My Crush On Young Married Housemaid Pratima

Summer break early morning scene (around 6:30 AM)

Rubbing my eyes half awake, I rushed towards the colony playground for our routine cricket match. Halfway to the ground, I realized that my abdomen guard was missing. Asking them to continue for the toss, I ran back home.

I found my room’s door closed which I guess I didn’t close while leaving for the match.

As soon as I moved in, my sleepy eyes opened wide to witness naked Pratima standing beside my bed, drying her hair which was wrapped in a towel! I understood she had her morning shower as she was using my washroom for the last 3 days due to some issues with the shower in her toilet.

The scene of water droplets flowing down her shiny bareback towards her butt would give a boner to anyone. My eyes soon moved towards the almirah mirror parallel to my bed, giving the view of her side body.

There was not much light in my room but enough for me to figure out her soft black nipples. By then, she had bend down to pick her black ‘t-shirt’ bra, with that her breasts elongated to gravity and looked even more beautiful. Bra, pantie and the pyjama went on to cover her nudity.

It was time for her kurti to go on but by chance, she turned around for something and our eyes matched. There was a sudden awkwardness in the air. I felt like waking up from a beautiful dream.

Pratima tried everything to cover her upper body from my view. With sudden nervousness, I reached out for my abdomen guard from the drawer and ran away.

I played the entire match with a boner and half my attention with the morning scenes flashing before my eyes. No doubt my performance fetched me slang from my friends but what I witnessed in the morning was enough to ignore those slangs.

(Pratima, a 5’7″ tall and 26 years old woman with a perfectly slimmy figure was our house maid since one year. She used to stay in a room downstairs with her 2 years old girl. Yes, she eloped from her husband’s home as she couldn’t bear the domestic violence she faced there.

Her husband used to beat her every night after getting drunk and tried to force her in the prostitution market. I have heard her stories while she discussed them with my mom.)

I met her when I came home on my vacations a year ago during the final year of my college. As she was only 3 years older than me, we kind of became friends really soon.

We used to spend the evening on the terrace talking and she would help me with my gardening. My feelings for our house maid started growing back then only.

Working together, our hands touched each other many times. I used to tease her a lot, apply wet soil on her arms, push her with my arms playfully, and throw water on her while watering the plants.

One day while the young maid sat on the ground and was making the potting mix, I got a clear peek into her cleavage, her breasts pressed against each other were like praying to set them free.

Let’s come back to the present day. As I came back home, I could feel the embarrassment between us as I tried to make eye contact with her.

The day passed and I got busy with my work. We didn’t talk for 3 days. So I sent her a text to meet me at the terrace when everyone would be asleep by midnight. Pratima didn’t agree at first, but, upon insisting a little more, she said, okay, finally.

It was 12:35 am and I was sitting on the swing. I had almost lost hope when I heard her. She came and sat beside me. We didn’t speak for the next 10 minutes.

“I don’t think I can talk to you anymore. I feel very shy thinking of the incident”, she spoke first.

I had to respond back, “Look, it was not intentional and just a moment, please forgive me and forget something like that happened.”

I placed my hand upon the maid to which she resisted in reflex. I tried to convince her saying she was the only friend I had to share my everyday thoughts and I really missed her for the last few days. I also said if she has made up her mind, then fine I will never look at her again and stay away from her.

She felt me now and agreed to try again to be normal with me.

Meeting on the terrace every night became a regular routine for us now as I was busy in the evening due to an internship I got. So that was the only time we could be together.

One night, I and our house maid were talking about some adult stuff and sex. She had more contents to share as she had a married life. She told me about her sex, how miserable it was and how hard it was for her to bear the torture and beatings from her husband at night.

Pratima had never enjoyed sex with her husband which every wife dream of. I saw tears in her eyes.

I realized the moment. Desperate, I made the move. My right hand slithered around her back and held her tightly towards my chest. The left palm went to take her right cheek on it and my lips guided itself towards hers.

I was amazed to taste the young maid’s soft wet lips. Her eyes closed apparently and she took a few more seconds to respond back. As soon as she responded, I raised the intensity and forced by tongue in her mouth. Our tongues hugged and rolled around each other. I tasted every corner of her lips.

We then shifted beneath the water tank to avoid getting caught by the neighbors. I laid down and our married maid climbed up my chest and continued with the kiss. Her dupatta fell down. Her breasts pressed against my chest gave me a heavenly feeling.

I went out to untie the laces on her salwar back and started rubbing her back skin. I took her to the ground now, the salwar was taken off. I shifted my concentration from her lips now, my licking now moved towards her neck. With some mixture of bites and soft kisses, I covered her chest, navel, neck and aroused her to some further extent.

As soon as I moved to unhook her bra, Pratima pushed me away saying we should not be doing this and went downstairs. I was in a shock rather heartbroken about what just happened.

A few days passed and I was out for some work. My mom called me saying they were going out of town for 2 days to some relatives and they were taking Pratima’s child with them as her school was off. That call made my day.

I went to the terrace after dinner as usual to chill and to my surprise, I found Pratima sitting there. I couldn’t stop myself anymore, I hurried towards her, hugged her from the back and kissed her on the shoulders. My arms were around her belly and she rested her hands on my arms.

She spoke now, “I have something to say to you, please listen carefully”.

She had a condition before we indulge in anything – there would not be any emotional attachment or any expectations from this relationship.

I was okay with anything she wanted. But, looking at my face, she asked, “What happened? Aren’t you happy or you don’t agree to the condition?”

“I am okay with it”, I replied. “I was excited for tonight but unfortunately, I don’t have a condom with me now. I just wasted my chance for tonight”.

“What if I say release in me tonight and bring me pills tomorrow”, she smiled back at me.

I just took those smiling lips into mine and hugged her like I will never release her again. After 5 minutes of kissing, we went to our room. I changed the lighting to dim night lamps. Her face looked beautiful in that low light.

Sitting on my bed, the sexy house maid opened her hairclip and freed those long black hairs. As I went closer, I took off my t-shirt and sat beside her. I couldn’t wait to see the housemaid nude from that close.

Pratima looked down and with a shy voice she said, “Come on then, do what you wish to”. With the last word coming out of her mouth, I jumped on her like a hungry lion.

I released her from her nightsuit and laid her down on the bed and started kissing her from her neck to the belly, everywhere. I started biting her flesh leaving my teeth marks behind.

Soon I reached out to take off her bra and her pantie. My dream came true with our naked house maid Pratima on my bed.

I parted her legs away from each other and put my left hand on her vagina. I could feel the warmth there and her legs came up against it in a reflex action. I could understand the current that ran in her body.

I slowly started to rub her vagina with my left hand to get her relaxed and took her melons in my mouth, biting them as hard as possible but in control so that I don’t hurt her. She by now started loud moans. As no one was home, she knew she could enjoy the ex freely that night.

I felt her hand making way into my shorts with her bangles making a tinkling sound. She set my cock free and started rubbing it to get the maximum elongation. The horny servant surely knew how to please a guy of my age.

I laid on my back now and she came over me, lying down on my chest. The maid’s soft boobs touching my chest gave me the best feeling I could have asked for. As we indulged ourselves in a long kissing scene, our hands were heating each other’s sex organs simultaneously.

I was fully erect now. As I felt the heartbeats rising, I put my right hand on my bareback and started rubbing to relax her down.

I put down Pratima gently on the bed on her back and reached out towards her vagina to push my tongue in and loosen it a bit. I touched it to feel how tight it was as it didn’t get a fuck in 4 years.

The domestic maid hesitated a bit in the beginning and said, “Chi, you don’t have to do that. It’s not hygienic for you”. But I was in no mood to listen to anything now.

I held her tightly so she couldn’t move and pushed my tongue deep in and rotated it inside her pussy fastly. Her body gave a huge jerk with a loud “Ahhhhhhhh” coming out from her mouth.

I kept licking the maid deep down there with her loud constant moans soothing my ears. Then I felt her body jerking several times before she finally squirted her cum out on my face!

As I threw myself on the bed, Pratima came to sit on my penis in cowgirl position. She took the penis in her hand and started to sit on it slowly, gently moving her lower body on it. It was not easy to get it inside in one go as her vagina hadn’t completely loosened up.

With several tries and a mixture of a few slow and hard strokes, it went half in. But her expressions suggested it was a bit painful for her.

Then I moved up to the face-up position so it would be easy for her to push it with me helping her with the force of the stroke from below. In the next 5 minutes and with some slow strokes, I went inside her completely.

Now, it was time to give the hot housemaid the real strokes.

We changed our position to missionary. She spread her legs out and it made easy for me to penetrate her with fast and strong strokes. I pinned her hands with my hands making her surrender to me completely.

Slowly, I increased my speed from nowhere to such that she could feel the pleasure. Pleasure rolled down from the corner of her eyes in the form of tears. Her “ahhhhhh ahhhh ohhhh ahhhhhh” sounds combined with “fap” “fap” “fap” sounds of the strokes soothed my ears like I never wanted to stop.

I don’t remember how many bite marks had I left over her bare chest and her breasts while fucking her hard. My saliva drenched the maid’s dark black nipples.

Our sweat-covered body made love for 25 minutes before I finally shot hard inside the slutty maid’s vaginal canal with my hot cum. Pratima put her arms around me and held me tightly while I jerked 8-9 times releasing all my sperms in her to flow freely.

When I realized nothing more was there to come out, I fell beside her facing the ceiling and took a deep breath of satisfaction.

That night I fucked the maid 3 more times in doggy style, sitting on the chair position and again in missionary. In the last round, I took my cock out before the climaxing and shot it all over the maid’s belly. Some fell on her pubic hair too.

We lied there for some time, gossiping and kissing. Then I followed her for a bath together. I gave her my body soap and helped her get cleaned, rubbing away all the cum.

It was 4:30 am by then and we came back to go to sleep on my bed, all naked hugging each other.

Around 8 am, I woke up to her movement as she was trying to set herself free from my leg which was around her. She noticed me waking up and smiled back. I gave her a soft morning lip kiss and some on her cheeks. She was all blushing with it. I noticed the bite marks on her chest had turned red.

From that day, my morning started with Pratima bringing me some hot coffee but there were more excitements waiting in my way as I had her for 2 more days with me. I will surely be back with those stories soon.

For now, have a good day pals and provide feedback or any suggestion.

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