Sex With My Personal Assistance

Dear all, I am Suresh, aged 34 years and having good physic. I work as a zonal head for a pharmaceutical company having a 6.5-inch tool.

The story has happened 2 months back. All MNC companies will have January – December annual closing. During the annual closing, 29th of December 2019, I was in office. I was waiting for some orders to achieve the annual budget from my area.

Let me describe my sex partner. Her name is Shruti (name changed for privacy), She was about 39+ years and slight black. Her face is so attractive and having good physic. She was married and having a 7-year-old kid who goes to school. Her husband stays in Dubai and comes 2 times a year.

As usual, she came to the office, greeted me and sat in her seat and was doing her work. I called her to my room and gave some assignments. I asked her to complete the same routine. Also, I told her as its annual closing. I need her help and ask her to stay back in the office for a while.

She called her mother to pick the kid from school as she will be coming home late. Around 6:10 pm I got my SAP figure and I told her to compile the same. I sat next to her and she was doing the work. While doing this work I was also cross-checking the sales numbers on my laptop and found some gaps.

At times she picked my laptop and checked the sales number. During this progress, I touched her hands/ body parts many times, once it was happened to touch her left breast (unintentionally) and she gave a naughty smile. I said sorry. As it happened unintentionally, the current passed through my body.

My tool was hard and aroused like a rod. I was trying to hide the same by using my laptop and she noticed too. Later, I went to the washroom, controlled my feelings and came back. I completed our annual sales numbers and declared the same to my superiors and call for the day by 8:25 pm.

On the 1st of January, I sent new year messages to all my friends, customers, colleagues including her. I got a reply from many of them including her. I had chatted normally with her for about 20 minutes or so. Later the topic diverted to New Year party and other stuff. I told her no celebrations and so on.

I had asked about her celebrations. She replied that I am alone at home with my kid and no celebrations. If I would have my partner I would have celebrated. I enquired about the husband when he is planning to come to India. She said he will come after May 2020 and sent a crying smiley.

I asked why you sent crying smiley. She hesitated to respond openly. Then she told me I am alone at home and my feelings were not been take care of. I got indirectly hint. I took courage asked her to have extramarital affairs to fulfill her needs.

She said it is not safe nowadays we won’t find genuine males who can satisfy and keep affairs secret.  Then we chat normally, topic diverted to on 29th Dec incident. She told me she found my tent when I touched her breast. I said sorry to her.

She told me its ok. But she said she couldn’t sleep in tat night and recollecting the incident Then she asked me a favor for which I was open. She called me to her home on the 4th of January at noon for lunch. I was happy and accepted her proposal. In the back of my mind, I knew some thing is going to happen.

I got ready from home and left for her place. On the way I had purchased condom pack (3’s) and went, assuming that if she opens it will be useful. I reached by 11:50 and messaged her that I had reached the location ( she shared me locations thro WhatsApp).

She invited me to her place and it was the 4th floor in one of the apartments. She was in a saree and invited with a cute smile. Once I entered her house she locked the main door. I sat on the sofa and watched TV. I inquired about her mom and son.

She told my son will be back from school by 4:45 and mom won’t come. She offered some dry fruit chocolates (her husband sent from Dubai) and water. We had 20 minutes chat and topic diverted to the 29th incident. I asked her why you hadn’t slept on the 29th night.

She replied that I am dying for a male touch for more than 2-3 months now. Last time she had sex with her husband in October when he was in india. So I got a clear message that she will accept sex from me. I asked her you had planned already for the same.

She gave a naughty smile and stood up from her sofa and came close to me. I gave a kiss on my forehead. I also co operated with her and we had lip lock and kissed her on checks for 10 minutes. She said let’s go to the bedroom and she guided me into her bedroom.

The room was very clean and neat with a romantic room freshener. She sat on one corner for the bed and asked me to sit next to her. But still, I was standing in front near the bed room door. Without wasting time I went next to her and stood. By then my 6.5-inch tool was so hard and formed a tent.

I was in formals and she could notice clearly and told me that be comfortable. I said I m comfortable. She told you are not see how you are struggling by showing my tent. I felt ashamed, immediately she extended her hands and removed my trouser zip.

She pulled my underwear down and took my tool. She started giving a blowjob. I put my one hand over her breast and one on the shoulder and messaging her. After 10-15 strokes my tool erected fully. She pulled my foreskin back and start kissing on forehead of my tool.  I was in 7th heaven.

My wife never allows sucking her pussy nor my tool. She opened her mouth and took into her mouth and start sucking for 5-8 minutes like ice cream candy. Really I was in 7th heaven and enjoying the most. Within no time, I was at a peak. I started pushing her head towards by fully erected tool so hard.

She came to know that I was at a peak and she told me to remove my tool before I eject my loads in her mouth. I was enjoying the pleasure and not listening to her words. I ejected full load in her mouth and she spat the same. It fell on her saree, chest, etc.

Immediately she went to washroom to clean her mouth and saree. She took a tooth brush and cleaned her saree and came. While she came out of bathroom her pallu was in her hand and she was adjusting the same. My eyes fell on her apples which are ready to expose.

She came near and trying to adjust the saree. I told her why you want to adjust it. Anyhow I will be removing in sometime. She laughed and told me then why you are waiting. Immediately I removed her saree, her petticoat and blouse. She was not wearing underwear.

Her clean shaved pussy was infront of my eyes with a red color bra. She is trying to hide her pussy with her both hands. I removed the red color bra, omg those 34B white apples were released and dark brown nipples were erected fully. Then she told me to remove my clothes.

I told her to do so. Slowly she removed my clothes completely and I was nude in front of a woman apart from my wife. We lay on her bed on each other’s shoulders and played with each other’s private body. I inserted my one finger into her clean-shaven pussy.

I pushed my finger in side deeper and deeper to reach g point. She was moaning and sucking my nipples, biting very hard due to pleasure which I was giving in her pussy. After about 30 minutes she ejected her juices and we slept like that for a while.

After some time she start playing with my cock and was trying to erect it. I was sucking her boobs, playing with her nipples and kissing on her ears and biting her lower lips. I was also fully aroused and we were ready for action. My tool erected fully and it regained the full strength.

I told her to put a condom on my tool for which she rejected. She wants to enjoy without condom. I was not willing to do that and some how she convinced me. She came up and adjust my tool and sat. Omg, when to it her g-spot and she was moaning loudly and sat like that for a minute or two.

Later she started jerking and fucking me from the top. Her boobs were bouncing up and down like free birds in the sky. I held both of them in my hands and was squeezing them hard. Believe me friends, if she was a lactating mother whole milk would have came out.

After 15 minutes I pushed her on to the bed and took a missionary position. I kept both her legs in my shoulder and start fucking for 10 minutes. She was screaming. I locked her mouth by a kiss and ensured that sounds shouldn’t go out side her house.

After fucking for 10 minutes, she was about to reach the climax and me too at the same time. She asked me fuck fast and released her legs from shoulder. She locked my waist with her legs. I increased my speed and she was matching the pace by raising her ass.

After 10-15 hard strokes, I was about to reach. I told her that I will be removing my tool. But she didn’t allow me to do that and asked me to put my loads in her pussy only. We both came together and slept in the same position for about 20 minutes.

We woke up and went to the washroom and took a bath. We cleaned each other. I sucked and played with her boobs and ass. She played with my tool and came out. She wore her saree in front of me. I also got ready and had food and left her house by 3:30.

I am posting this story with her permission. We had many encounters like this often, at least once in a month to satisfy each other. Recently we had doggy style which I will share in next story.

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