Work Place To Sex Date

Dear readers, Let me introduce myself. I am Vijay (name changed for security purposes) from the garden city, Bangalore. I am a decent built guy with 5.4 in height. Let me tell you all about my real-life sex date.

I work as an HR in a reputed MNC. One of the days at the office I was interviewing, and there comes the heroine of the story. Her name is Shruti. She looks very pretty short in height yet has the right assets. She walked into the office and seated herself in the waiting area.

The security came and handed over her resume to me. Before her, many other candidates were waiting. It was nearly lunchtime I stepped out for lunch. While passing the waiting area, I saw her. At first sight itself, I was shocked to see such beauty. But being an HR, I can’t express my feelings.

Hence I walked and then went to the cafeteria to have my lunch. It was nearly about 3 pm. After some time, even she came to the cafeteria as that is the only place to have coffee and snacks. Again our eyes meet, and she smiled at me. Even I smiled and finished my lunch and went back to my cabin.

I had other resumes too, but I pulled out her resume and called out her name. She came into my cabin, and again our eyes met. She was so beautiful that I kept on looking at her. The most beautiful part was her lips. Then she called out, “Sir, may I sit?”

I told her to sit and conducted the interview. She cleared my round, and I made sure she was selected in the next round as well. Days passed, and she joined us after a week. I saw her at the cafeteria again this time she came and sat next to me.

I was shocked by this (as I usually don’t talk or sit with employees as they say HR will be partial if they talk only to few people) the conversation goes like this

Shruti: Hi, sir.

Me: Hi.

Shruti: Sir, may I ask you a question?

Me: Yes, sure.

Shruti: You stare at me, but you don’t talk to me why?

Me: Nothing like that.

Shruti: Then, sir, shall we catch up for coffee tomorrow. I want to treat you as you got me this job.

I was full of happiness and wanted to accept it. But being an HR, I was scared of what will happen if others get to know. So I said I was busy.

Shruti: Ok, sir, I know you must be busy as it is a weekday. Then we will catch up on Saturday as it is an off for you as well. I will message you the location. Bye.

Me: (I was still in shock) Bye.

This happened on a Wednesday. I was eagerly waiting for her message but didn’t get it a couple of days passed. It was on Friday. I was taking an interview. I received a text message, but I didn’t look at it though l will check later.

In the evening, after I finished the interviews for the day, I got another message. It was her message. Again my heartbeat went up, and I was very excited and happy. She sent me a location near her house. She messaged me to be there by 1pm. I replied ok and then went back home as was I finished my day.

Now I was eagerly waiting for the time to pass by (times ticks very slow when you want to meet someone special). I got a message from her

Shruti: Hi, I will meet you at 1pm.

Me: Ok, I’ll be there.

Now it was around 12pm. I got ready and let my house in my car, and I reached the place 20 minutes before itself. She came by sharp at 1 pm. It was a cafe. We sat and started talking.

Shruti: Sir, you don’t talk at all why I can’t be your friend?

Me: Nothing like that. I take some time to talk to a new person, especially women.

Shruti: Oh, I see.

Me: Let me order something for you

Shruti: A coffee would do.

I went and ordered 2 coffees and sat opposite to her. She was even more beautiful. I just couldn’t wait and complimented her that she was looking very beautiful.

Shruti: Sir, really, is that you complimenting me? Thank you so much.

Me: Yes, you look stunning. I wanted to say this on the first day itself when I saw you.

Shruti: Then, why didn’t you say it?

Me: Being an HR and that too at the office, I didn’t dare to say it.

Then we got the coffee while sipping, we had a general discussion about work and about family. That is when I got to know that she was married and had to work in Bangalore. Her husband works in Dubai.

Later on, suddenly she enquired about my girlfriend and if I was in a relationship. I told her I had a breakup about a year ago and didn’t find a good one. She, with a mischievous smile, said, “You wouldn’t have left her for a single minute, I guess so.”

I was shocked by her statement and didn’t know what to answer. It was almost an hour passed by, and time for lunch. She said that her house is nearby and we can have lunch at her place. I was reluctant but agreed after she forced. We reached her home in 10 minutes.

It was a nice 1 BHK house. She welcomed me in and went in to change. I was looking around the house and wanted to use the washroom. As soon as I went in, I saw her red bra and pant lying in there. I was on cloud nine. I took it in my hands and sniffed it.

My god, it smelled so good. Suddenly I heard her calling me. I finished and went out soon and went to the living room. She was just looking stunning. She was in her short tee and a mini skirt. My jaw dropped, looking at her. She smiled naughtily and looked down at my pants.

My bulge can be seen easily. She winked at me and said, “Someone is standing. Why don’t you make him comfortable?” I was shocked by her words. I confessed to her that I like her and want to make out with her. She, without wasting a minute, came and hugged me.

We kissed passionately for about 10 minutes and broke the kiss. I lifted her, and we fell on each other on the bed. Again we started kissing very passionately. While doing so, she was caressing at my back and slowly removed my shirt. Then I also removed her tee and started pressing her boobs.

It was a good-sized about 36d and started sucking them madly. She slowly slid her hand in my pant and started jerking me. Within no time, she undressed me completely and jerking my penis. It was my turn. I was caressing her butts and unzipped her skirt, and she was just in her panty.

We were in no mood to waste time and got into 69 position and started sucking each other. She has an amazing puffy pussy with a pink hole. I started fingering her. She was slowly moaning. Then we changed our position and started kissing madly.

Now she wanted me to get in her madly and started begging me to push in. I told her there is no protection. She said that it is ok she will take pills. Then I slowly started to push in. She was very tight. I asked for some lotion to lubricate.

She gave me some cream. I applied and started pushing in, but she was in deep pain and was screaming. I had to liplock as someone might hear her screams. With a full thrust, I pushed it in my penis went in deep, and tears started dropping from her eyes because of pain.

Even I slept on her for a while as it was painful for me as well. After 5 minutes, I started slowly pushing in and out she was enjoying and started shouting to push harder. Listening to her, I was also in full mood and started thrusting harder – after about 10 minutes in a missionary position.

She changed to a doggy position. Now my penis went inside easily as it was well lubricated. We went in that position for about 10 minutes she had 2 orgasms in the meantime I was about to cum I informed her. She took out my dick and started sucking it.

In no time, I exploded in her mouth, and she drank it completely. And then we slept in each other’s arms like that for a couple of hours. When we got up we took a bath together we had another beautiful session. I will tell you about it in my next story.

It was almost 6 in the evening. We ordered food, and we stayed naked. I stayed there that night as I had no mood to go back home. I informed my parents that I am staying at my friend’s place. I’ll share what happened in the next episode.

Guys, please do share your reviews and feedback, which will help to improve in my next stories. This is my first every story sharing with you all. Write your comment and feedback to [email protected]. Thank you.

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