Online Class And Offline Cuckold Sex – Part 3

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Hi guys, this is Andy here. I hope you all are ready for the third part of the story, which is about cuckold sex. I hope you all have read the earlier parts as this is a continuation of that. It’s gonna be more intriguing from now, so let’s move right into the story.

Some quick info about me. This is Andy, and I’m from Chennai with a height of 5’10 and an average-sized tool. I’m dusky in complexion, and my body shape is slightly athletic.

Now continuing with the story. Vanita opened the door and stood speechless while her husband was coming towards the door to address the situation. He saw me, gave a smile, and asked me to come in.

Vanita followed us as we went to the sofa with a small chat. She was nervous as to what’s going to happen. She went to the kitchen to prepare some coffee for us. Her husband and I were sitting on the sofa in the living room and talking.

Vanita brought us coffee, and she also sat opposite to me, right next to her husband. Krishnan (Vanita’s husband) and I finished the coffee and still continued our chat.

Krishna asked Vanita, “Why don’t you go sit next to your student?”

She was slightly shocked and accepted it and came sat beside me. She was wearing a pajama shirt and track pants. I slid my right hand into one of her pant pockets and started meddling with her thighs. She felt an electric shock and pinched me not to do that.

I was not bothered about it and continued the same. I took some ice cream from the fridge and gave it to her to eat. She got confused about what I was trying to do. But she didn’t wanna seem awkward in front of Krishnan, so she took the ice cream politely.

I told her I’ll be feeding her the ice cream, and she should only eat it that way. She got furious as her hubby was sitting right in front of us, and I’m doing this.

Then I told her that she has to eat the ice cream, which is gonna be applied over my dick. This got her even more anxious, thinking I went out of my mind. And then came the shock.

Her husband asked her to do whatever I said. She was even more perplexed to hear it. I wasted no time and took out my tool, which sprouted right in front of her face. She had no time to figure out what was going on and was getting ready for it.

I slowly explained what happened. I once again hacked into their computer, and this time her husband was the one who got caught. He was more interested in cuckold as that’s his fantasy. He loves to see another guy getting to fuck his wife in front of him.

He got tired of fucking her, so she needed something new and unique. I texted him yesterday night itself about this plan. I wanted to give a surprise to Vanita. So all of this was already planned and a great delight for her.

As soon as she heard this, she hugged me tight while I was standing with my dick out. She took my dick and dipped into the ice cream and started blowing off my cock like a slut. Her husband was now amazed.

I took off her clothes, and now she was nude in front of us and all set to get drilled. Krishnan took a glass of wine, sat on a recliner, and told, “She’s all yours boy, throw up your skills now!”

She got even hornier when her own hubby said this. She started to go deep throat on my dick, and I was in heaven, enjoying it.

I made her lay down and applied the honey all over her boobs and sucked them nicely. The 38 D sized boobs were sagging nicely. I was enjoying it because of the sweetness the honey gave.

I licked clean the honey from her boobs and moved up to her lips and got engaged in a liplock. She was now getting to feel the sweetness of the honey.

Meanwhile, my fingers were making arrangements to her pussy, which was getting fingered and wet. Her legs were shivering as she was on the floor, experiencing it. Her husband was also enjoying this view.

After the liplock, I went down to her pussy and enjoyed her pussy juices. I licked them nicely, and she came over. I called her husband to lick her pussy clean and make it ready for me to fuck.

He neatly did the work and her pussy was ready for my serving. I told Krishnan to step aside and shoved my dick into her mouth. It became hard in minutes. I took the ice cream and applied it over her pussy. Now her legs spread wide, and I entered into her pussy slowly.

She started screaming and jumping as the chilliness and penetration was too much to handle. I started fucking her vigorously. She was moaning louder, which made me get even more turned on. I went even deeper.

The milk-white toned body was now feeling the erotic pleasure that satisfied both herself and her husband. I was about to cum, I finished it into her pussy and called Krishnan again

Me: Every time your wife gives me some homework. Today I’m giving it to you.

K: Tell me, what’s my duty?

Me: Lick off all the spilled cum on the floor and clean this place. I’ll be going for a shower.

K: As you wish.

He obeyed my words and started to lick my cum, and his wife was so pleased with her husband. She dragged him, and they both kissed while I was in the shower. Vanita knocked on the door.

V: May I come in, sir?

Me: Yes, Vanita!

V: What’s my assignment, sir?

Me: You did enough for today. Just relax in this shower with me.

She giggled, and we took a nice shower in hot water. I left that place in the afternoon after a good lunch. Krishnan thanked me for helping his fantasy to get fulfilled.

Yesterday I got the news that Vanita is pregnant and it’s their first baby. I felt proud of myself for showing my gratitude towards my teacher by helping her out this way.

Women around Chennai, ping me if you need any kind of help from me. I would love to hear it from you guys, your experience too. Do give feedback for this story about cuckold sex, which would help me to write more. My mail is [email protected]

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