Online Classes And Offline Sex Part 1

Hi guys, this is Andy here penning down after a long time. Sorry for the delay! I had some issues with my mobile, so I couldn’t log in to write much. Today I’m about to share some fictional yet thrilling experience between a student and his professor while starting online classes.

Some quick runs about me. I’m Andy 21, doing my college studies in Chennai. Basically, a Tamilian. I’m tall enough of 5 “10 with an average-sized body not too obese.

Now comes the heroine of the story, Mrs. Vanita. She would be in her early 40s, a tall and fair complexed woman. She mostly wears saree to college, which makes her ass protruding out and forms an awesome structure.

But when it comes to the profession, she’s a strict woman. She handles the core paper for me, and the class was about to start on Thursday. She was staying in my area only – a few streets away.

I got a call from her on Monday. She was asking for help in setting up her computer for the online classes as she was new to this technology. She sent me the address through WhatsApp. I reached her place on Monday evening. It was a nice furnished 3 BHK house with a lawn.

I went in and we greeted each other. She was happy to see me as it was after a long time. She told me she hasn’t gone out anywhere due to this lockdown. These online classes are going to be a new experience for her as well as students. I didn’t like her much during college days as she was concentrating on academics alone.

I asked her what the help I was supposed to do. She guided me to the guest bedroom, where the laptop was set. She had set up a new Wi-Fi, and it needs to get connected with the laptop. I was working on it while she went to do some work in the kitchen.

It was around 6 PM, and there was a knock on the door. It was her husband. He returned from work. We were talking about the Corona issues and how much the education industry got hit. We were served some drink by Vanita while chatting.

Vanita and I went for a last check in the system. I taught her how to use it and left. While leaving, she asked me if she can use the same function through her mobile. I replied, yes, but it’s gonna take some more time. So I told her I’ll come tomorrow and help her out with it.

The next day I went there a bit earlier around 2 PM so that I don’t have to waste my time by talking with her boring husband. I was ringing the bell for a long time but had no response. After 5 minutes, the door opened, and Vanita was standing in her nightdress.

I was slightly taken back to see that she had a massive size of boobs. I hadn’t noticed it all the time as it was getting shielded by her saree. But today I was so lucky for the view. It could easily be 38D! I wanted to try my hands over it. But kept me in control as I didn’t want to rush things.

She welcomed me in and apologized as she was taking a bath. I reckoned it and asked her for her mobile to start my work. While I was working on it, I tried checking the network speed, so I opened the Google Chrome app on her mobile to do the speed test.

And as soon as I opened, I got shocked to find the homepage. It was a porn website, and she was watching it recently. So this was the reason for her to open the door late. She was masturbating while I was waiting at the door. She came back after letting her loadout.

A naughty idea popped up in my mind. I synchronized her mobile to mine and to her browsing history. She used to watch porn, mostly around 1-2 PM. I noted it down and told her the work was done, and I had to leave. She said ok, and I left for that day. But there was a surprise awaiting her the next day.

It was Wednesday at 11 AM, and I was pretty excited about something which was about to happen in another couple of hours. She logged into the porn website to watch the video. The website redirected to a video along with a description. In that description, it was written.

“Dear Vanita, I know everything about you, and I want you to make out with me. I hope you will accept this. I know you’re masturbating thinking of other men. This is a chance for you to try it out. Decide it and say. If you’re ready for it, play the video.”

She was shocked as she read the description and confused about taking the decision. But out of curiosity, she wanted to know who it would be. So she hit the play button, and the video started playing. It directed to a video call, and that call directly connected to my number.

And she was even more surprised as well as excited.

Me: Hello, ma’am, good afternoon.

Vanita: So that was you!

Me: I assume you finally got my message.

Vanita: I must appreciate the smartness, but how did you manage to find out?

Me: You forgot to clear the browsing history, and that laid a foundation to heaven.

Vanita: I should’ve been a little attentive.

Me: And I’ve been a little attentive here.

Vanita: So is this considered a threat for me now?

Me: That clearly depends on your decision, mam. You’re good at making the right choice, so I don’t think it would be a threat.

Vanita: So if I don’t accept this offer, it turns out to be a threat?

Me: The word makes it sound that you’re in it.

She started blushing and said, “I haven’t tried out a younger guy before. Let’s see how you do” and gave a wink. I rushed to her place, wasting no time. I opened the door and went straight to her. She was a bit hesitant, but still, she was horny. So she couldn’t resist, which made me pounce upon her.

We were kissing wildly like mad people who haven’t had sex for decades. She was responding equally well. In no time, we both became nude, and she was on top of me while lip-lock. I pushed her to the bed, and I started sucking off those 38 sized breasts.

It felt so good, and we both were enjoying it. She made me go down and lick her juicy and slight haired pussy. She was in seventh heaven as I was doing it. It has been a long time since her pussy has been licked. Her husband doesn’t satisfy her much, as he used to cum in just 10 minutes, that too if it’s forced by her.

That’s why she was looking for other men to give the fun she wanted. And I felt privileged to get myself a chance. I made her lie straight and was sucking her boobs as my fingers were penetrating her pussy hole. My fingers became wet with her juices.

I removed my pant and could sense the fear from her eyes. I laughed and slapped her saying,

“What are you looking at? Haven’t seen such a big tool before?”

Vanita: Surely, the biggest in recent years to ram my pussy!

These words turned me on more, and that resulted in the hardening of my tool. I held her head and guided her to give me a blowjob. She was sucking like a pro (I felt how lucky her husband would be.)

We both moved to 69 position and were exchanging the services feeling heaven for both of us. Finally, I started fucking her hard on the bed. She was in tears, feeling my dick in the pussy. And I was feeling ecstatic as I was fucking my teacher.

I finished by cumming on her boobs after fucking for 2 hours. We both took a bath together. She gave me a blowjob while in the shower. It made me cum again. I left that place around 5 PM as her husband would be arriving soon. I had many ideas running in my mind while we were taking a bath.

She promised me that this won’t be the last. I would be getting chances in the future. This excited me so much. The lockdown isn’t going to end anytime soon. So I’ll be fucking her like a bitch as long as I can. We started sexting that night, and she thanked me for the wonderful dick of mine.

I’d upload the next part where a lot of twists happened at her house and how our affair went to new ventures. Do give feedback for this story, which will help me to write more.

Women around Chennai, ping me if you want to feel some difference for secret pleasure. I’m also available for a threesome. DM me to have fun. Privacy will be maintained at 100%. My mail is [email protected].

Stay safe, stay home.

Next Part On Tuesday: Online Class And Offline Sex With Professor – Part 2

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