cousin.”

Then I asked my ex-girlfriend the same question. She smiled and said, I am still a virgin, unfortunately.”

I laughed thinking that she was joking but that was the truth. We never had sex in our 4 months of relationship because she wasn’t ready. And she was in another relationship but it was a long-distance and never had sex there either.

She said, “It’s ok, God didn’t want me to have sex at all.”

I took a chance and said, “I can help if you want” and laughed. She also laughed and we stopped that topic there.

We exchanged our numbers and unblocked each other on social media and went back home.

At night, I texted her, hi. We were texting about that day and one thing led to another and my ex-girlfriend being a virgin came back to the limelight. I said again that, “I can help”.

She said, “You don’t know anything about me and I don’t know anything about you. How do you think I will let you inside my pants?”

This got me to a wonderful idea of knowing each other through the game of ‘truth and dare’.

I suggested this and she was also interested to play. I started with silly questions like height, her ex’s name, etc until she asked to name all the girls I had slept with.

I listed all the names and taught this will lead to good sexting and started asking personal questions

Me: What’s your wildest sexual fantasy?

She: Not wildest but I always wanted to have sex at night on an open roof.

Me: Woah, that seems sexy.

Her: What turns you on?

This question gave me more confidence.

Me: Lips and big boobs!😉

Her: 😂Nice choice.

Me: Oh, really? How big are your boobs then?

She: Shut up! I didn’t mean that.

Me: Ok, think of it as a truth question and answer it.

Her: Ok baba, I wear a 34C bra.

Me: Woah, that’s big.😉😂

Her: Shut up!😂

Me: Your turn.

Her: As we are talking about the sizes, tell me how big and thick is your thing?😉

Me: Ask your cousin!😉

She: Shut up and answer.🙄

Me: 7-inches long and 4.4-inches thick.😉

She: 😳

Me: You still have that offer, “I can help”.😉

She: Stop it yaar.

Me: Ha ok. Let’s meet tomorrow.

She: Place and time?

Me: I am tired of going out. Come to my place. My roommates will leave for work and I’ll cook something. We can talk for some time and you can take off.

She: Hmm, I know where this is going. 😉 Nah, I am not coming to your place. I know what you are up to.

Me: Nothing will happen.

She: Then what is the use?😉 Chill, I was kidding. I’ll come but promise me nothing will happen?

Me: Nothing will happen without your concern.

She: Ok, see you tomorrow.

The next day she came in the evening. Both of my roommates left for work. They work night shifts.

My virgin ex-girlfriend was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans. The t-shirt was tight and I could see her shape clearly. She sat on the bean bag. I got some tea for both of us and then we went to the kitchen together to cook something.

The kitchen was small and I accidentally touched my ex-gf’s ass twice and her boobs once. I acted like nothing happened but she caught me while I was doing it purposely. And this time, she hit me in a friendly way on the head saying, “Focus on cooking.”

I made some sandwiches and a banana smoothie. I had some potato chips at home. We sat near the TV to eat. There weren’t any good programs on the TV. So we thought of playing something and she quickly said, “Truth or dare but only dares.”

I was shocked and said, “Yes, the same as texting early. The dares were childish such as sing a song, do push-ups, do dance, etc.

We did rock paper scissors and I won. She had to do the first dare. I asked her to prove her boobs size. She was surprised and accepted the dare. But to my surprise, she didn’t take her top off but she put her hand inside the t-shirt and took off her bra and gave me a wink.

I said, “I can see your nipples over your t-shirt” and gave a wink back. Now I lost the ‘rock paper scissors and she asked me exactly what I thought she would ask me. It was to prove my dick size.

Unfortunately, we boys don’t have other ways to do it. So I unzipped my pants and took it out. My virgin ex-girlfriend opened her mouth in surprise until I said, “Enough?”

I put my dick back inside my pant and I saw a slight disappointment in her face. I won the next toss and I asked her to take off her clothes and play naked for the rest of the match.

She sexily asked me to undo her t-shirt as it was tight. That gave me goosebumps and I removed the t-shirt. And while I was doing it, she undid my zippers and took out my dick, and started stroking it hard! In return, I started sucking my ex-girlfriend’s beautiful boobs! Omg, they were sooooo soft!

I took my t-shirt off and she took her pant off and knelt down to give me the best blowjob ever. I complimented the virgin girl that it was the best blowjob ever and she said, “Then pay your debt by giving me the best tongue-job.”

We got into 69 position for almost 10 minutes and I cummed all over her face and boobs. We then moved into doggy style and she said that it was the first time a real dick was entering her vagina.

I started by slipping it in slowly until it was completely inside my ex-girlfriend’s unfucked pussy and started stroking to and fro. I saw blood coming out of her pussy which made me realize that it was her first time.

We then shifted to missionary and cowgirl positions. We had sex 4 times that night and decided to have sex every now and then but without any serious attachments.

So, this is my incident of my ex-girlfriend becoming my bitch.

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