Encouraged GF To Sleep With Her Boss On Business Trip!

“Hey, I thought this was supposed to be a business trip. Why have you packed this matching lace underwear and netted stockings?” I asked my girlfriend, smiling naughtily.

My girlfriend was going on an office trip with her boss and two other colleagues. “Do you think you can get Sudhir to seduce you?”

She looked back at me slyly, “I hope so. It’s been a year since I started working for him and every time I look at him, I only think about sucking his dick. Gosh, he’s so hot for a man in his 40s.”

This may sound weird. But as much as I loved my girlfriend, I also wanted her to be happy. So, when my girlfriend of two years told me that she wanted to fuck her boss, I thought the least I can do was be supportive.

A fair, plump woman with soft, juicy breasts, my lover was unbelievably sexy. And she was a real slut in the bed.

Before dropping her off at the airport, I kissed her goodbye. Then I whispered in her ears, “Hey, if you get any action, I want you to tell me all about it”. She gave me a naughty smile, nodded, and left.

A week later, she returned from her trip, looking happier than ever. She had told me about her lucky encounter with Sudhir but never got into details on the call. After we reached home, she freshened up, we sat on our couch and she began with her story.

“The first two days were extremely hectic. We barely had any time to talk, let alone for me to make any moves. On the third day, our commitments for the day were over early, and my boss Sudhir took all of us out for dinner.

I wore a short black dress and sat next to Sudhir. He smelled incredibly sexy, and we were having a great time. After dinner, the four of us went our separate ways.

Once I came back to my hotel room, I was bored, and so I thought I would prepare for the events of the next day. I was browsing through some files when I had a doubt and called Sudhir to clarify. He was unable to explain it over the call and asked if I could join him in his room. I was super excited that I almost dropped the laptop while heading to his room.

Once in his room, we sat on the couch as we went through my doubts. I saw that my boss was having a drink, which he had left on the table. I handed him the drink and asked him if he had one for me. He made a stiff one for me.

We were having a nice time even though we were working. He was cracking jokes once in a while, and it was the first time that we had bonded so much. At one point, I thought I had crossed a line when I put my hand on his thigh after a joke. However, he just smiled, and he brushed it off.

A few drinks down, I had built the nerve to finally ask him straight away, “Hey, I think you are very handsome. I have always been meaning to tell you this, but I never got a chance.”

“Wow, thank you. I am flattered. Nobody has said that to me in a very long time,” said my boss.

I ran my hand on his thigh and touched his crotch. He looked apprehensive. I took that as a sign and was about to pull my hand away when he took his hand in mine and made me squeeze his balls. And then, he grabbed my hair with his other hand, and we started kissing.

Both of us hurriedly undressed. I was prepared in any case, wearing a violet panty and a matching laced bra. My white, chubby skin contrasted with the tone of my inners and I could see that it was driving him crazy. He took me by his hand and pushed me onto his bed.

I used my feet to take his dick out of his underwear and began stroking it. I watched as he closed his eyes and moaned in pleasure. The sight of him being turned on was driving me crazy.

I slid my finger inside my panty and started rubbing myself simultaneously. I moved my panty to reveal my chubby pussy, and squeezed his dick with my feet. He opened his eyes to the feast and tried to come closer. But I wanted to tease him. So, I firmly held his dick between my feet and stroked it faster.

He tried to use his hands to touch my pussy, but it was out of reach. He stroked my soft legs.

I wanted to feel the warmth of my boss’s tongue inside me. So I spread my legs wide and motioned to him. And he obliged. He immediately jumped onto the bed and licked the sides of my pussy.

I grabbed him by his hair as he lightly rubbed my clit with his fingers. His fingernails traced softly on my vaginal skin while his tongue made its way inside. I put my thighs together tightly, squeezing his head. While one hand kept my pussy busy, his other hand drew circles around my navel and nipples. I licked his finger as he played around with my skin.

I took his hand in mine and made him squeeze my breasts. The insides of my pussy were craving for my boss’s thick dick.

Then I got up, held his dick and made him shove it deep inside my mouth. He gagged me as I cradled his balls. The tip of his dick against the back of my throat felt immensely good.

I stroked his dick and ran my tongue on the tip of his cock. Sucking on his dick head like a lollipop made me super horny I could feel the warm juices from my pussy oozing out onto my thighs and rolling down.

I lay down once again on the bed, my legs spread wide and waiting for him. He put his face between my thighs and licked my pussy once again. And then, in one swift motion, my hot boss pushed his cock entirely into me. I moaned loudly.

He put his hand on my mouth and started going in and out. Leaning forward, he ran his tongue around the sides of my earlobe and down my neck.

After a while, he turned me around and slapped my ass and spread them. We then fucked in doggy style. He was not able to last for more than 25 minutes and smiled at me embarrassingly after dumping his load on my ass.

However, that did not matter to me. What he did in 25 minutes was more satisfying than what most guys do in 2 hours.

I cleaned up, kissed him, and went back to my room. We went on to have sex every day for the rest of our trip.”


I could see how happy my girlfriend was about the trip. And I was glad that she told me about her hot sex experience.

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