Wild Sex With Building Owner’s Maid

Hi guys, I am Rahul from Bangalore, and I am a big fan of ISS. Finally, after a long time of going through the ISS stories, I am sharing one of my experiences which happened a year back with my owner’s maid.

Before going into the story, I would like to give you my introduction. I am a 30-year-old male working in Bangalore for the past 8 years. I have had a couple of experiences in the past, but I felt that this was the one worth sharing.

Coming back to the story, I used to stay in a rented 1 BHK house and my owner used to stay in the same building one floor below me. The entire building was owned by the same person. They had hired a maid who used to work for their house as well as clean the building often.

The maid had a dark skin tone, with a slim figure, with average-sized boobs and a flat tummy, and used to wear a saree always. I noticed her when I used to take the stairs while going to work and see her cleaning the floor. Her tummy and navel used to give me a boner.

Whenever I used to go to work, I used to smile at her which she used to reciprocate with a smile. We had never spoken to each other though. This went on for a few days and I had always dreamt of hiring her as a maid to get a chance to fuck her, but it never materialized.

On a weekend morning while I was sleeping, I heard a knock on my door. To my surprise, I found our maid with a bucket when I opened the door. When I asked her what she needed, she said she wanted to fill the bucket with water to wash the floor outside my flat. I asked her to fetch it herself from my bathroom.

When she went inside, I kept staring at her filling the bucket and while bending down to pick up the filled bucket, I was looking at her cleavage through her blouse. She caught me staring at her, and I felt she had a naughty smile on her face! I had a huge boner and that day, I decided that I had to fuck her at any cost.

From that day onward, I used to wake up early during weekends to match the time our maid used to come to the owner’s place and deliberately, I used to go down for some reason or another to stare at her and give her naughty signals.

Initially, I used to smile at her. Then the next day, I dared to wink at her. She smiled at that as well. Then, one of the days while staring at her, I brought my tongue over my lips and licked it. She said something in Kannada when I did that, which I did not understand. When I asked her again, she just smiled. This went on for a few more days.

Then, one day again she knocked on my door for water to clean the floor. I again asked her to fetch it herself. Once the maid went inside the bathroom and started filling the bucket, I went close to the bathroom door and started staring at her shamelessly.

When she looked at me, I signalled using my hands and fingers that she was looking fantastic. She blushed when I did this and I could feel the sexual tension rising at that moment. My dick was so hard that it was ready to explode out of my shorts, but I was too hesitant to make the next move due to the fear of the consequences.

Then the maid took the bucket of water and was about to walk past me. I could not control it anymore. I took the bucket from her hand and placed it on the ground. I pinned her to the wall and kissed her hard on her lips. My hands were running over her belly. She started moaning when I did that.

Then I started kissing her neck area which was slightly sweaty and her cheeks as well. This excited me even more. I then turned her around with her back facing me. With one hand, I started pressing the maid’s boobs over her blouse. I was also brushing my dick over her ass. She started pushing her back towards me to feel my cock over her bums.

I started dry-humping the servant and within moments, I shot out a huge load of cum onto my shorts. Some of it spilled over onto her saree over her hips.

But I was still not done yet. I turned her around again and started smooching her hard and playing with her tongue. She all of a sudden broke out of my grip, and then said something in Kannada, took the bucket of water and left.

I assumed she had left due to the work. That day in the afternoon, I purchased some condoms, as I was expecting this to happen again, but somewhere down inside, I also had the fear that she might reveal this to someone.

I did not even know her name or if she was a married lady or not. She seemed to be a lady somewhere in her early 30s. I did not have to wait much longer.

The same day, in the evening, while I was still dwelling on the thoughts of the morning experience, I heard a knock at my door. When I opened the door, I was delighted to see her again. This time, the maid was very well-dressed in a blue saree and looked fresh and was smiling at me. I understood why she was here.

I pulled her inside and started smooching her hard, to continue from where I had left. In no time, my cock became rock hard again. I was playing with her tongue and licking her lips and face. Then I lifted her in my arms and went to the bedroom. I removed her saree and started licking her neck.

I went down towards her belly and navel area and started sucking them hard and pressing her boobs at the same time over the blouse. I felt like ripping the blouse off her chest but chose not to as she had to go home as well. She then removed her blouse herself and she was not wearing any bra inside.

The maid had dark black nipples, which were erect and her boobs were really firm. Her areola was spread an inch around her nipples. This was crazy hot. I started sucking and biting her nipples one after another and put my fingers in her mouth to suck. While sucking her boobs, I used to occasionally spit on them and spread it with my fingers.

The maid then slowly moved her hands over my hard cock and started brushing them over my shorts, while I was sucking her. I took off my shirt and hugged her tight. Her wet boobs and belly were crushing over my bare body and my cock was poking her belly area. We had passionate eye contact and I could see that she was really wild now.

I signalled her to open her mouth, and then I spit inside. She then spat it back into my mouth. We did this back and forth spitting for a few more times till she swallowed some of it.

The remaining got spilled out of her mouth rolling down her boobs. “Aah,” I loved it, as it gave me a hard-on now as well. I then tried to lift her saree up from the bottom, but she pushed me aside and took it off herself.

The maid was not wearing a panty also. I took a few seconds to take a look at her completely naked body. She had an amazing figure and her pussy had some hair over it. She then pushed me over the bed and took off my shorts and started rubbing her lips on my cock over my jockey. She seemed to be quite experienced.

She then took off my jockey and started licking my dick from bottom to top and also pressing my balls. Then while looking at me, she put the head of my dick in her mouth and started sucking it wildly.

I felt so good that I wouldn’t mind dying right after this experience. I would have even built a temple for this woman. This was the best blowjob I had received.

I could see her ass-crack from the top while she was busy blowing me. I bent over and took my fingers and then rubbed over her wet pussy and ass crack while she was blowing.

She stopped for a second and moaned looking at it me. I then lifted her backside and brought her pussy to my face while she continued sucking me. I started rubbing her pussy with my thumb and started licking it. We were in the 69 position. Within a few seconds, I came really hard.

I spurted out multiple times, some of it she took it in her mouth, some of it fell on my bed sheet and some fell over her boobs. She was still sucking my cock which was semi-erect now. It was my turn now, I started putting my fingers deep into her pussy and sucking them at the same time.

I then pushed my tongue into her hole and started tongue fucking her. She started moaning loudly with her grip still around my cock. I spread the maid’s pussy lips and spat inside them. Within moments, I could feel her legs getting tight, and she came all over my face. I had got hard again by this time.

I took out a condom from the cupboard and then turned her around in doggy style. The sight of her wet pussy dripping with fluids really turned me on. I pushed my rock-hard dick and slowly started inserting it into her cunt. With a couple of pushes, I was completely inside her and I started the to and fro motion.

I was getting deeper and deeper into her tight pussy with every motion. After a while, I turned her around to see her expression while fucking and started fucking her in missionary style.

Our eyes were locked on each other, and we used to smooch occasionally while fucking. I then took my fingers and rubbed her pussy and my cock which was covered with our juices and brought it to her mouth which we both started licking.

Soon, she came hard and within moments I too had my orgasm. I released my seeds onto the condom. We lay there for a few minutes hugging each other.

Then, she got up, dressed, and kissed me before leaving. Hope you guys enjoyed my story.

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