Banging in bus and drama continues

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Morning – 10 AM

The bus had reached outside of Mumbai. Everyone on the bus was awake. So, the action on the back seats also came to a stop. The other girls sat together except Shadia.

The other girls were engaged in their talks while Sid played with Shadia’s boobs in the back seat. Shadia, too was caressing his hard dick over his pants. Both were engaged in a romantic make-out session.

Parallel to them on the right side was Tanya and Disha, who watched Sid squeezing Shadia’s boobs. Also, they heard small moaning sounds when Shadia pulled Sid’s tongue in her mouth. She felt his hands squeezing her melons.

Disha was slowly playing with her nipples, circling them over her t-shirt. Tanya, too bit her lips, watching the two engaged in a lip-lock.

“I cannot believe that is the nerd we have ignored for 2 years, Tanya,” said Disha.

“Lucky me, I have taken his raw dick before all of you in the bathroom for the past 1 month,” Tanya replied.

“Oh my, watch him maul that left boob of Shadia. Bitch, I am so jealous.”

“Yeah, he is mauling the boobs there, but I am feeling the sensation here.”

“Yeah, it feels like he is pressing our boobs. Tanya, press my boobs na, babe.”

Tanya moved her head towards Disha and kept her hands on Disha’s boobs, squeezing them like a squeeze ball. Disha bit her lips as she felt the massage. Tanya held both of Disha’s boobs in her hand and looked at them like a hungry bitch.

Tanya: You have a nice pair here, babe. See the arousal. Horny as fuck!

Disha: How can I not be? Look at that boy to our left, the way he is pressing and using Shadia’s boobs. How is he so energetic yet?

Tanya smiles hearing that, and she stops pressing the boobs. She puts a small bag on her lap, and Disha watches her. Tanya took out a medium-sized bottle of pills from her bag. “What is that?” asked Disha.

Tanya looked around and whispered to Disha, “This is the secret of him being so energetic. You know my sister is such a horny air hostess. When she was on a trip to Italy, she went to an antique medical shop selling such pills. It is rare. This pill makes a boy cum every time is ample. The sperm flows. It does not get less. Just pop one, and the boy is horny all the time. Look at him.”

Disha moves her head to the left and sees Shadia’s hand inside Sid’s pants. Sid rested his head on the seat and moaned. Shadia had a lusty smirk on her face. Her eyes were watching Sid’s sexual expressions.

In just a few seconds, Sid gave a loud moan. “Aa, fuck.” He lifted his ass. It seemed like he had just cum again. Shadia took her hand out from Sid’s pants. Disha saw her fingers filled and covered with cum. Like she put her finger inside a curd bottle.

Shadia licked all the cum from her fingers, and then both cuddled in each other’s arms. Tanya and Disha giggled, watching it. “See, this is what the pills do, and they are not harmful at all. It won’t affect his health, so he can pop in as many as he wants in a whole day,” Tanya said.

After one hour, the bus had stopped at a small dhaba along the highway for the kids to relax. There were huge mountains, and the atmosphere was windy and cold.

Tanya’s group and Sid walked out of the bus. Not many kids got down as a few were sleeping, and others decided to stay in. Sid and his Bitch gang walked behind the bus.

There Mahima took out a cigarette packet and passed one to her friends. Sid watched the girls ready to smoke. Mahima offered one to Sid, but Sid denied it.

“Smoking haa? I never thought you all smoked,” said Sid as he looked at his girls.

“We are above the age of 18. We can do it. Just like we fucked you, sucked you in the bus,” replied Sonal.

The girls stood around smoking. Next to Sid was Heena smoking. She looked at Sid and put her hand behind his back. She pressed his ass, and Sid looked at her.

Sid: Are you girls on some horny cycle? Since morning, you 6 have sucked me. Mahima and Sonal got fucked by me on the back seat. Shadia made me cum with a handjob. 3 times since morning. Thanks to the pills that Tanya gave or I would have died.

Tanya: Sid baby, this camp, this visit to Nashik will be a lot of fun. You will have to bear with our horny nature all the time.

Mahima: Yeah, you have known us for 2 years. We are hungry cock sucking bitches.

Heena presses Sid’s ass cheeks behind him. He looks at her, and she makes dirty facial expressions asking him for a kiss. Sid smiles, and both start smooching. Sid gets the taste of the cigarette. But still, he keeps kissing her.

Sid stopped kissing, “I haven’t peed since morning. I got to take a leak, girls.”

Sid, without any fear, pulled his zip down and looked around for a place to pee. The bus was parked on the side of the highway. The girls looked around, but there was no hiding spot to pee. Also, the dhaba washroom was full because of students.

Shadia: Pee here in front of us. Is there anything to hide, lol?

Tanya: Yeah, Sid, pee here. We don’t have any problem (smoking a puff). We have seen that BBC.

Sid pulled out his cock, and the girls watched the veiny but not hard dick dangling down. As Heena stood close to Sid, she got on her knees and sniffed it. Heena looked at Sid, “Look at these sticky cum roots? Shadia, you left the cum. I would have licked everything!”

“I ate what I had to. Who’s sitting beside him?” asked Shadia, looking at the girls.

Tanya took a puff and replied, “It is my turn as agreed. Mahima went the first round, then Sonal took his dick. Now, Shadia is also done. Then it is me, and after that, I think it is Disha and then Heena at the end.”

Sid was listening and forcing his pee out. Because of the cold, it was hard for him to pee, but eventually, he started peeing. The girls heard the water falling on the ground. Heena was on her knees, closely watching the pee drop like a waterfall.

In between, she put her finger in the flow of the pee and sprinkled it on her friends. They were playing like small kids. Heena then grabbed Sid’s dick and started moving him around, making the pee fall on the girls around. Mahima exclaimed, “What are you doing, sick psycho!”

Heena was laughing, spraying the pee on her friends, “Holi hai bhai, Holi hai, bura na maano Holi hai (It’s Holi, don’t feel bad it is Holi).”

Sid stopped peeing, and Heena took the last pee drop from his pee hole and flickered it up in the air. The girls smoked and were ready to get inside. Sid put his dick inside his pants when Tanya suddenly held it. Sid looked at her.

“Now, we have to leave. Suck it in the bus. It is about to leave.”

“Yeah, I will suck it in the bus, but I am not letting you put it inside your pants,” said Tanya with a slutty smile.

“What do you mean not let me put inside?” Sid was confused.

Tanya kept smiling and grabbed his dick like a dog’s leash. Then they both waited till everyone got on the bus. Sid slowly started knowing what he was about to happen. His heart was pumping, but his dick was getting hard imagining the situation.

Tanya turned back, looking at Sid feeling his dick getting hard, “You look scared, but your dick is saying something else, nerd.” After everyone got in, Tanya started climbing the bus, followed by Sid. She was holding his dick in her hand but making him stand close.

The students sitting ahead only saw Tanya’s hand behind her back and Sid close to her. The nerd girls in the front looked at Tanya and Sid. The one sitting to the edge sees Tanya holding Sid’s dick. Her eyes get wide watching it.

In shock, nerdy Girl 1 (Ritu) turns to her friend Nerdy Girl 2 (Jiya). Her friend sees the shock on her face.

“What happened? Why are you shocked watching Sid with those girls? He has new friends now. We cannot do anything. They are hot, and no doubt they look sexy too,” said Jiya.

“Not that, Jiya. I just saw Tanya holding that and walking,” said Ritu.

“Holding what?”

“That, that thing which we should not hold. I mean, we should but not before marriage.”

“What are you talking about? Boyfriend before marriage?” asked Jiya in confusion.
“Dick idiot, dick. I saw Tanya holding Sid’s dick and walking back,” said Ritu in a hurry.

Jiya was shocked to hear that. She, too, started looking behind through the gap between the seats. Through that small gap, she was unable to see anything. “I cannot see anything from here,” said Jiya. “Don’t worry, we will ask Sid when we reach the camp,” said Ritu.

On the back seat, the action between Sid and Tanya had started. They both were sitting on the back seat left side of the bus. Tanya was kissing Sid’s neck, and her hand was holding the dick, jerking it slowly.

Sid was enjoying the show Tanya was putting for him. Though they knew that the others in the bus could watch them, nothing stopped the lusty Tanya from kissing and jerking Sid on the back seat.

“Your sweat also feels like an exotic juice as I lick it. I just want to be with you every time. Lick that nectar of sweat,” said Tanya as she licked the drop from Sid’s neck.

“Is it, babe? The juice that comes out of my dick is also exotic.”

“Oh, you don’t have to tell me that, nerdy boy,” said Tanya.

Tanya pulled Sid’s t-shirt up and sucked on his nipples. Sid caressed her hair. He was moaning as Tanya played with his nipples. She was constantly jerking Sid’s dick. Pulling his foreskin down fully and then played with the edges of dickhead.

The ticklish sensation of Sid’s dick was rising with every downward pull of Tanya. Her fingers around his dickhead were making him horny.

“Aah, Tanya, fuck, I am getting it out. This is the 4th of the day.”

Tanya, who was kissing Sid’s neck and sucking on his nipples, looked at him. She looked at her hand and saw that instead of her jerking him. Sid had started lifting his ass. In a way, he was fucking her hand. The sensation building up in his dick to burst out made him crazy.

“Don’t hold back, darling. Just fuck my hand like it is my pussy,” Tanya was on Cloud 9, seeing Sid’s enthusiasm.

“Yeah, tighten the grip,” Tanya gripped the dick as Sid said it.

“Keep fucking me, baby,” Tanya caressed his air watching Sid jump on the seat like a baby, “You like fucking me, don’t you? Keep doing it.”

“Oh, marry me bitch. If you marry me, I will fuck you every night like a horny slut that you are,” Sid was lost in his imagination.

“I will marry you if you promise me good sex and lots of money,” Tanya cooperated well too.

“Oh, be my baby doll, fuck those pills. I hope they won’t do any harm. This is the 4th time me cumming in the past 6 hours,” said Sid with eyes closed.

“Don’t worry. These pills are harmless. My air hostess sister has tested it. The man who fucked her for one whole day cum in her 20 times using it. And you are way hotter than that man and healthier. Fuck my hand. Baby keep fucking it,” Tanya encouraged Sid.

“How do you know that?”

“Because in that 20 times, he cum in my mouth 5 times.”

“That’s my future slut wife,” Sid increased his pace of moving the ass.

With the other hand, Tanya took out a small empty bottle from her bag and put it over Sid’s dickhead. She knew he was about to cum. She made Sid hold the bottle over his dickhead and pulled him over for a passionate kiss.

Sid moaned in her mouth. Tanya kept her hand around Sid’s dick and kissed him hard. Sid shot loads of cum in the small bottle. Tanya slowly decreased the pace and left Sid’s dick. She took the bottle from his hand.

Sid was exhausted, and he slowly pulled his pants up and his t-shirt down. Tanya looked at the cum in the bottle and capped it.

“What will you do with that? Drink it later, LOL,” asked Sid.

“Well, something like that. It is for eating,” said Tanya and put the bottle in her bag, “You want to marry me?”

“Want to marry this nerd who you knew has fucked your friends?”

“Suppose if we get married in the future will I have the liberty to fuck other men?” asked Tanya.

“That is an interesting question. The answer can be, will any other dick dig deep in you as mine. My dick has made your pussy crave for me. Can you enjoy as much as you do with me?”

Tanya was impressed by Sid’s answer and smiled at him. For the rest of the day, there was no sucking, fucking, or jerking in the bus until they reached their destination. The girls gave time to Sid. They made him relax. Heena gave him a head massage, calming him down.

On the other hand, Disha, the naughty bitch, scratched Sid’s armpits and his crotch areas, giving him scratch-relief (the one we usually get when we scratch).

At the destination –

Everybody got down at the campsite. There were rooms allotted to every group. Every group had 6 members. Though Tanya, her group, and Sid were a total of 7. They accumulated in one group, and no one suspected or questioned.

Jiya and Ritu, the two nerds, looked at Sid as they spoke to each other.

“No one doubts him. That is why no one questioned him,” whispered Ritu to Jiya.

“I hope you are not lying.”

“I am not. I have seen it with my eyes, Jiya. Trust me,” said Ritu with confidence.

“Okay, we will ask Sid. And if they are fucking. I don’t think it will last for long.”

“Why?” asked Ritu.

“Look who is here,” Jiya pointed out to Ritu. Ritu looked at the gate.

From the gate walked, pulling her bag. The hot milf who introduced Sid to the world of sex, Swati miss. Wearing her sleeveless blouse and sexy saree. Sid watched his first fuck walking towards him. A perfect teacher with a figure 32DD-25-36.

The head boy rushed to help her. She stood around the kids and smiled at them.

“So, everyone, this small camp is ours for the next few days. Please, I don’t want any complaints from the officials here. Behave. This location is situated far from the city but no worries. The electricity is good over here. Some students asked me about that. Also, follow the rules. No crossing the resort walls, please. Boys, don’t do that. There is a jungle on the other side. It is a ghat-type area. Take care of each other and also enjoy.”

Swati gave the instructions to the kids, and she caught Tanya’s eyesight. She signaled her. All the students started walking to their rooms. Tanya and Swati went away from them.

“What’s the situation?” asked Swati.

“He is charged up. Don’t worry and also I have arranged your room far from the student’s room. He is going to stay with us. I have enjoyed it, but Disha and Heena are yet to fuck him. Once they are done, you can have him,” said Tanya.

“Yeah, that will be okay. In the night, you can keep him. Because I know these boys will be partying the whole night. So, it is unsafe to have Sid with me then. If I feel lusty, I will come to your room. But at night I don’t want him near my room because if some girl sees him near my room or me. You know what happened at the college. My one silly mistake of making a video led to Principal.”

“Yeah, glad Babita ma’am is cool with all this.”

“Now, go and enjoy,” said Swati, and both went to their rooms.

Ritu and Jiya watched them from a distance, “What do you think Swati ma’am was telling Tanya?” asked Ritu. “How will I know, Ritu? Let’s go get fresh,” said Jiya, and they walked away.

The fun has started, guys. Stay tuned for crazy drama and lots of fuck. And do comment.

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