A hot coworker seduced me

Hi all, I am new to story writing and would like to share a true incident with you about being seduced by a hot coworker

I am an Indian 50 years of age living abroad and working as a manager in a restaurant and bar. We have around six Nepali ladies working for us in our restaurant.

I always made it a point not to have any sexual relations with any of them as it would affect work. Some of these ladies used to clean my flat or sometimes cook for me in their free time as I was alone. They all liked me as I never interfered with them or shouted at them at work.

As usual, one fine day S.L., a Nepali lady around 29 years old, was doing some chores at my house. When I came home, she finished cleaning and set the table with dinner for me. She was a petite girl around 5’ tall and weighing around 45 kg max. She was not a beauty, but she had a lean and fit body.

I greeted her, thanked her for everything, and asked her to join me for dinner. Even though I don’t drink liquor, I keep some beers for whoever drops by. I offered her some beer along with the dinner.

We had a good time at dinner, talking random things with each other. Later on, we moved to the sitting room for a smoke, and she made a sheesha for herself. She came and sat beside me on the couch, and we were feeling relaxed.

She started telling me how she had come to this country from Nepal at the age of 16 years. She worked her way up to what she is now. She so also helped all the members of her family.

She told me that she felt lonely and depressed most of the time as she didn’t have anyone in her life. Teasing me, she also called me a hijda because I never touched her inappropriately. I told her I was too old for her, but calling me Hijda was blanking my brains.

I got angry and grabbed her hair, pulled her face towards mine. It was extra arousing to see the fear in her eyes. I kissed her on her mouth deep and not so gently and tried to push my lips into her mouth. But she refused to open her mouth and was trying to get away from me.

I bit hard on her lips. As soon as she let a cry of the pain out, I pushed my tongue into her mouth. Even though her mouth was small, she pushed her tongue very strongly against mine and tried to push me out.

Meanwhile, I grabbed her breasts and started mauling them. She started to whimper, which was a great turn-on for me. I pulled her hand and started rubbing it on my dick. Even though she was quite a small girl, she pushed me with all her strength.

I didn’t give in and kept kissing her nonstop until she was tired of fighting me and almost gave in. I knew she was also craving my touch but only resisting because I took her roughly. I pinned her with my body to the couch, opened her shirt and looked at her small breasts.

I started licking her small nipples and sucking her boobs, but her boobs were really small. So I bit hard on her nipple. She almost jumped under me, and she cried out. I lifted my face and slapped her hard. She was surprised but also had a sparkle in her eye.

“I am a hijda, so why are you afraid? Or are you afraid that I cannot make you cum. Do as I tell you and enjoy. Otherwise, I am going to hurt you very badly.”

I pulled off her shirt completely and unbuttoned her pants, pulled it off her and bit her pussy through her panties. Again she screamed with pain, but I could feel her wetness through her panties.

I pulled her panties down and spread open her legs. She was clean-shaved down, and her pussy was wet. I pressed my lips to her pussy, taking in the animal sex of her need, and I started licking her. She held my head and mushed it into her mound.

I flicked open her pussy with my tongue, started fingering her. She was writhing with pleasure, moaning and bucking her hips up with uncontrollable lust.

“Please, Please fuck me, I will do anything you say, please put your dick in me,” she was pleading and also at the same time pressing my face into her pussy. I inserted another finger into her.

My thumb started rubbing her asshole, which she was holding tight shut. I spanked hard on her ass cheeks, and she let out a loud cry. Her asshole relaxed, and my thumb pushed in. Her ass was very tight, and the feeling made my dick harder.

I finger fucked both her pussy and anus with one hand and licked and bit her cunt. She was bucking her hips and moaning with ecstasy. My other hand went up to her throat. I started to choke her gently. She started whimpering with difficulty, pain and pleasure.

I lifted my head to her boobs and started to suck them into my mouth. She arched her body up when I bit and pulled on her nipples and pushed three fingers into her cunt forcefully. She started dripping and was crying to cum.

Her hand took hold of my dick, and she started rubbing it hard. I could feel pain from her rubbing. But the sight of her writhing in uncontrollable lust was driving me crazy.

“I am cumming, please harder,” she cried. I could feel her juices flow from her pussy. The sight of her in this state and her rubbing my dick also made me on the verge of finishing. So I stood up, pulled her hair and thrust my cock into her mouth.

I pushed it deeper into her throat and made her gag. I face fucked her hard for a minute and then released my load into her mouth. I held her face tight to my cock, forcing her to swallow my cum.

I gagged her for some time, enjoying looking at her writhing and thrashing. As my dick was deep inside her throat and she couldn’t breathe. Both of us fell back on the couch, finished and tired, trying to get our breath back.

I hope you liked the beginning of my story of fucking my sexy colleague. Please post your comments and email me at [email protected]. I will post the continuation soon.

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