Fun At The Office Party

The year was 2002 and the IT firm I was working in, had completed its 5 years. It started as an office of just 28 individuals and in those 5 years. It had grown to a workforce of well over 500. Even though I had only been there for just a year at that point, I couldn’t help but feel proud.

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of our office, the owner of our firm threw us a party. The location was a resort that was located a little outside the city. I took a taxi and reached the venue. Everyone from my office was present there. They were all well dressed for the occasion.

But one who stood out the most was my senior project manager, Alyssa Kieth. The beautiful blue dress on her smooth milky-white body. The long blonde hair that looked like they were dipped in liquid gold, made her look even more beautiful today. She was a girl of every man’s dream.

Even though she was of European ethnicity, she was an Indian national. She noticed me standing at the door of the lounge. With a glass of wine in her one hand, she waved at me to join her and others. She was standing around a table of the lounge along with 3 of my team members and the owner of our firm.

Even though I was a newbie in the office, with just a year of working experience, I had a very good rapport with her. In fact, she had a good rapport with everyone on our team. She, beyond any doubt, is the most kind-hearted person I have ever met.

The table was in a tight corner with very little space for a group to stand around. I squeezed myself through and stood next to Alyssa on her right. The space was so little that our shoulders were ramming into one another’s. She moved closer to the table to provide me a bit of space to stand comfortably.

Apart from me, Alyssa, and our owner, my team members, Jyoti, Mahesh, and Saurabh were also there.

“Sir, this is Kuldeep,” Alyssa introduced me to our owner.

“Hello, Kuldeep. Nice to meet you. Alyssa has praised you a lot for your hard work,” said the chairman, extending his hand forward.

“It’s nice to meet you, sir,” I replied, shaking his hand. “I am glad I can contribute to our office’s success.”

“I am sure you will,” the chairman said. “What would you like to drink?”

“Just a cup of coffee, sir,” I answered politely.

“Coffee!” he laughed. “There are free drinks on offer and you want coffee!”

“I don’t drink alcohol, sir,” I answered timidly.

“He doesn’t, sir,” Saurabh jumped into the conversation. “We have tried so many times but he is just not ready to try.”

“He will try today,” said the chairman firmly. “Come on young man, have a glass of whiskey.”

He called upon the waiter, who was serving drinks and handed me a glass of whiskey. We toasted and then I had a sip. I found the taste extremely sour. It was too hard for me to push it down my throat. I made a weird face as I washed it down. It made everyone laugh hard.

“That happens when you drink the first time. You will get used to it,” said the chairman.

The conversation continued and so did the rounds of drinks. Since I was a first-timer, even the first glass of whiskey hit me strongly. Despite my mild protest, the chairman handed me another glass. I was just halfway through the second round and I was beginning to lose control of my senses.

My emotions started to take control of my actions. Emotions of lust. Like everyone in the office, I too had lustful desires for Alyssa. Desires that I always suppressed, as she was my boss. But, after having that whiskey, I couldn’t control my desire anymore.

We were standing very close to each other and my left arm was hidden behind her body. We had our backs to the wall so, there was no one behind us to see. Suddenly, I found the courage to do something rash. She placed the wine glass on her rosy red lips and took a sip.

I grabbed her right hip with my left hand and squeezed it tight. She gulped the wine hard and stared at Saurabh and Jyoti with her eyes wide open. I noticed her reaction but did not let go.

“What’s the matter, ma’am?” Jyoti inquired.

“Nothing,” Alyssa replied, recollecting herself and shaking her head.

She took no step to remove my hand. This made my confidence grow strong. I grabbed her other hip now. This time, she did not give any reaction and continued chatting with others as if nothing had happened. I kept squeezing her ass tight.

After some time, I decided to take it further. I unzipped her dress from behind, just a little over her waist to expose her ass. She was wearing a G-string underneath. I pushed the string aside and touched her pussy. Once again, her eyes were wide open.

She took a couple of deep breaths and got re-submerged into the conversation. I pushed my thumb inside her asshole and started rubbing her pussy slowly. Her breaths were becoming heavy and she was not stuttering in her speeches.

“Are you ok, Alyssa?” the chairman asked.

“Yes, sir. I am ok. I… I just need to use the washroom,” she replied, placing the wine glass down and squeezing my rock hard dick with her other hand.

I understood what she meant. I pulled my thumb out, placed her string in place, and zipped her dress. She stepped away from the table, walked up to the door, and gave me a small glance with a naughty smile. I wanted to go after her but couldn’t think of any good excuse.

But, I did not have to wait long as the opportunity presented itself. The chairman suggested to move away from the table and find a place to sit.

“Would you like to join us, Kuldeep?” he asked.

I would love to, sir. But, if you would allow me to find something to eat at the buffet. I am starving,” I faked.

“Sure,” he agreed.

Once they were all settled in their place and got busy with their chatter, I quietly slipped out of the lounge. The resort was built to give a resemblance to a typical Indian village. The lounge, the dinner, washrooms, all were designed in the form of huts.

Each structure was separated from another with a large open area for people to sit and enjoy the cool breeze of the night. I reached the washrooms. Alyssa was waiting for me outside.

Without wasting any time, I pulled her close and started kissing her. I moved my hands all over her back. As I tried to unzip her dress, she stopped me.

“Not here. Someone could see us,” she said quietly.

“Right. Let’s find a secluded place where no one would disturb us,” I replied.

We went behind the washrooms, to look for a place. Behind the washrooms was the pool area. It was separated by a 4 feet high boundary wall from the rest of the compound. The pool area was deserted and dark and quiet. I helped Alyssa hop over the wall and followed after her.

A few beach chairs were lying around the pool. I laid down on one of the chairs and pulled her close to kiss her. She placed her finger on my lips and said.

“Enough of kissing. Now, I want to see the rock.”

“See it yourself,” I replied seductively.

She unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down, along with my underpants, revealing my throbbing dick. She licked the wet head with her tongue twice and then took it all in her mouth. The touch of her soft lips on my cock put me in a completely different world.

She pulled my dick up and down while moving her mouth around it. She sucked it for a few minutes before I exploded inside her mouth. Like a slut from a porn movie, she drank it all and smiled.

“That was wonderful,” she said, licking her lips.
“Now, show me what you got,” I said, taking my shirt off.

She unzipped her dress and threw it aside, revealing her big, white, firm, and round melons. I squeezed the hard with both of my hands and sucked them tight as they were mangoes. I licked her nipples, bit them a few times while she moaned in joy.

After a minute of boob squeezing and nipple licking, my tool was ready for the duty. I ripped her thong into pieces, placed my dick under her juicy pussy, and pushed it in. She began jumping up and down. Her boobs followed the motion of her body.

I grabbed them with my hands and started squeezing them. Her hairpin fell off, undoing her bun, and her golden locks fell freely on her shoulders. “Ahh,” she moaned loudly. I grabbed her ass and made her ride me faster.

After a while, I made her lie down on the chair with her legs spread wide. I gently pushed mt cock inside and began humping her hard. She was going crazy by now. She grabbed the chair with her one hand and moaned loudly

“Yes, yes…”

“Do you like it?  Do you like it, bitch?”

“Yes. Yes, I like it. Yes, I like it. Oh, yes…”

“Do you like my dick, huh? Do you?”

“Yes, I like your dick. Ah, I love your dick.”

“You are my slut. Aren’t you?”

“Fuck your slut. Please, fuck your slut. Fuck me harder. Fill it with your juice. Do it like that. Fuck your slut hard.”

“Ah, Alyssa, I am coming.”

“Give it to me. Pour it all inside me, every drop.”

I came inside her and fell on her like dead weight. I laid over her while we kissed. As we were lying on that chair and staring at the black, star-filled sky, we heard someone else moaning. The moans were of a woman and were coming from the other side of the wall. The voice sounded familiar.

It piqued our interest and we both peeked over the wall. On the other side were Jyoti and Saurabh. Jyoti was lying on the ground and Saurabh was on top of her. He was humping her hard. We were at an angle where we could see them but they couldn’t. Alyssa and I looked at each other and smiled.

This is the end of the first part, friends. I shall continue with this story in the next one. If you have any suggestions, you can send them to me on [email protected]

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