Sex With Senior Colleague

Hi Everyone, This is my first story in ISS. I promise you that you will love this story as this is a real incident about my sex with senior colleague.

Let us start the story. My name is Gaurav, and I work in an MNC in Pune. I am well built with a 5’8″ height and 6″ dick. The heroine of the story is my colleague, Miss Shikha Gupta, who is one year senior. She has a boyfriend, which I came to know later.

She has a bomb figure of 36-30-36. Her ass and boobs are something anyone will desire off. And I was the one who got lucky enjoying this sex goddess.

I was already on the project. She joined after I had completed 6 months of the project. On her first day, she was supposed to take all the onboarding details from me. She searched for me and was seeking information related to the onboarding process.

She was busy seeking information, and I was busy scanning her figure. Even her perfumes aroused me. She was a complete woman. Days went by, and we became good friends as we were on the same project. We started spending time together. We started going to the movies and dinner.

While in the theatre, I would be holding her hands. The softness of her hands was of a different level. I have never felt such soft hands of any of the girls I know. She would never stop me from holding her hands. Even she seems to be interested in me.

Then since spending most of the time together, we decided to move into the same society. Then we got more time to spend together. While walking, she would crush her big boobs towards my hand. I will be speechless thinking to get it more.

It seems like she was horny because of her long-distance relationship. I was sure that things would turn to my side. To my surprise, she asked me to join her for dinner in her flat. Her roommate was away in her hometown.

That day around 7 in the evening, I took a bath. I put on my best perfume which she also liked the most, and went to her flat. There were other girls as well, but he took me directly to her room. She asked me to stay there as she had some work to be completed in the kitchen.

I had seen many times the place where she used to keep her inner-wear. I knew she wouldn’t be here for atleast 10 minutes. So I opened her wardrobe, got a set of bra and panties. Felt the bra and smell the panties. Guys smelling panties will leave you to heaven.

What a smell! That took me completely to a different world. I started stroking in her bra, thinking about her. I cummed once and put that bra aside. I knew she would be coming any time. So I kept aside the bra and pants. I went to her bed and sat as nothing happened.

She opened the door and bought dinner with her. I was nowhere interested in the dinner. But we completed it as early as possible. We went to wash our hands and came back to her room. Sorry I forgot, she was wearing a blue top, a black bra (straps were visible) and a pajama.

Her hair was wet, stating she just had her bath. She also put on a scented perfume which got involved with her shampoo scent. I was feeling those aromas. We already discussed that we would be watching Netflix series after having dinner.

We started Netflix and started watching series. I was thinking about how to start. Because I knew she also wanted it but won’t be starting first. So, I just took her hand and started caressing it. As already told, she has the softest hand. I started caressing her hand.

Her breath was getting heavier. I knew she won’t be resisting now. I hold her hand and brought it near to my mouth, and I started kissing it. I started licking her fingers, and she also started getting hot. She was pushing her fingers more deeply into my mouth and was feeling those hot saliva.

I suddenly shifted my gear from her fingers to her neck. I went from the side of her and started kissing her necks. Now her breathing became heavier. She started enjoying more to it. She started caressing my hair. Then I came near her lips and put my lips to her.

What a feeling that was. She has the juiciest lips. She started responding to me. We had a very good kiss for around 15 minutes. We exchanged our saliva and made mouth wet of each other. Also, while kissing her lips, I rolled down my hand to her boobs and started feeling it from outside of the dress.

It was such a big melon that I was not getting hold of my one hand. I started squeezing it from outside the dress. I broke down the kiss and started going down to her boobs. I put up her top. She was der in black bra. I started pressing her boobs on top of the bra itself.

She was enjoying my squeeze and was making out small moans. She also started pressing my head more into her boobs. I was in cleavage and was not able to breathe. She became that horny and put my head in between her boobs. I freed myself and again started squeezing those melons now with greater force.

She already had a boyfriend but was enjoying my kiss and squeezed to the fullest. While enjoying her boobs, I rolled one of my hands to rub her pussy. And in no time put my hand inside her pajamas. She was already very wet, which I can feel from above her panty.

I wanted to feel her pussy and put my hand under her panty. She has small hair over her, and I like those small hairy pussy.

I started feeling the wetness and put one of my fingers into her pussy. She put out a loud moan, ‘Ah.’ I started finger fucking her. I put one more finger and finger fucked her again. I tried putting the third finger, but I was not able to. I understood that she is not into sex for around 1.5-2 years.

I put out my fingers and started licking them. Guys, that feeling has a different base. The smell, the taste is awesome. I even gave her to taste and she licked my fingers like a horny lady.

I came down, put down her pajama and panty, and started licking her pussy. The cum all over her pussy left a smell that was making me go crazy. I started licked her pussy faster. She was enjoying the same.

I started squeezing her boobs again with one of my hands. The other hand was finger fucking the pussy, and the mouth was licking her pussy. She was not able to control herself, and she was about to cum. I asked her to do it in my mouth. I drank all the cum as I was already much hornier.

What happened later that night will be narrated in the second part. Any ladies out there in Pune and Bangalore can contact me at [email protected] I hope you liked the story of how I had fun with my colleague.

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