My Seductive And Hot Make-Up Sex – Part 2

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All sexed up and wild, our bodies were covered with our own lust for each other. This wasn’t the first time we went wild, but there was a certain desperation in our sex that night. We could not get enough of each other.

All fucked up, I tried getting up from the bathroom floor where we were fucking each other’s brains out a few minutes back. But every time I tried getting up, he pulled me back. And I would fall on his chest. Now I gave up and felt the warm heat of his chest over my naked body.

My hand was now circling over his tiny nipple, playing with his tiny chest hair. He isn’t hairy like an animal. He is just the right kind of hairy. Out of habit, his hands slid down to my thick ass.

I always wasn’t comfortable with the thick ass I had till I met him. He loves grabbing my ass sometimes while having sex and sometimes just like that.

Sometimes when I am working out at the gym, he will deliberately stand behind me when I do my squat.  He will come behind me very casually and rub his cock to my ass with an excuse to correct my form or just spank me a bit when no one is looking.

“Is this how our sex is going to be every time you think I cheated on you?” he asked. This time annoyed, I responded, “You know, at some point when this situation gets too overwhelming, I will break up with you. I can handle only so much insecurity.”

He started to laugh. “Come, let me take care of your insecurity right now.” He grabbed me and picked my naked body, taking me to the bedroom. He dropped me on the bed on my stomach and came on top of me. This time my back facing him. He came over my body.

I could feel his chest over my back as he whispered, “I can never leave your tight cunt alone, especially when it’s always on my mind.” He moved my hair on the side as he started to kiss my shoulders, licking my earlobes, his hands fondling my pussy from back.

Slowly sliding down my back, he was close to my ass. I squirmed with pleasure. “My randi is getting turned on! She is hungry for my cock. Good, my randi is getting warmed up for another fucking session!”

He spread open my ass cheeks apart and started to lick my asshole. I could feel his tongue sliding in and out softly and slowly at first and more aggressively soon after. I was trembling in pleasure so bad that he had to pin my ass strongly with his hands to keep me steady.

I was sweating so bad that I started to scream, “Fuck my ass, please, I want your cock in my ass now.” Like a devil, he pulled me up on my knees, my ass facing him as he entered my ass slowly at first before increasing his speed.

Now I don’t know about other women.  I get excited with asshole licking and fucking, but I never orgasm with anal sex. He knew it, and while fucking me in my ass, his fingers started to play with my cunt.

“My whore wants fucking in both her holes? That cunt deserves some deep finger fucking while I ride your ass, my slut,” he said in his most erotic and deep voice with his cock in my ass.

His right hand was on my throat and left in my cunt. I was moaning uncontrollably, screaming, “Fuck me really hard, I can’t handle this anymore.” He started to finger fuck my cunt aggressively while pinching my red nipples and fucking my ass.

“I don’t think you have heard what my friends talk about you. The day we break up, my own friends will line up to just be with you. To fuck your hot ass that I have been fucking. I am sure a few of them think of you while fucking their own girlfriends.”

His voice got really husky now. I know this was his closer to orgasm voice. I was peaking with an orgasm that too in his hands. I screamed, moaning in pleasure. I loved when he went for double penetration. As he came, his cock was really deep in my ass.

I felt his load in my ass as he came, and he hugged me like a bear from behind. Ufff. That’s the feeling I love when he gets wild and not rough. I was so exhausted as I fell on the bed.

He was exhausted with the travel and our multiple fucking sessions, and he fell next to me. “I hope I took care of your insecurity. I never got such hard on so quickly when I was in a relationship with my ex.” His voice was now soft, “and I can’t be myself with anyone except for you. I am crazy for you.”

This time I looked deep into his eyes, wondering how long will this feeling of eternal love last. I am afraid to think of what’s lined up in the future, too scared to imagine one without him. My fingers tracing his forehead lines delicately, his cheeks, and his lips.

So much going on in my head. But all I could say was, “I love you,” watching him close his eyes in sleep. After a while, I got up for a shower cleaning myself and thinking of our passionate sex an hour back. My hands instinctively sliding between my thighs with a broad smile.

I stepped out naked without wiping the water off my body when I saw his shirt. I wore his shirt, which was already a little too big for me. Like a naughty whore I saw how his shirt was sticking wet on my body. As the temperature was relatively cold, my tits were sticking out.

I didn’t want the moment of our passion to end when I saw the early morning rays of the sun. I tiptoed my way to the kitchen. We kept some breakfast food always handy whenever we felt like spending the night with each other without letting each other’s family know about it.

There were some pancake ingredients, some coffee. So I started to make some pancakes by heating the pan first before adding some butter. His warm hands circled around my waist, his groin over my ass.

“That pancake batter can look good on a lot of other wild things,” he whispered in his throaty ready to fuck me again voice.

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