Rita Mam – My Sexy Tutor

I am going to publish my 1st post on XIS. Let me introduce myself. I am Soumya, 36 years old, working in a mid managerial position, from Kolkata. My height is 5.8 feet and I am passionate about sex. I am average built with a tool of 7.4”. But the best part is the tenacity to satisfy my partner with orgasm.

Let’s come to the story when I was in junior college and was 19 years old. We lived in 2 storied building. That time our family consists of my parents and grandpa and grandma. My grandpa and father being a businessman used to remain outside most of the time.

We had a kitchen, living room, guest room on the ground floor. The bedrooms and my study cum bedroom on the 1st floor. When I was in junior college, my tutor Rita joined to teach me English. My mother came to know about her from one of our neighbors. Rita mam used to stay in the next lane from our house.

Rita was around 30 years old, married having height around 5.2feet. The day 1st when she came, I was astonished to see her beauty. She has a perfectly shaped figure (36d-32-36) with long hair and brown eyes. She used to come 2 days a week, usually in the evening from 6 to 8 pm.

The1st few days I was shy as I was new to lady tutor but gradually I got acquainted. She was also very good to guide me and I started to enjoy her teaching. Evening time mom and grandma used to stay at the ground floor busy in the kitchen and living room watching TV serials.

Rita used to teach me in my room. Our maid used to come only once to give her tea and thereafter no one used to come upstairs. A couple of months went like this. I showed improvement in my studies. From the very beginning, I used to look at her boobs whenever I get chances (when Rita mam did not watch me).

Sometimes we used to sit on the table and chair and sometimes on the bed while studying. One day we were studying on the bed when Rita mam was checking my books. She always wore sari and as she bent to check my copy her pallu moved away little.

Omg, her cleavage was visible from her deep cut red blouse. She was sitting next to me and her cleavage was visible. 1st time I was seeing such nice beautiful boobs and I became speechless. When Rita mam turned towards me she understood that I am seeing her cleavage. She adjusted her pallu.

After Rita mam left the whole night and next day her deep cleavage was appearing on my mind whenever I was closing my eyes. I was eagerly waiting for her next visit. Intentionally that day I arranged so that Rita mam sat on the bed. I sat next to her.

She was teaching me and every occasion I was trying to see through the gap of pallu her cleavage. Now after a while her pallu moved little aside and was like dreaming. But this time she did not adjust her pallu. She let me stare and was behaving as if she was not noticing that I was watching her cleavage.

For next few days same thing repeated. Thereafter every day I arranged to sit on the bed so that I get a better view of her cleavage. That day she came in a blue cotton sari and matching blue blouse. She sat next to me and after a while, to my utter surprise, I saw her pallu fully moved aside.

Her blouse was too little to behold her boobs inside. I cloud not speak and Rita mam seeing me asked what you were staring so deeply. I at once replied, “Mam your pendant is very nice. Can I see the gold pendant of your chain properly?” She used to wear a gold chain and pendant.

Mam asked, “What you want to see? It’s a normal pendant.” I replied, “The design looks really nice.” Mam told ok. Without any delay, I held the pendant resting my fingers on her cleavage. She might be surprised by my swift move but did not tell anything.

With my trembling hand, I held the pendant and my two fingers were touching her cleavage. My right hand was holding the pendant and softly started rubbing my fingers on her cleavage. My whole body was shivering and I understood my dick got erect.

For a while, she told nothing and I continued to touch her cleavage. Slowly I started to rub finger in the crack of her cleavage and softly proceed inside. I saw her face becoming red and she was not telling anything. To keep the situation normal I told, “Mam, the pendant is nice.”

I continued to rub fingers. Now slowly I started to move my finger towards to front side of her left boob. Finally understood that I reached the nipple. (as the skin texture different). I was rubbing there. Now Rita mam told. Please remove your hand.”

Her words did not enter my ears and I proceeded further. This time the tip of my finger touched her hard nipple. I started to rub her left nipple. I got excited and understood that Rita mam was also enjoying my soft touch. Now I placed the other hand on her right boob above the blouse and stated to press softly.

Her eyes were half-closed and she was whispering, “Please remove your hand.” I continued to press and rub. Then I stood up from my bed, stood on the floor next to her from the backside, and put my both hands slowly inside her blouse and bra.

I was softly pressing both her boobs and started to increase the pressure. With closed eyes, she told, “It’s not fair. I am married.” I did not listen to anything. The excitement was boiling inside and I now was pressing both boobs more aggressively. I knew Rita mam was enjoying in full with her closed eyes.

I took the advantage of her closed eyes. I started to rub my front bulge in her shoulder. Now she started to moan mildly – asking me to press a little softly. I withdrew one hand from her boobs. I lowered the Bermuda and brief from the front and took out my dick. I started to poke it on her shoulder.

Now mam opened her eyes. Seeing my 7.4” boner her eyes sparkled with delight. But she behaved in another way and told me, “It’s not fair. I am your tutor and I am married.” I saw the spark of her eyes and replied, “Rita mam you don’t like my dick?”

She was mum for a moment then replied, “Anytime anyone might come.”I told her, “Let me check downstairs and come back.” I went downstairs and checked. I knew no one would come upstairs now. I came back and saw Rita mam was standing with her bag in hand.

I told, “What happened, mam? Why were you leaving?” Mam replied, “Try to understand – what you are doing is very risky. I am married. If someone comes to know then my married life will be ruined.”

I told, “Mam, no one will come upstairs now. Please, let me touch you properly.” While talking I came at her back and held Rita mam from the backside. I placed my hands on her boobs through her underarms and started to squeeze. I increased the pressure and started to rub my bulge on her butt.

I realized mam started to breath heavily. Now I lowered my Bermuda and brief. I took the dick out and placed on her butt crack. I started to poke her butt while pressing boobs. Mam was not saying anything and was enjoying my movements. I understood that now she was fully horny.

I swiftly lifted her sari and petticoat to her waist. Her maroon panty was visible along with sexy legs. I kneed down and at once took her panty down. Omg her panty was wet with saliva dripping. Seeing this I was completely mad. I placed my face on her butt and started to lick and bite her butt softly.

She leaned a bit down and opened her legs and moved her butt towards me so that I got better access. I was licking and mam was moaning. Now I made her turn. She placed one leg on my shoulder and placed her trimmed pussy on my mouth. I was licking her pussy deeply.

She could not resist and came on my mouth exclaiming, “Can’t wait now.” Now I stood up, made mam in a missionary position on the bed. I stood on the floor, placed her legs apart on my waist, and leaned on her. I placed my dick on her pink pussy lips and moved forward softly.

The tip of my thick dick was inside her. Her body jerked with the initial entrance. Gradually I pushed the whole dick inside. Her pussy was lubricated and I started to pump. I increased the speed and started to fuck her hard. She was moaning and asking to pump with more force.

I know my tenacity and continued to pump her for around 3 minutes. She reached orgasm and her body was shivering. I knew now I need to fuck more harshly to ejaculate. I asked her to pose in the doggy style. At the edge of the bed, she posed doggy with her legs wide open.

I took her sari petticoat up and guided my pole to insert inside. I gave pressure on her back and waist. Understood she leaned further and lowered her back. This made her butt more exposed with pussy lips more open. I placed the head of my tool on Rita’s pussy.

With one thrust I inserted the whole. She gasped with a moan. But I know now I had to pump hard and started to fuck her rapidly with all force and speed. She was just moaning. I was pumping continuously without any break. After 3 minutes, I took the dick out in full force and ejaculated on her butt chick.

Rita mam was completely satisfied with my first fuck and thereafter, I used to fuck her regularly. She used to say later that she got so much satisfaction from me that she did not like her hubby’s pump anymore. I fucked her in all the positions.

The best part is sometimes on Saturday she used to come to take an extra class. My mom used to think she was really sincere and put extra effort into me. But I knew it was more to get a satisfying pump in her juicy pussy than to teach me she used to take an extra class.

If you enjoy my experience then please let me know. Your comments will help me to publish more. I am Soumya and email is [email protected] Next time I will share with you how I secretly fucked Rita mam while her hubby was also present at home.

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